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The Petrov Affair

Part 1 (Season 1, Episode 1)
TV Episode | Drama

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Updated May 27, 1987

Release date
May 27, 1987 (Australia)


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48 cast members
Name Known for
Alex Menglet
Vladimir Petrov Vladimir Petrov   See fewer
Eva Sitteová
Evdokia Petrov (as Eva Sitta) Evdokia Petrov (as Eva Sitta)   See fewer
Simon Chilvers
H.V. Evatt H.V. Evatt   See fewer
Slawomir Wabik
Dr. Michael Bialoguski Dr. Michael Bialoguski   See fewer
George Shevtsov
Mr. Kislytsin Mr. Kislytsin   See fewer
Josef Drewniak
Ambassador Generalov Ambassador Generalov   See fewer
Anatole Afanastev
Ambassador Lifanov Ambassador Lifanov   See fewer
Dalibor Satalic
Mr. Kovaliev Mr. Kovaliev   See fewer
Maciej Staniewicz
Kovalenok (as Maciek) Kovalenok (as Maciek)   See fewer
Ilya Bordman
Mr. Golovanov Mr. Golovanov   See fewer
Leonid Gelbak
Karpinkey Karpinkey   See fewer
Lucy Uralov
Mrs. Lifanov Mrs. Lifanov   See fewer
Melita Jurisic
Nina Morozov Nina Morozov   See fewer
Wyn Roberts
Brigadier Spry (as Wynn Roberts) Brigadier Spry (as Wynn Roberts)   See fewer
Roy Baldwin
Patterson Patterson   See fewer
Victor Kazan
Cambridge Cambridge   See fewer
Kim Gyngell
Harry Pitt Harry Pitt   See fewer
Ellen Cressey
Joan Moss (as Ellen Cressy) Joan Moss (as Ellen Cressy)   See fewer
Marion Edward
Mrs. Munro Mrs. Munro   See fewer
Jack Mobbs
Evatt's Driver Evatt's Driver   See fewer
James Condon
Robert Menzies Robert Menzies   See fewer
Dennis Miller
Eddie Ward Eddie Ward   See fewer
Brian Moll
Billy Wentworth Billy Wentworth   See fewer
Douglas Hedge
Arthur Caldwell Arthur Caldwell   See fewer
Bruce Knappett
Fred Daly (as Bruce Knappet) Fred Daly (as Bruce Knappet)   See fewer
Ron Pinnell
Alan Dalziel Alan Dalziel   See fewer
Roger Selleck
Grundeman Grundeman   See fewer
Robert Meldrum
Ted Hill Ted Hill   See fewer
Kirk Alexander
Windeyer Windeyer   See fewer
Malcolm Robertson
Justice Owen Justice Owen   See fewer
Neil Thompson
Justice Ligertwood Justice Ligertwood   See fewer
Basil Hull
Justice Philip Justice Philip   See fewer
Denis Moore
Rupert Lockwood Rupert Lockwood   See fewer
Bill Fox
Fergen O'Sullivan Fergen O'Sullivan   See fewer
Alan Hopgood
Alan Reid Alan Reid   See fewer
William Zappa
Truth Reporter Truth Reporter   See fewer
Christine Kaman
Marie Ollier Marie Ollier   See fewer
Geneviève Picot
Joyce Bull Joyce Bull   See fewer
Jack Heywood
Leydin (as John Heywood) Leydin (as John Heywood)   See fewer
Bill Stacey
Edmunds Edmunds   See fewer
Eve Godly
Mrs. Clarke Mrs. Clarke   See fewer
William Johnson
Mr. Clarke (as Bill Johnson) Mr. Clarke (as Bill Johnson)   See fewer
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