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TV Movie | Drama

Angelina Ellington is a Black investigative reporter who despises the mob. She stumbles upon a dead body that leads her through a labyrinth of tunnels that ultimately lands her face to face with one of the largest Sicilian mob families on the East Coast.
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50 cast members
Name Known for
Taja V. Simpson
Angelina Ellington Angelina Ellington   See fewer
Tom Sizemore
Joe Salvatore Joe Salvatore   See fewer
Bob Gunton
Danny Danny   See fewer
Lorenzo Antonucci
Massi Salvatore Massi Salvatore   See fewer
Massi Furlan
Micky Carbone Micky Carbone   See fewer
Danny Fehsenfeld
Nelson Stone Nelson Stone   See fewer
Patrick Warburton
Sid Costa (Uncle Sid) Sid Costa (Uncle Sid)   See fewer
Talon Warburton
Talon Wilson Talon Wilson   See fewer
Curran Linehan
Luke Costa Luke Costa   See fewer
Joe Cortese
Johnny Johnny   See fewer
Al Sapienza
Robert Moore Robert Moore   See fewer
Maeve Quinlan
Special Agent Samantha Parker Special Agent Samantha Parker   See fewer
Artie Pasquale
Frankie Frankie   See fewer
Campbell Crates
Young Nicole Young Nicole   See fewer
Michael Paré
Michael Grasso Michael Grasso   See fewer
Jay Tavare
Waya Nez Waya Nez   See fewer
Heather Medway
Ella Costa Ella Costa   See fewer
LisaRaye McCoy
Allyson Davis Allyson Davis   See fewer
Jayme Lynn Evans
Senator Rachel Moore Senator Rachel Moore   See fewer
Gil Darnell
Senator Matthews Senator Matthews   See fewer
Jay Giannone
Detective Idris Jones Detective Idris Jones   See fewer
Sean Riggs
Hawke Hawke   See fewer
Marty Fortney
Larry Goldstein Larry Goldstein   See fewer
Angelique Pretorius
Jessica Synder Jessica Synder   See fewer
Zakary Risinger
Curran Costa Curran Costa   See fewer
Adam Cardon
Agent Larsen Agent Larsen   See fewer
Terry Maratos
Ronnie Ronnie   See fewer
Daniel Alejandro Guevara
Bouncer #1 Bouncer #1   See fewer
Gabriel Warburton
Nicco- Waiter Nicco- Waiter   See fewer
Simon Haycock
Victor Villa Victor Villa   See fewer
Steven Chase
Paramedic 1 Paramedic 1   See fewer
Lenique Vincent
Young Angelina Young Angelina   See fewer
Tiffany Christine Smith
Fundraiser Guest #21 Fundraiser Guest #21   See fewer
Nestor Sierra
Valet #2 Valet #2   See fewer
Allie Parker
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Joe Toppe
Philip Snyder Philip Snyder   See fewer
Johnnett Kent
Sgt. Baker Sgt. Baker   See fewer
Yolanda Vargas
Paramedic 2 Paramedic 2   See fewer
Jason Ha
Valet #3 Valet #3   See fewer
Iann Montoya
Young Paul Young Paul   See fewer
Valet #1 Valet #1   See fewer
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