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  • Korolyov (2007)
  • 130 min | Biography, Drama
Korolyov (2007)
130 min | Biography, Drama

In the fall of 1938, the NKVD arrested Sergei Korolev. Under torture, investigators are trying to wrest from him a confession of anti-Soviet activities, each time bringing the damning facts from the biography.
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Yuriy Kara (screenplay)
Production Designer

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Release date
Jul 19, 2007 (Russia)


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55 cast members
Name Known for
Sergey Astakhov
Sergey Korolev Sergey Korolev   See fewer
Natalya Fateeva
Maria Nikolaevna Maria Nikolaevna   See fewer
Viktoriya Tolstoganova
Ksenia Vintsentini Ksenia Vintsentini   See fewer
Sergey Yurskiy
Konstantin Tsiolkovskiy Konstantin Tsiolkovskiy   See fewer
Roman Indyk
Friedrich Tsander Friedrich Tsander   See fewer
Denis Yakovlev
Mikhail Tikhonravov Mikhail Tikhonravov   See fewer
Sergey Larin
Yuriy Pobedonostsev Yuriy Pobedonostsev   See fewer
Aleksandr Bobrovsky
Mikhail Tukhachevskiy Mikhail Tukhachevskiy   See fewer
Ilya Obolonkov
Investigator Shestakov Investigator Shestakov   See fewer
Roman Madyanov
Ivan Kleymyonov Ivan Kleymyonov   See fewer
Svetlana Andropova
The Old Woman The Old Woman   See fewer
Vladimir Belesov
Teterkin Teterkin   See fewer
Oksana Belova
Tsander's Wife Tsander's Wife   See fewer
Anton Belyy
Reshetnyak Reshetnyak   See fewer
Olga Bogomolova
Conductress Conductress   See fewer
Irina Cherichenko
Grizodubova Grizodubova   See fewer
Igor Furmanyuk
Camp Chief Camp Chief   See fewer
Liliya Galiyeva
Telegrapher Telegrapher   See fewer
Valentin Golubenko
Brigadier Brigadier   See fewer
Vladimir Goryanskiy
Andrey Kostikov Andrey Kostikov   See fewer
Boris Grigorev
Professor Professor   See fewer
Andrey Gurkin
Head of Security Head of Security   See fewer
Rafael Iskhakov
Vasiliy Vasiliy   See fewer
Evgeniya Kalinets
The Young Woman The Young Woman   See fewer
Igor Karlov
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Katya Kharitonova
Tsander's Daughter Tsander's Daughter   See fewer
Yuri Kiselev
Yardman N2 Yardman N2   See fewer
Oleg Komarov
The Neighbor The Neighbor   See fewer
Nina Kornienko
Lebedeva Lebedeva   See fewer
Vika Kozina
Natasha Korolyova Natasha Korolyova   See fewer
Vilor Kuznetsov
The Old Man The Old Man   See fewer
Igor Lagutin
Pilot Gromov Pilot Gromov   See fewer
Aleksandr Luchinin
Military Man at the Ball Military Man at the Ball   See fewer
Andrey Mezhulis
Shimeliovich Shimeliovich   See fewer
Dmitriy Morozov
Secretary Secretary   See fewer
Igor Novoselov
Sledovatel Bykov Sledovatel Bykov   See fewer
Roman Pakhomov
Adjutant Adjutant   See fewer
Kirill Parfyonov
Investigator Investigator   See fewer
Valeriy Pomerantsev
Yardman N1 Yardman N1   See fewer
Danila Potapov
The Boy The Boy   See fewer
Natalya Pozdnyakova
The Neighbor The Neighbor   See fewer
Aleksandr Semchev
Vasiliy Ulrikh Vasiliy Ulrikh   See fewer
Veta Shapkina
Kleymyonov's Wife Kleymyonov's Wife   See fewer
Lyudmila Shergina
Grizoduboba's Mother Grizoduboba's Mother   See fewer
Sergei Silkin
Brigade Commander Brigade Commander   See fewer
Ilya Smolkov
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Daniil Spivakovskiy
Mikhail Machinskiy Mikhail Machinskiy   See fewer
Stepan Starchikov
Golyakov Golyakov   See fewer
Innokentiy Tarabara
The Guard The Guard   See fewer
Nikolay Tochilin
Commandant Commandant   See fewer
Dmitriy Voronin
Eyeglasses Eyeglasses   See fewer
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