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  • Planet Terror (2007)
  • R
    105 min | Action, Comedy, Horror
Planet Terror (2007)
105 min | Action, Comedy, Horror

After an experimental bio-weapon is released, turning thousands into zombie-like creatures, it's up to a rag-tag group of survivors to stop the infected and those behind its release.
Robert Rodriguez (written by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Apr 6, 2007 (United States)


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58 cast members
Name Known for
Rose McGowan
Cherry Darling Cherry Darling   See fewer
Freddy Rodríguez
Wray (as Freddy Rodriguez) Wray (as Freddy Rodriguez)   See fewer
Josh Brolin
Dr. William Block Dr. William Block   See fewer
Marley Shelton
Dr. Dakota Block Dr. Dakota Block   See fewer
Michael Biehn
Sheriff Hague Sheriff Hague   See fewer
Rebel Rodriguez
Tony Block Tony Block   See fewer
Bruce Willis
Lt. Muldoon Lt. Muldoon   See fewer
Tammy (as Stacy Ferguson) Tammy (as Stacy Ferguson)   See fewer
Hung Nguyen
Dr. Crane Dr. Crane   See fewer
Cecilia Conti
Paramedic Cecil Paramedic Cecil   See fewer
Tommy Nix
Paramedic Nixer Paramedic Nixer   See fewer
Tom Savini
Deputy Tolo Deputy Tolo   See fewer
Carlos Gallardo
Deputy Carlos Deputy Carlos   See fewer
Electra Stone
Babysitter Twin #1 (as Electra Avellán) Babysitter Twin #1 (as Electra Avellán)   See fewer
Elise Avellan
Babysitter Twin #2 (as Elise Avellán) Babysitter Twin #2 (as Elise Avellán)   See fewer
Quentin Tarantino
Rapist #1 / Zombie Eating Road Kill Rapist #1 / Zombie Eating Road Kill   See fewer
Gregory Kelly
Rapist #2 (as Greg Kelly) Rapist #2 (as Greg Kelly)   See fewer
Troy Robinson
Soldier #1 Soldier #1   See fewer
Derek Southers
Soldier #2 Soldier #2   See fewer
Jason Douglas
Lewis (credit only) Lewis (credit only)   See fewer
Michael Parks
Earl McGraw Earl McGraw   See fewer
Jerili Romeo
Ramona McGraw Ramona McGraw   See fewer
Felix Sabates
Dr. Felix Dr. Felix   See fewer
Doran Ingrham
Patient Patient   See fewer
Johnny Reno
Sax Survivor Sax Survivor   See fewer
Danny Trejo
Machete Machete   See fewer
Cheech Marin
Priest Priest   See fewer
Corey Burton
Additional Narrator (voice) Additional Narrator (voice)   See fewer
Cathy Baron
Hot Pedestrian (uncredited) Hot Pedestrian (uncredited)   See fewer
Zoë Bell
Sicko Eating Paramedic #2 (uncredited) Sicko Eating Paramedic #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Israel Bocanegra
Lead Henchman (uncredited) Lead Henchman (uncredited)   See fewer
Aryè Campos
Rabies #1 (uncredited) Rabies #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Leroy Castanon
Sicko (uncredited) Sicko (uncredited)   See fewer
D.J. Castillo
Sicko (uncredited) Sicko (uncredited)   See fewer
Don Daro
Survivor (uncredited) Survivor (uncredited)   See fewer
Jake Garber
Gas Pump Sicko (uncredited) Gas Pump Sicko (uncredited)   See fewer
Beau Harris
Soldier (uncredited) Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Andrew Hernandez
Screaming Henchman (uncredited) Screaming Henchman (uncredited)   See fewer
Samantha Inoue Harte
Infected Girl (uncredited) Infected Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Max Kruemcke
Sicko trying to eat dead kid (uncredited) Sicko trying to eat dead kid (uncredited)   See fewer
Andrea Lee
Sicko (uncredited) Sicko (uncredited)   See fewer
Malosi Leonard
Sicko Burn Victim (uncredited) Sicko Burn Victim (uncredited)   See fewer
John McLean
Sicko Coach (uncredited) Sicko Coach (uncredited)   See fewer
John D. Montoya
Survivor (uncredited) Survivor (uncredited)   See fewer
Chad Norheim
Soldier (uncredited) Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Carlos Pina
Zombie (uncredited) Zombie (uncredited)   See fewer
Dana Reed
Sicko / Soldier (uncredited) Sicko / Soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Emmy Robbin
Hot Female Deputy (uncredited) Hot Female Deputy (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Rodriguez
One of Abby's Henchmen (uncredited) One of Abby's Henchmen (uncredited)   See fewer
Christine Rose
Sicko (uncredited) Sicko (uncredited)   See fewer
Ava-Kathryn Santana
Sicko (uncredited) Sicko (uncredited)   See fewer
Rike Seidensticker
Hot Pedestal (uncredited) Hot Pedestal (uncredited)   See fewer
Heath Young
Sicko (uncredited) Sicko (uncredited)   See fewer
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