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  • Reboot Camp (2020)
  • 97 min | Comedy
Reboot Camp (2020)
97 min | Comedy

Seymour and Danny team up to document how easy it is to start a fake self-help group and con people. But the Reboot Camp takes on a life of its own, and grows into a full-blown cult.
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Updated Oct 23, 2020

Release date
May 4, 2021 (United States)


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103 cast members
Name Known for
David Lipper
Seymour Barr / Gordon St. Pierre Seymour Barr / Gordon St. Pierre   See fewer
Lindsey Shaw
Maisey Maisey   See fewer
Ed Begley Jr.
John Lehman John Lehman   See fewer
Chaz Bono
Herbert Herbert   See fewer
Shar Jackson
Anita Mooney Anita Mooney   See fewer
Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio
Self (as Johnny Bananas) Self (as Johnny Bananas)   See fewer
Ja Rule
Self Self   See fewer
Eddie McClintock
Cooper Johnson Cooper Johnson   See fewer
Keli Price
Danny Barr Danny Barr   See fewer
Maxim Roy
Grace Grace   See fewer
Carolyn Michelle Smith
Dr. Eva De La Cruz Dr. Eva De La Cruz   See fewer
Rachelle Carson-Begley
Mira Lehman (as Rachelle Carson) Mira Lehman (as Rachelle Carson)   See fewer
Seb Marley
Newscaster Newscaster   See fewer
Melanie Marden
Tiffany Tiffany   See fewer
Christine Q. Nguyen
Trixie (as Christine Nguyen) Trixie (as Christine Nguyen)   See fewer
Scott Crane
Dean Deen (as Robert Scott Crane) Dean Deen (as Robert Scott Crane)   See fewer
June Lee
Ysabel Ysabel   See fewer
Rich Rose
Reboot Man Reboot Man   See fewer
Jeff the 420 Chef
Jeff (as Jeff Danzer) Jeff (as Jeff Danzer)   See fewer
Jim Johnston
The Interviewer The Interviewer   See fewer
Kipp Tribble
Televangelist Televangelist   See fewer
Maya Stojan
Claire Claire   See fewer
Stefan Kleinschuster
Portrait Artist Portrait Artist   See fewer
David Sobel
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Erin Anne Gray
Dancer / Camper (as Erin Gray) Dancer / Camper (as Erin Gray)   See fewer
Traci Swartz
Dancer / Camper Dancer / Camper   See fewer
Jaeme Velez
Dancer Dancer   See fewer
Ally Weinhold
Server Server   See fewer
Sara O'Neil
Party Guest Party Guest   See fewer
Crystal Park
Crystal Crystal   See fewer
Tim Alek Mulley
Claire's Bodyguard Claire's Bodyguard   See fewer
Eddie Yu
Korean Guy Korean Guy   See fewer
Jenae Altschwager
Camper (as Jenae Alt) Camper (as Jenae Alt)   See fewer
Bita Arefnia
Camper Camper   See fewer
Tony Do
Camper Camper   See fewer
Erik Donovan
Camper Camper   See fewer
Emily Fay
Camper Camper   See fewer
Matthew Gilbertson
Camper (as Matt Gilbertson) Camper (as Matt Gilbertson)   See fewer
Casey Grant
Camper Camper   See fewer
Gary Hughes
Camper Camper   See fewer
Lela Jacobsen
Camper Camper   See fewer
Marisol Hunt
Camper Camper   See fewer
Akil King
Camper Camper   See fewer
Bradley Kohn
Camper Camper   See fewer
Aline Krisner
Camper Camper   See fewer
Mason May
Camper Camper   See fewer
Andrew Nila
Camper Camper   See fewer
Blaize Prior
Camper Camper   See fewer
Reagan Sacks
Camper Camper   See fewer
Jacob Sagert
Camper Camper   See fewer
Spring Sanders
Camper (as Spring Saunders) Camper (as Spring Saunders)   See fewer
Bobby Scott
Camper Camper   See fewer
Dana Stangel-Plowe
Camper (as Dana Stangel) Camper (as Dana Stangel)   See fewer
Alice Tate
Alice Alice   See fewer
Leanna Turner
Camper Camper   See fewer
Naomi Wildt
Camper Camper   See fewer
Lauren Price
Girl who does the worm Girl who does the worm   See fewer
Sioux-z Jessup
News Anchor (uncredited) News Anchor (uncredited)   See fewer
Anthony Perullo
Angry Chef (uncredited) Angry Chef (uncredited)   See fewer
Zoe Taylor
Guru Prananuru (uncredited) Guru Prananuru (uncredited)   See fewer
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