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Dangerous Liaisons

It's War (Season 1, Episode 8)
TV Episode | 61 min | Drama, History

Camille and Valmont continue to fight for their freedom, unaware of the threat of a returning figure.
Harriet Warner (written for television by) (created for television by) | Choderlos de Laclos (inspired by 'Les Liaisons Dangereuses' by) (as Pierre Choderlos de Laclos)
Casting Directors
Maya Kvetny (casting director czech republic) | Robert Sterne
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Updated Dec 25, 2022

Release date
Dec 25, 2022 (United States)
Series awards
3 nominations


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35 cast members
Name Known for
Alice Englert
Camille Camille   See fewer
Nicholas Denton
Valmont Valmont   See fewer
Michael McElhatton
Jean de Merteuil Jean de Merteuil   See fewer
Hakeem Kae-Kazim
Majordome Majordome   See fewer
Hilton Pelser
Gabriel Carrè Gabriel Carrè   See fewer
Kosar Ali
Victoire Victoire   See fewer
Tom Wlaschiha
Henri de Montrachet Henri de Montrachet   See fewer
Colette Dalal Tchantcho
Ondine de Valmont Ondine de Valmont   See fewer
Paloma Faith
Florence de Regnier Florence de Regnier   See fewer
Fisayo Akinade
Chevalier de Saint-Jacques Chevalier de Saint-Jacques   See fewer
Stanley Townsend
Eduard Abbaye Eduard Abbaye   See fewer
Kathryn Wilder
Eloise de Chalon Eloise de Chalon   See fewer
Ahmed Elhaj
Prevan de Valmont Prevan de Valmont   See fewer
Antonia Campbell-Hughes
Queen Marie Antoinette Queen Marie Antoinette   See fewer
Matilda Tucker
Suzette Suzette   See fewer
Carice van Houten
Jacqueline de Montrachet Jacqueline de Montrachet   See fewer
Paul Dean
Henri's Manservant Henri's Manservant   See fewer
Darija Pavlovicová
Cecile (as Darija Pavlovicova) Cecile (as Darija Pavlovicova)   See fewer
Sigismund Häggkvist
Claude (as Sigismund Haggkvist) Claude (as Sigismund Haggkvist)   See fewer
Richard Earl
Duc De Lanvin Duc De Lanvin   See fewer
Gabriel Andrews
Opera Goer Opera Goer   See fewer
Jessica Boone
Prostitute Prostitute   See fewer
Kristyna Kustkova
Opera Camille Opera Camille   See fewer
Markéta Cukrová
Opera Jacqueline (as Marketa Cukrova) Opera Jacqueline (as Marketa Cukrova)   See fewer
Jirí Hájek
Opera Henri (as Jiri Hajek) Opera Henri (as Jiri Hajek)   See fewer
Zdenek Plech
Opera Priest Opera Priest   See fewer
Petr Dvorák
Opera Footman 1 (as Petr Dvorak) Opera Footman 1 (as Petr Dvorak)   See fewer
Vjacelsav Korsak
Opera Footman 2 Opera Footman 2   See fewer
Lubos Sedivy
Opera Footman 3 Opera Footman 3   See fewer
Jan Likar
Opera Footman 4 Opera Footman 4   See fewer
Oleg Jeremin
Opera Footman 5 Opera Footman 5   See fewer
Dalibor Pavelka
Opera Footman 6 Opera Footman 6   See fewer
David Svec
Opera Conductor Opera Conductor   See fewer
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