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  • Mimi (I) (2021)
  • TV-14
    132 min | Comedy, Drama
Mimi (I) (2021)
132 min | Comedy, Drama

Mimi is introduced by Bhanu to an American couple as a surrogate in exchange for Rs 2 million. She decides to have the baby even when they change their mind and tells her parent that Bhanu is the father.
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Laxman Utekar (screenplay) (story) | Rohan Shankar (screenplay) (dialogue) (story) | Samruoddhi Porey (based on the original story by) | Aayush Agrawal (idea)
Akash Agrawal | Rohit Bhatia (DOP: Rihaayi De) | Arman Khan (london schedule)
Casting Director
Vaibhav Vishant (as Anti-Casting)
Production Designers
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Updated Jul 26, 2021

Release date
Jul 26, 2021 (United Arab Emirates)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Kriti Sanon
Mimi Rathod Mimi Rathod   See fewer
Evelyn Edwards
Summer Roger Summer Roger   See fewer
Pankaj Tripathi
Bhanu Pratap Pandey Bhanu Pratap Pandey   See fewer
Sai Tamhankar
Shama Pratap (Mimi's best friend) Shama Pratap (Mimi's best friend)   See fewer
Manoj Pahwa
Maan Singh Rathod (Mimi's Father) Maan Singh Rathod (Mimi's Father)   See fewer
Supriya Pathak
Shobha Rathod (Mimi's Mother) Shobha Rathod (Mimi's Mother)   See fewer
Aidan Whytock
John Roger (Summer's Husband) John Roger (Summer's Husband)   See fewer
Jacob Smith
Raj Rathod (Mimi's Son) Raj Rathod (Mimi's Son)   See fewer
Raj Rathod (New born) Raj Rathod (New born)   See fewer
Jacqueline Taalomi
Raj Rathod (1 month old) Raj Rathod (1 month old)   See fewer
Raj Rathod (1 year old) Raj Rathod (1 year old)   See fewer
Atmaja Pandey
Rekha Pandey (Bhanu's Wife) Rekha Pandey (Bhanu's Wife)   See fewer
Nutan Surya
Kainkayi Pandey (Bhanu's Mother) Kainkayi Pandey (Bhanu's Mother)   See fewer
Amardeep Jha
Vasudha Mausi Vasudha Mausi   See fewer
Sheikh Ishaque Mohammad
Aatif Alam (Maan Singh's student) Aatif Alam (Maan Singh's student)   See fewer
Jaya Bhattacharya
Dr. Asha Desai - IVF Doctor Dr. Asha Desai - IVF Doctor   See fewer
Pankaj Jha
Dilshad Dilshad   See fewer
Narottam Bain
Tailor Farookh Shaikh Tailor Farookh Shaikh   See fewer
Gyan Prakash
Amjad Pratap (Shama's Father) Amjad Pratap (Shama's Father)   See fewer
Anup Trivedi
Dr. Dubey Dr. Dubey   See fewer
Kid at Shannu Amma's Kid at Shannu Amma's   See fewer
Omi Ji
Shannu Amma Shannu Amma   See fewer
Ramesh Manchanda
Shambhu - Driver Shambhu - Driver   See fewer
Pramod Saini
Ramesh - Driver Ramesh - Driver   See fewer
Pandit - Mandawa Temple Pandit - Mandawa Temple   See fewer
Nidhi - Receptionist Nidhi - Receptionist   See fewer
Lalit Mishra
Hotel Manager Hotel Manager   See fewer
Sunita Nagpal
Dr. Shalini Dr. Shalini   See fewer
Staff Girl - Nursing Home Staff Girl - Nursing Home   See fewer
Anil Bhagwat
Mr. Bharadwaj - Lawyer Mr. Bharadwaj - Lawyer   See fewer
Monu Sharma
Nuskha Guy Nuskha Guy   See fewer
Ayushi Koshar
Overweight Aunty Overweight Aunty   See fewer
Pani Puri Wala Pani Puri Wala   See fewer
Muslim Man at Masjid Muslim Man at Masjid   See fewer
Hemraj Tiwari
Drunk Man Drunk Man   See fewer
Nadeem Khan
Jolly Bhaiyaan - Actor's Personal Boy Jolly Bhaiyaan - Actor's Personal Boy   See fewer
Pratik Nandkumar More
Rider Guy 1 Rider Guy 1   See fewer
Rajat Sharma
Rider Guy 2 Rider Guy 2   See fewer
Saidujjaman Durjoy
Musician Musician   See fewer
Anish Lovo
Detective on phone Detective on phone   See fewer
Actor Actor   See fewer
Hani Yadav
Avdesh Avdesh   See fewer
Deep Joshi
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Farabi Md Refat
Guddu (uncredited) Guddu (uncredited)   See fewer
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