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  • The Comey Rule Night One (Season 1, Episode 1)
  • TV-MA
    TV Episode | 95 min | Drama

The Comey Rule

Night One (Season 1, Episode 1)
TV Episode | 95 min | Drama

James Comey interviews with President Obama and gets the job of a lifetime, Director of the FBI. But the Bureau is plunged into two hugely controversial cases that will alter both his place in history and history itself.
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Billy Ray (written by) | James Comey (based on the book "A Higher Loyalty" by)
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Updated Sep 27, 2020

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Sep 27, 2020 (United States)
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6 nominations


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77 cast members
Name Known for
Jeff Daniels
James Comey James Comey   See fewer
Holly Hunter
Sally Yates Sally Yates   See fewer
Michael Kelly
Andrew McCabe Andrew McCabe   See fewer
Jennifer Ehle
Patrice Comey Patrice Comey   See fewer
Scoot McNairy
Rod Rosenstein Rod Rosenstein   See fewer
Jonathan Banks
James Clapper James Clapper   See fewer
Oona Chaplin
Lisa Page Lisa Page   See fewer
Amy Seimetz
Trisha Anderson Trisha Anderson   See fewer
Steven Pasquale
Peter Strzok Peter Strzok   See fewer
Brendan Gleeson
Donald Trump Donald Trump   See fewer
Steve Zissis
Jim Baker Jim Baker   See fewer
Shawn Doyle
Bill Priestap Bill Priestap   See fewer
Brian d'Arcy James
Mark Giuliano Mark Giuliano   See fewer
Kingsley Ben-Adir
Barack Obama Barack Obama   See fewer
Dalmar Abuzeid
Justin Patel Justin Patel   See fewer
William Sadler
Michael Flynn Michael Flynn   See fewer
Richard Thomas
Chuck Rosenberg Chuck Rosenberg   See fewer
T.R. Knight
Reince Priebus (credit only) Reince Priebus (credit only)   See fewer
Joe Lo Truglio
Jeff Sessions (credit only) Jeff Sessions (credit only)   See fewer
Spencer Garrett
Bill Sweeney Bill Sweeney   See fewer
Michael Hyatt
Loretta Lynch Loretta Lynch   See fewer
Peter Coyote
Robert Mueller Robert Mueller   See fewer
Damon Gupton
Jeh Johnson (credit only) Jeh Johnson (credit only)   See fewer
Seann Gallagher
Jim Rybicki Jim Rybicki   See fewer
Isabella Pisacane
Claire Comey Claire Comey   See fewer
Dayo Ade
Shaun Shaun   See fewer
John Bourgeois
John Brennan John Brennan   See fewer
Gene Farber
Igor Sporyshev Igor Sporyshev   See fewer
Sergey Nagorny
Victor Podobnyy Victor Podobnyy   See fewer
Violet Brinson
Abby Comey Abby Comey   See fewer
Novie Edwards
Althea Althea   See fewer
Dan Lett
Paul Manafort Paul Manafort   See fewer
Jason Weinberg
Frank Pellegrino Frank Pellegrino   See fewer
David Ingram
Matt Axelrod Matt Axelrod   See fewer
George Tchortov
Joey Vota Joey Vota   See fewer
Anthony Bowden
George Papadopoulos George Papadopoulos   See fewer
Philip Riccio
Jared Kushner Jared Kushner   See fewer
Harmon Walsh
Donald Trump Jr. Donald Trump Jr.   See fewer
Myrthin Stagg
Elizabeth Swale Elizabeth Swale   See fewer
Andy Pogson
George Toscas George Toscas   See fewer
Sean Gallagher
White Executive White Executive   See fewer
Vanessa Trenton
Executive Assistant Executive Assistant   See fewer
Claire Cavalheiro
Woman in Restaurant Woman in Restaurant   See fewer
Mark Waters
Passing FBI Agent Passing FBI Agent   See fewer
Jonathan Potts
Bob the Prosecutor Bob the Prosecutor   See fewer
Farhang Ghajar
Male Nurse Male Nurse   See fewer
Stass Klassen
Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin   See fewer
Ellie Ellwand
Timid Staffer Timid Staffer   See fewer
Shauna MacDonald
Natalia Veselnitskaya Natalia Veselnitskaya   See fewer
Richard Binsley
Alexander Downer Alexander Downer   See fewer
Chris Owens
Man Behind Him Man Behind Him   See fewer
Andrew Di Rosa
Hartz (NYFO) Hartz (NYFO)   See fewer
Peter Von Berg
Sergei Ivanov Sergei Ivanov   See fewer
Darrin Baker
John Giacalone John Giacalone   See fewer
Clinton Lee Pontes
Panini Counter-Guy Panini Counter-Guy   See fewer
Ian Rayburn
Barely-Audible Agent #1 Barely-Audible Agent #1   See fewer
Lara Zaluski
Barely-Audible Agent #2 Barely-Audible Agent #2   See fewer
Paul Bates
Denis McDonough Denis McDonough   See fewer
Christina Notto
Pretty Agent (FBI NYFO) Pretty Agent (FBI NYFO)   See fewer
Ilona Brodovska
Russian Sex Worker #1 Russian Sex Worker #1   See fewer
Masa Lizdek
Russian Sex Worker #2 Russian Sex Worker #2   See fewer
Elyse Saunders
Pageant Contestant Pageant Contestant   See fewer
Devoshia Cooper
White House Secretary (Obama) White House Secretary (Obama)   See fewer
Harold Tausch
Mike Rogers Mike Rogers   See fewer
Lisa McRee
Radio News Reporter Radio News Reporter   See fewer
Tracey Beltrano
Church Volunteer (uncredited) Church Volunteer (uncredited)   See fewer
Gwenyth Clark
Protester (uncredited) Protester (uncredited)   See fewer
Derek Herd
Russian Diplomat (uncredited) Russian Diplomat (uncredited)   See fewer
Gina Jun
DC Power Suit (uncredited) DC Power Suit (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Konke
Tourist (uncredited) Tourist (uncredited)   See fewer
Sylvain Plasse
FBI Agent (uncredited) FBI Agent (uncredited)   See fewer
May Porter
Pedestrian (uncredited) Pedestrian (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert L Stevenson
US Senator (uncredited) US Senator (uncredited)   See fewer
William G. Tomek
Park Police (uncredited) Park Police (uncredited)   See fewer
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