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  • Diamonds (2009)
  • TV Movie | 240 min | Drama
Diamonds (2009)
TV Movie | 240 min | Drama

A complex tale about small and big players in the African diamond business, wrapped around a murder of a United States Senator's daughter.
Matthew Hart (book: "Diamond") | David Vainola
Trevor A. Brown (as Trevor Brown) | Eric Cayla | Sue Gibson
Mike Munn (as Michael Munn)
Production Designers
Craig Sandells | Delarey Wagener (as Delarey Wagenar)
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Updated Jul 24, 2008

Release date
May 24, 2009 (United States)


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79 cast members
Name Known for
James Purefoy
Lucas Denmont Lucas Denmont   See fewer
Judy Davis
Joan Cameron Joan Cameron   See fewer
Derek Jacobi
Piers Denmont Piers Denmont   See fewer
Joanne Kelly
Stephanie Dresser Stephanie Dresser   See fewer
Louise Rose
Luna Koroma Luna Koroma   See fewer
Stephen McHattie
Llewellyn Anderson Llewellyn Anderson   See fewer
Benjamin Ayres
Steve Dyson (as Ben Ayres) Steve Dyson (as Ben Ayres)   See fewer
Jeremy Crutchley
Michael Sloane Michael Sloane   See fewer
Brendan Penny
Tom Anderson Tom Anderson   See fewer
Nicholas Pinnock
Isaiah Forman (2008) Isaiah Forman (2008)   See fewer
Joe Alblas
Photographer Photographer   See fewer
Norman Anstey
Edward Needham Edward Needham   See fewer
Millard Arnold
Richard Mason Richard Mason   See fewer
Boubacar Babiane
Joan's Bodyguard Joan's Bodyguard   See fewer
Errol Ballantine
Chauffeur Chauffeur   See fewer
Mary-Anne Barlow
Vicky Doyle (as Mary-Ann Barlow) Vicky Doyle (as Mary-Ann Barlow)   See fewer
Anthony Bishop
Kobus Koster Kobus Koster   See fewer
Robert Borges
Driller Driller   See fewer
John Boylan
Paul Dresser Paul Dresser   See fewer
Terence Bridgett
Danny Stockton Danny Stockton   See fewer
Tony Caprari
Mohammed Madani Mohammed Madani   See fewer
Tongayi Chirisa
Oba Sewele Oba Sewele   See fewer
Antony Coleman
Gregor (as Anthony Coleman) Gregor (as Anthony Coleman)   See fewer
Anton Dekker
Dieter Heintzman Dieter Heintzman   See fewer
José Domingos
George Mishol (as Jose Domingos) George Mishol (as Jose Domingos)   See fewer
Michael Dube
Franklin Moore Franklin Moore   See fewer
Wilson Dunster
Moshe Winfield Moshe Winfield   See fewer
James Durham
Mine Manager Mine Manager   See fewer
Tom Fairfoot
Trendy Man Trendy Man   See fewer
Lena Farugia
Helen Danielson Helen Danielson   See fewer
Jacques Gombault
Intelligence Officer Intelligence Officer   See fewer
Dorothy Ann Gould
Anike Nighthorse (as Dorothy Anne Gould) Anike Nighthorse (as Dorothy Anne Gould)   See fewer
Glen Gould
Archibald Nighthorse Archibald Nighthorse   See fewer
Kris Holden-Ried
Denver Beeston Denver Beeston   See fewer
Dominika Jablonska
Denmont Maid Denmont Maid   See fewer
Stephen Jennings
William Deakins William Deakins   See fewer
Susanna Kennedy
Party Girl Party Girl   See fewer
Martin Le Maitre
Nickolai Nickolai   See fewer
Matthew Lotter
Denmont Assistant Denmont Assistant   See fewer
James MacEwan
Evan Denmont Evan Denmont   See fewer
Christan Makonga
Translator (as Christian Makonga) Translator (as Christian Makonga)   See fewer
Charmaine Mandala
Young Luna Young Luna   See fewer
Geoffrey Mbenge
Piers' Aide Piers' Aide   See fewer
Moshidi Motshegwa
Nora Compton Nora Compton   See fewer
Siyamthanda Ndlangalavu
Scarred Boy Scarred Boy   See fewer
Mbongeni Nhlapo
Komba Kemokai Komba Kemokai   See fewer
Kate Normington
Denmont Lawyer Denmont Lawyer   See fewer
Dexter Nwanya
Samuel Dohah Samuel Dohah   See fewer
Chukwuma Okoye
Congo Leader Congo Leader   See fewer
Akin Omotoso
Joshua Mozawa Joshua Mozawa   See fewer
Kevin Otto
Alan Rich Alan Rich   See fewer
Angelique Pretorius
Maya Winfield Maya Winfield   See fewer
Gene Pyrz
Denmont Crew Member Denmont Crew Member   See fewer
Fiona Ramsay
Naomi Salazar (as Fiona Ramsey) Naomi Salazar (as Fiona Ramsey)   See fewer
Sivan Raphaely
Woman Journalist Woman Journalist   See fewer
Nicky Rebelo
Diamond Trader (as Nicky Rebello) Diamond Trader (as Nicky Rebello)   See fewer
Meren Reddy
Ismail Khan Ismail Khan   See fewer
Michael Richards
Armand de Guillencourt Armand de Guillencourt   See fewer
Mark Richardson
Talk Show Host #2 Talk Show Host #2   See fewer
Brian Edward Roach
Jerrod Watts (as Brian Roach) Jerrod Watts (as Brian Roach)   See fewer
Ron Smerczak
Stanley Grey Stanley Grey   See fewer
Gordon Tanner
Austin Hart Austin Hart   See fewer
Jonathan Taylor
Official Official   See fewer
Nicholas Van Der Bijl
Photo Shoot Assistant Photo Shoot Assistant   See fewer
Nina Van Rensburg
Sara Cameron Sara Cameron   See fewer
Joe Vaz
Security Guard Security Guard   See fewer
Adrian Waldron
Intelligence Officer #2 Intelligence Officer #2   See fewer
Marius Weyers
Randall Smith Randall Smith   See fewer
Jose Pecino
Security Guard (uncredited) Security Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
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