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  • Comedy, Romance
Spring Break '83
Comedy, Romance

The Z-Rows, four friends who are bullied by their graduating high school class find revenge against the now freshman college students while on Spring Break during 1983.
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87 cast members
Name Known for
Joe Pantoliano
Sergeant Coltrane Sergeant Coltrane   See fewer
Morgan Fairchild
Mouth's Mother Mouth's Mother   See fewer
Robert Davi
Dean Whitter Dean Whitter   See fewer
Lee Majors
Carter Carter   See fewer
Raviv Ullman
Billy (as Ricky Ullman) Billy (as Ricky Ullman)   See fewer
Erik Estrada
Erik Estrada Erik Estrada   See fewer
Adrian Zmed
Billy's Father Billy's Father   See fewer
Joe Piscopo
Max's Father Max's Father   See fewer
Andrew Lewis Caldwell
Mouth (as Andrew Caldwell) Mouth (as Andrew Caldwell)   See fewer
Aviva Baumann
Heather (as Aviva) Heather (as Aviva)   See fewer
Sophie Monk
Brittney Brittney   See fewer
Mars Callahan
Sargeant Ron Sargeant Ron   See fewer
Richard Portnow
Dean Martin Dean Martin   See fewer
Donny Boaz
Nerd / Bat Boy Nerd / Bat Boy   See fewer
Ken Baumann
Jimmy (as Kenny Baumann) Jimmy (as Kenny Baumann)   See fewer
Billy Slaughter
Joe Francis Joe Francis   See fewer
John G. Brennan
Jerky Boy (as Johnny Brennan) Jerky Boy (as Johnny Brennan)   See fewer
Jessica Heap
Hottie #2 Hottie #2   See fewer
Lisa Jay
Brandi Brandi   See fewer
Nick Heyman
Chad Bender Chad Bender   See fewer
Kaiser Johnson
Zubaz (as Eric Kaiser Johnson) Zubaz (as Eric Kaiser Johnson)   See fewer
Dat Phan
Sum Ting Wong Sum Ting Wong   See fewer
Alicia Lorén
Jennifer 2 Jennifer 2   See fewer
Jade Bryce
Vets Love Interest Vets Love Interest   See fewer
Bernadette Perez
Sorority Girlfriend 1 Sorority Girlfriend 1   See fewer
Annie Sorell
Jennifer 1 Jennifer 1   See fewer
Kelsea Button
Pranky Pranky   See fewer
Chevy Cofield
Party guy (as Chevy Lamont Cofield) Party guy (as Chevy Lamont Cofield)   See fewer
Lacey Minchew
Christy Christy   See fewer
Drew Rin Varick
Little Person Little Person   See fewer
Geoffrey Gould
Park Picnicker Park Picnicker   See fewer
Lauren Rubin
Sorority Girl Sorority Girl   See fewer
Todd Davis
Deputy Deputy   See fewer
Erika Waldorf
Spring Breaker / Party Girl Spring Breaker / Party Girl   See fewer
Jillian Easton
Lamar's Girl Lamar's Girl   See fewer
Gino Dentie
Mr. Anderson Mr. Anderson   See fewer
Jessica Elder
Bloody Mary (as Jessica Chortkoff) Bloody Mary (as Jessica Chortkoff)   See fewer
Matthew Wiese
Horseshoe (as Matt 'Horshu' Wiese) Horseshoe (as Matt 'Horshu' Wiese)   See fewer
David Tsuboi
Dat So Wong Dat So Wong   See fewer
Amanda Kruger
Lamar's Girl Lamar's Girl   See fewer
Archie Fields
Party Goer Party Goer   See fewer
Phong Atwood Vo
Wat Wen Wong Wat Wen Wong   See fewer
André B. Walker
Ludacris (as Andre Walker) Ludacris (as Andre Walker)   See fewer
Tara Redfield
Cheering Girl Cheering Girl   See fewer
Greg Fellows
Kyle Whiteman Kyle Whiteman   See fewer
Kenny Bordes
The Assistant The Assistant   See fewer
Brady Cook
Deputy Deputy   See fewer
Stephen Underwood
Steven Tyler Steven Tyler   See fewer
Nick Mao
Nut Ting Wong Nut Ting Wong   See fewer
Michael Cristian Greene
Party Guy (as Mike Greene) Party Guy (as Mike Greene)   See fewer
Kim Vu
Tina Tina   See fewer
John Jarhead Gorman
Card Player (as John Gorman) Card Player (as John Gorman)   See fewer
Christina Myhr
Sorority Girl Sorority Girl   See fewer
Scott C. Leeds
Young Teenager Young Teenager   See fewer
Kelly Migdon
Party Goer Party Goer   See fewer
Steve Su
Asian Man Asian Man   See fewer
Joanna Gaston
Brunette Brunette   See fewer
Wilfred Biggs
Cowboy Cowboy   See fewer
Krista Shows
Bikini Girl Bikini Girl   See fewer
Kevin A. Klein
George W. Bush George W. Bush   See fewer
Evan Adrian
Dancer (uncredited) Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Michelle Brew
Bikini Hottie (uncredited) Bikini Hottie (uncredited)   See fewer
Joseph Cintron
High School Teacher (uncredited) High School Teacher (uncredited)   See fewer
Gino Galento
Competition Judge (uncredited) Competition Judge (uncredited)   See fewer
Trey Greene
Hot Jock (uncredited) Hot Jock (uncredited)   See fewer
Stephanie Honoré
Hottie #1 (uncredited) Hottie #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Bikini Hottie (uncredited) Bikini Hottie (uncredited)   See fewer
Deanna Rashell
Contestant (uncredited) Contestant (uncredited)   See fewer
Leonard Jonathan Ruebe
Park-Goer (uncredited) Park-Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Chaz Smith
Partier (uncredited) Partier (uncredited)   See fewer
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