Olympiske høydepunkter, Lillehammer '94's primary photo
  • Olympiske høydepunkter, Lillehammer '94 (1994)
  • Video | 130 min | Sport
Primary photo for Olympiske høydepunkter, Lillehammer '94
Olympiske høydepunkter, Lillehammer '94 (1994)
Video | 130 min | Sport

Direct-to-video highlights from the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, mainly seen from the Norwegian point of view.

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Updated Dec 31, 1994

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1994 (Norway)


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King Harald V
Self (as His Majesty King Harald V) Self (as His Majesty King Harald V)   See fewer
Kjell Storelid
Self (as K. Storelid) Self (as K. Storelid)   See fewer
Dezideriu Horvath
Self (as D. Horvath) Self (as D. Horvath)   See fewer
Roberto Sighel
Self (as R. Sighel) Self (as R. Sighel)   See fewer
Kjetil André Aamodt
Self (as Kjetil Andre Aamodt) Self (as Kjetil Andre Aamodt)   See fewer
Tommy Moe
Self (as T. Moe) Self (as T. Moe)   See fewer
Antonina Ordina
Self (as A. Ordina) Self (as A. Ordina)   See fewer
Jukka Hartonen
Self (as J. Hartonen) Self (as J. Hartonen)   See fewer
Henrik Forsberg
Self (as H. Forsberg) Self (as H. Forsberg)   See fewer
Mika Myllylä
Self (as M. Myllylae) Self (as M. Myllylae)   See fewer
Maurilio DeZolt
Self (as M. de Zolt) Self (as M. de Zolt)   See fewer
Dan Jansen
Self (as Daniel Jansen) Self (as Daniel Jansen)   See fewer
Sean Ireland
Self (as S. Ireland) Self (as S. Ireland)   See fewer
Alexander Golubev
Self (as A. Golubev) Self (as A. Golubev)   See fewer
Grunde Njøs
Self (as G. Njøs) Self (as G. Njøs)   See fewer
Georg Hackl
Self (as G. Hackl) Self (as G. Hackl)   See fewer
Anita Moen
Self (as A. Moen) Self (as A. Moen)   See fewer
Ljubov Egorova
Self (as L. Egorova) Self (as L. Egorova)   See fewer
Diann Roffe-Steinrotter
Self (as D. Roffe) Self (as D. Roffe)   See fewer
Stine Lise Hattestad Bratsberg
Self (as Stine Lise Hattestad) Self (as Stine Lise Hattestad)   See fewer
Michael Hadschieff
Self (as M. Hadschieff) Self (as M. Hadschieff)   See fewer
Jean-Luc Brassard
Self (as J. Brassard) Self (as J. Brassard)   See fewer
Torgny Mogren
Self (as T. Mogren) Self (as T. Mogren)   See fewer
Pavel Riabinine
Self (as P. Riabinine) Self (as P. Riabinine)   See fewer
Vladimir Smirnov
Self (as V. Smirnov) Self (as V. Smirnov)   See fewer
Marco Albarello
Self (as M. Albarello) Self (as M. Albarello)   See fewer
Sture Sivertsen
Self (as S. Sivertsen) Self (as S. Sivertsen)   See fewer
Silvio Fauner
Self (as S. Fauner) Self (as S. Fauner)   See fewer
T. Tong
Self Self   See fewer
Svetlana Bazhanova
Self (as Svetlana Bazhanova) Self (as Svetlana Bazhanova)   See fewer
Junichi Inoue
Self (as J. Inoue) Self (as J. Inoue)   See fewer
Bjarte Engen Vik
Self (as B. Vik) Self (as B. Vik)   See fewer
Myriam Bédard
Self (as Myriam Bedard) Self (as Myriam Bedard)   See fewer
Anne Briand
Self (as A. Briand) Self (as A. Briand)   See fewer
Marco Büchel
Self (as M. Buechel) Self (as M. Buechel)   See fewer
Takanori Kono
Self (as T. Kono) Self (as T. Kono)   See fewer
Katja Seizinger
Self (as K. Seizinger) Self (as K. Seizinger)   See fewer
Bonnie Blair
Self (as B. Blair) Self (as B. Blair)   See fewer
Monique Garbrecht-Enfeldt
Self (as M. Garbrecht) Self (as M. Garbrecht)   See fewer
Frank Dittrich
Self (as F. Dittrich) Self (as F. Dittrich)   See fewer
Rintje Ritsma
Self (as R. Ritsma) Self (as R. Ritsma)   See fewer
Jens Weißflog
Self (as J. Weissflog) Self (as J. Weissflog)   See fewer
Espen Bredesen
Self (as E. Bredesen) Self (as E. Bredesen)   See fewer
Sergei Tarasov
Self (as Serguei Tarasov) Self (as Serguei Tarasov)   See fewer
Pernilla Wiberg
Self (as P. Wiberg) Self (as P. Wiberg)   See fewer
Emese Hunyady
Self (as E. Hunyady) Self (as E. Hunyady)   See fewer
Masahiko Harada
Self (as M. Harada) Self (as M. Harada)   See fewer
Dronning Sonja
Self (as H.M. Queen Sonja) Self (as H.M. Queen Sonja)   See fewer
Jan Einar Thorsen
Self (as J. Thorsen) Self (as J. Thorsen)   See fewer
Ye Qiaobo
Self (as Q. Ye) Self (as Q. Ye)   See fewer
Irina Kokoueva
Self (as I. Kokoueva) Self (as I. Kokoueva)   See fewer
Svetlana Paramygina
Self (as S. Paramygina) Self (as S. Paramygina)   See fewer
Sergei Tchepikov
Self (as Serguei Tchepikov) Self (as Serguei Tchepikov)   See fewer
Kenji Ogiwara
Self (as K. Ogiwara) Self (as K. Ogiwara)   See fewer
Marit Mikkelsplass
Self (as M. Wold) Self (as M. Wold)   See fewer
Marja-Liisa Kirvesniemi
Self (as M. Kirvesniemi) Self (as M. Kirvesniemi)   See fewer
Harald Christian Strand Nilsen
Self (as H. Nilsen) Self (as H. Nilsen)   See fewer
Nadezhda Talanova
Self (as N. Talanova) Self (as N. Talanova)   See fewer
Natalya Snytina
Self (as N. Snytina) Self (as N. Snytina)   See fewer
Luiza Noskova
Self (as L. Noskova) Self (as L. Noskova)   See fewer
Anfisa Reztsova
Self (as A. Reztsova) Self (as A. Reztsova)   See fewer
Christer Majbarck
Self (as C. Majbarck) Self (as C. Majbarck)   See fewer
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