Things Heard & Seen (2021)
121 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

An artist relocates to the Hudson Valley and begins to suspect that her marriage has a sinister darkness, one that rivals her new home's history.
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Elizabeth Brundage (based on the novel "All Things Cease to Appear" by) | Shari Springer Berman | Robert Pulcini
Stefanie Azpiazu (produced by) | Anthony Bregman (produced by) | Julie Cohen (produced by) | Peter Cron (produced by)
Production Designer
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Updated Apr 29, 2021

Release date
Apr 29, 2021 (United States)


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48 cast members
Name Known for
James Norton
George Claire George Claire   See fewer
Ana Sophia Heger
Franny Claire Franny Claire   See fewer
Amanda Seyfried
Catherine Claire Catherine Claire   See fewer
Kristin Griffith
Audrey Claire Audrey Claire   See fewer
Ben Graney
Husband #2 Husband #2   See fewer
Molly Jobe
Wife #1 Wife #1   See fewer
Joey Auzenne
Husband #1 Husband #1   See fewer
Cotter Smith
Tom Claire Tom Claire   See fewer
Karen Allen
Mare Laughton Mare Laughton   See fewer
Alex Neustaedter
Eddie Vayle Eddie Vayle   See fewer
Jack Gore
Cole Vayle Cole Vayle   See fewer
F. Murray Abraham
Floyd DeBeers Floyd DeBeers   See fewer
Maureen Young
Blind Woman Blind Woman   See fewer
Melinda Tanner
Local Woman #2 Local Woman #2   See fewer
Natalia Dyer
Willis Willis   See fewer
Rhea Seehorn
Justine Justine   See fewer
Emily Dorsch
Ella Vayle Ella Vayle   See fewer
Michael O'Keefe
Travis Laughton Travis Laughton   See fewer
Marion McCorry
Millicent Millicent   See fewer
Peter Grosz
Martin Martin   See fewer
Brian Corrigan
Mr. Pratt Mr. Pratt   See fewer
Jill Dalton
Mrs. Pratt Mrs. Pratt   See fewer
Peter Von Berg
Local Man Local Man   See fewer
Dawn McGee
Local Woman #1 Local Woman #1   See fewer
Polly Lee
Librarian Librarian   See fewer
James Hindman
Bank Teller Bank Teller   See fewer
Lewis Payton Jr.
Shelby Warren Shelby Warren   See fewer
Olivia Boreham-Wing
Flirty Student Flirty Student   See fewer
Michelle Brown
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
John Rue
Marine Worker Marine Worker   See fewer
Norman Aaronson
Library Patron (uncredited) Library Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Jonathan Campano
Saginaw College Student (uncredited) Saginaw College Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Julie E. Davis
Faculty Wife (uncredited) Faculty Wife (uncredited)   See fewer
Joy Decker
Barfly (uncredited) Barfly (uncredited)   See fewer
Elliot Frances Flynn
Mrs. Smit (uncredited) Mrs. Smit (uncredited)   See fewer
Blanca Harnett
Poetry Reading Attendee (uncredited) Poetry Reading Attendee (uncredited)   See fewer
Lexa Hayes
George's Student (uncredited) George's Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Catherine Johnson-Tully
Background (uncredited) Background (uncredited)   See fewer
Abigail Nicholson
Lucy Quayle (uncredited) Lucy Quayle (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry Petersen
Priest (uncredited) Priest (uncredited)   See fewer
Albert Skowronski
Library Patron (uncredited) Library Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Vinnie Velez
Police Officer (uncredited) Police Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
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