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  • Biography, Drama, History
Einstein Himself
Biography, Drama, History


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Updated Jul 24, 2019


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48 cast members
Name Known for
Morrison James
Christopher Jon Bjerknes Christopher Jon Bjerknes   See fewer
Gary Boulter
Leo Corry Leo Corry   See fewer
Nick Barker-Pendree
Evan Harris Walker Evan Harris Walker   See fewer
Yannick Lawry
Abraham Joffe Abraham Joffe   See fewer
Davo Hardy
Physik Researcher Physik Researcher   See fewer
Aaron Scully
Poincare Poincare   See fewer
Costa Prasoulas
Thomas Jefferson See Thomas Jefferson See   See fewer
Guy Anderson
Arthur Eddington Arthur Eddington   See fewer
Robin Royce Queree
Freeman Dyson (as Robin Queree) Freeman Dyson (as Robin Queree)   See fewer
Gil Balfas
Hermann Minkowski Hermann Minkowski   See fewer
Dominic Stone
Charles Poor Charles Poor   See fewer
Ken Welsh
Cardinal O'Connell Cardinal O'Connell   See fewer
Melinda Arnold
Evelyn Einstein Evelyn Einstein   See fewer
Josh Stanes
Jürgen Renn Jürgen Renn   See fewer
Quinten Brown
Max Planck Max Planck   See fewer
Mark Gadaleta
Janos Plesch Janos Plesch   See fewer
Tom Harwood
Marcel Grossman Marcel Grossman   See fewer
Jack Kelly
Reutherdahl Reutherdahl   See fewer
Steven Menteith
Edmund Taylor Whittaker Edmund Taylor Whittaker   See fewer
Phillip John Hastings
Professor Robert Andrews Millikan Professor Robert Andrews Millikan   See fewer
Alistrair Morrell
Philipp Lenard Philipp Lenard   See fewer
Dennis Lundin
Carl Wilhelm Oseen Carl Wilhelm Oseen   See fewer
Bobby Babin
Frederick Lepore Frederick Lepore   See fewer
Leo Domigan
The Popes The Popes   See fewer
Darko Kubatka
Astronomer Astronomer   See fewer
Michael Kingdom
Walter Isaacson Walter Isaacson   See fewer
Jay Duncan
Dr. Bruce Hillman Dr. Bruce Hillman   See fewer
Matt Rose
Fritz Haber Fritz Haber   See fewer
Leon Lester
Max Von Laue Max Von Laue   See fewer
Ralph Dunkerley
The Boss The Boss   See fewer
Mark Power
Bus Conductor Bus Conductor   See fewer
Susan Kennedy
Barbara Wolff Barbara Wolff   See fewer
James Hartley
Paul Gerber Paul Gerber   See fewer
Tiffany Stoecker
Mileva Maric Mileva Maric   See fewer
Jashub O'Brien
Einstein Crew Einstein Crew   See fewer
Lew McDonnell
David Hilbert David Hilbert   See fewer
Nik Forster
The Suit The Suit   See fewer
Tim Ressos
Johaness Stark Johaness Stark   See fewer
Nikolaj Nielsen
De Pretto De Pretto   See fewer
Leigh Tackwell
Soldier Soldier   See fewer
Daniel Hunter
Soldier Soldier   See fewer
Jim Burns
John Stachel John Stachel   See fewer
Tommy James Green
Albert Einstein Albert Einstein   See fewer
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