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  • Black Zone
  • TV-MA
    94 min | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
Black Zone
94 min | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

An unknown event disables electronics in the Midwest, and causing extreme manias in the population. At its center, John is enhanced by an extra-worldly object. Desperately seeking the tech, Echo Company hunts John within the Black Zone.
Jeffrey N. Albert (created by) (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer

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Updated Aug 24, 2023


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70 cast members
Name Known for
Matthew Schmidli
John Garody John Garody   See fewer
Andrea Fantauzzi
Sarah Ellington Sarah Ellington   See fewer
Richard F Law
Commander Blake Commander Blake   See fewer
Jennifer Seward
Dr. Jessica Blake Dr. Jessica Blake   See fewer
Bruce McGill
General Bruce Wright General Bruce Wright   See fewer
Jake Busey
Dr. William Roberts Dr. William Roberts   See fewer
Chris Bylsma
Lt. Christopher Pierce Lt. Christopher Pierce   See fewer
Katie Coryell Hall
Katie Warren Katie Warren   See fewer
Katrina Ann Volonnino
Ashley Brennon / Battle Queen Ashley Brennon / Battle Queen   See fewer
Holly Lichtenauer
Lesley Ellington Lesley Ellington   See fewer
Doris Reynolds Doris Reynolds   See fewer
Davis DeRock
Sgt. Strickland Sgt. Strickland   See fewer
Justin Gabossi
Justin Kruz Justin Kruz   See fewer
Michelle Davidson
Senator Adkins Senator Adkins   See fewer
Rick Folten
Senator Kruz Senator Kruz   See fewer
Natalie Liccardello
Linsey Taylor Linsey Taylor   See fewer
Kendyn Landry
Bobby Reynolds Bobby Reynolds   See fewer
Ken Remmert
Dr. Conrad Dr. Conrad   See fewer
Paul Kim
Dr. Aquino Dr. Aquino   See fewer
John Rensenhouse
Senator Michaels Senator Michaels   See fewer
Craig Benton
Senator Long Senator Long   See fewer
Granvile O'Neal
Senator Abrams Senator Abrams   See fewer
Emerson Rapp
Senator Baker Senator Baker   See fewer
Scott Cordes
Darrin Darrin   See fewer
Ashlee LaPine
Laura Quincy Laura Quincy   See fewer
Franchesca Davis
Olivia Reynolds Olivia Reynolds   See fewer
Doyle Haverfield
Gary Ellington Gary Ellington   See fewer
Heidi Hagen
Carol Ellington Carol Ellington   See fewer
Pete Grigsby
News Anchor News Anchor   See fewer
Michael Beans
Mr. Jenkins Mr. Jenkins   See fewer
Coleman Riley Taylor
Cutthroat / Raider Cutthroat / Raider   See fewer
Christopher Preyer
Patient P93047 Patient P93047   See fewer
Izzy Tryon
Child Patient Child Patient   See fewer
Aubrey Koontz
Orderly Orderly   See fewer
Hayley Nelson
Paranoid Female (voice) Paranoid Female (voice)   See fewer
Larissa White
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Gino-Charles Villanueva
Psychotic Male (voice) Psychotic Male (voice)   See fewer
Adam Pilver
Angry Male (voice) Angry Male (voice)   See fewer
Pablo Milla
Paranoid Male (voice) Paranoid Male (voice)   See fewer
Nick Bolton
Nick Hawkins Nick Hawkins   See fewer
Kathleen Warfel
Mrs. Johnson (credit only) Mrs. Johnson (credit only)   See fewer
Laura De Sommar
Terrified Female (voice) Terrified Female (voice)   See fewer
Dawn Linneman
Vigilante Grandma Vigilante Grandma   See fewer
Jai Lindsey
Pyromaniac Pyromaniac   See fewer
Aaronn Jacob
Patient Patient   See fewer
Jordan Matayoshi
Concerned Female (voice) Concerned Female (voice)   See fewer
Alex Kaljumaa
Patient P91557 Patient P91557   See fewer
Melinda Anderson
Gladiator / Rioter Gladiator / Rioter   See fewer
Kevin Kenkel
Kevin (Killgrave) Shutez Kevin (Killgrave) Shutez   See fewer
Kharn Alexander
Patient P85156 Patient P85156   See fewer
Louis Root
Raider Raider   See fewer
John Belshe
Raider Raider   See fewer
Jonathan Rizzo
Jake Griggs Jake Griggs   See fewer
Colt Choudhry
Patient Patient   See fewer
Bannon Anderson
Raider / Gladiator Raider / Gladiator   See fewer
Madalyn Miles
Hanging Female Hanging Female   See fewer
Deion Sebastian Lewis
Deion (Reaper) Deion (Reaper)   See fewer
Laurel Heck
Traveler Traveler   See fewer
Trail Howard White
Traveler Traveler   See fewer
Paul Lichtenauer
Echo Company Merc Echo Company Merc   See fewer
Chris Opperman
Traveler Traveler   See fewer
Jeff Burnett
FBI Agent FBI Agent   See fewer
Jennifer Kirby
FEMA Woman FEMA Woman   See fewer
Daetraveon Bagby
Teenage Boy Teenage Boy   See fewer
Tyler Lindquist
Thug / Gladiator Thug / Gladiator   See fewer
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