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Chronicles of the Sun

Épisode 263 (Season 2, Episode 3)
TV Episode | 22 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Head writer
Olivier Szulzynger (original idea) (creator)
Olivier Szulzynger (original idea) (creator) | Toma De Matteis (original idea) | Eline Le Fur (creator) | Cristina Arellano (creator) & 13 more
Casting Director
Edit Released
Updated Aug 27, 2019

Release date
Aug 27, 2019 (Belgium)
Series awards
13 nominations


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67 cast members
Name Known for
Jeremy Banster
Julien Bastide Julien Bastide   See fewer
Fred Bianconi
Virgile Berville Virgile Berville   See fewer
Manuel Blanc
Guilhem Cabestan Guilhem Cabestan   See fewer
Bertrand Farge
Victor Estrela Victor Estrela   See fewer
Gary Guénaire
Théo Estrela Théo Estrela   See fewer
Valérie Kaprisky
Jo Réal Jo Réal   See fewer
Chrystelle Labaude
Élisabeth Bastide Élisabeth Bastide   See fewer
Mélanie Maudran
Claire Estrela Claire Estrela   See fewer
Maëlle Mietton
Alice Bastide Alice Bastide   See fewer
Moïse Santamaria
Manu Léoni Manu Léoni   See fewer
Yvon Back
Clément Becker Clément Becker   See fewer
Benjamin Bourgois
Alexandre Levy Alexandre Levy   See fewer
Marie-Gaëlle Cals
Cécile Alphand Cécile Alphand   See fewer
Emma Colberti
Ève Prodi Ève Prodi   See fewer
Jennifer Dubourg-Bracconi
Davia Levy Davia Levy   See fewer
Malik Elakehal El Miliani
Bilal Alami Bilal Alami   See fewer
Maëva El Aroussi
Inès Legrand Inès Legrand   See fewer
Marthe Fieschi
Léa Berville Léa Berville   See fewer
Frédérique Kamatari
Monette Réal Monette Réal   See fewer
Marie-Clotilde Ramos-Ibañez
Sofia Caballo Sofia Caballo   See fewer
Naïma Rodric
Lucille Salama Lucille Salama   See fewer
Mélanie Robert
Manon Bastide Manon Bastide   See fewer
Auguste Yvon
Arthur Bastide Arthur Bastide   See fewer
Abel Aboualiten
Madji Salama Madji Salama   See fewer
Charlotte Adrien
La notaire La notaire   See fewer
Alban Aumard
Gary Legrand Gary Legrand   See fewer
Baya Belal
Latifa Alami Latifa Alami   See fewer
Nathan Bensoussan
Antonin Poujol Antonin Poujol   See fewer
Thierry Calas
Gardien de prison Gardien de prison   See fewer
Mathieu Coniglio
Aurélien Neville Aurélien Neville   See fewer
Léonie Dahan-Lamort
Camille Léoni Camille Léoni   See fewer
Aurore Delplace
Johanna Lemeur Johanna Lemeur   See fewer
Yassine Douani
Sergio Sirugeda Sergio Sirugeda   See fewer
Siham Falhoune
Anissa Benjelloun Anissa Benjelloun   See fewer
Christophe Favre
Gérald Soriano Gérald Soriano   See fewer
Laurent Frattale
Maître Serge Levars Maître Serge Levars   See fewer
Dan Herzberg
Philippe Laffont Philippe Laffont   See fewer
Nicolas Lancelin
Charles Dubois Charles Dubois   See fewer
Maï Anh Le
Docteur Oriol (as Maï Anh Lê) Docteur Oriol (as Maï Anh Lê)   See fewer
Pierre Lopez
Le complice de Steve Le complice de Steve   See fewer
Folco Marchi
Ludovic Métay Ludovic Métay   See fewer
Elisabeth Margoni
Maryline Legrand Maryline Legrand   See fewer
Julien Masdoua
Enric Réal Enric Réal   See fewer
Aïssam Medhem
Akim Alami Akim Alami   See fewer
Pascal Mirallès
Valentin Humeau Valentin Humeau   See fewer
Stéphane Monpetit
Eliott Faure Eliott Faure   See fewer
Marine Monteiro
Actress Actress   See fewer
Ishtvan Nekrasov
Dylan Soriano Dylan Soriano   See fewer
Delphine Sérina
Bérénice Paré Bérénice Paré   See fewer
Hélène Schwaller
Delphine Laffont Delphine Laffont   See fewer
Crystal Shepherd-Cross
Séverine Séverine   See fewer
Olivier Soler
André Faure André Faure   See fewer
Fred Tournaire
Steve Lambert Steve Lambert   See fewer
Rebecca Truffot
Stéphanie Godard Stéphanie Godard   See fewer
Christèle Tual
Mireille Dubreuil Mireille Dubreuil   See fewer
Frédéric van den Driessche
Dr. Alain Alphand Dr. Alain Alphand   See fewer
Thomas Walch
Régis Fuster Régis Fuster   See fewer
Adeline Zarudiansky
Julia Rumi Julia Rumi   See fewer
Alain Zef
Paco Estevez Paco Estevez   See fewer
Charles Sans
Anthony Fowl Anthony Fowl   See fewer
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