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  • Mank (2020)
  • R
    131 min | Biography, Comedy, Drama
Mank (2020)
131 min | Biography, Comedy, Drama

1930s Hollywood is re-evaluated through the eyes of scathing social critic and alcoholic screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz as he races to finish the screenplay of Citizen Kane.
Jack Fincher (screen play by)
Ceán Chaffin (produced by) | Eric Roth (produced by) | Douglas Urbanski (produced by)
Trent Reznor (music composed by) | Atticus Ross (music composed by)
Erik Messerschmidt (photographed in hi-dynamic range by)
Casting Director
Production Designer
Donald Graham Burt (production designed by)
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Release date
Dec 4, 2020 (United States)


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154 cast members
Name Known for
Gary Oldman
Herman Mankiewicz Herman Mankiewicz   See fewer
Amanda Seyfried
Marion Davies Marion Davies   See fewer
Lily Collins
Rita Alexander Rita Alexander   See fewer
Tom Pelphrey
Joe Mankiewicz Joe Mankiewicz   See fewer
Arliss Howard
Louis B. Mayer Louis B. Mayer   See fewer
Tuppence Middleton
Sara Mankiewicz Sara Mankiewicz   See fewer
Monika Gossmann
Fraulein Freda Fraulein Freda   See fewer
Joseph Cross
Charles Lederer Charles Lederer   See fewer
Sam Troughton
John Houseman John Houseman   See fewer
Toby Leonard Moore
David O. Selznick David O. Selznick   See fewer
Tom Burke
Orson Welles Orson Welles   See fewer
Charles Dance
William Randolph Hearst William Randolph Hearst   See fewer
Ferdinand Kingsley
Irving Thalberg Irving Thalberg   See fewer
Jamie McShane
Shelly Metcalf Shelly Metcalf   See fewer
Jack Romano
Sid Perelman Sid Perelman   See fewer
Adam Shapiro
George S. Kaufman George S. Kaufman   See fewer
John Churchill
Charles MacArthur Charles MacArthur   See fewer
Jeff Harms
Ben Hecht Ben Hecht   See fewer
Derek Petropolis
Eddie Cantor Eddie Cantor   See fewer
Paul Fox
Joe Von Sternberg Joe Von Sternberg   See fewer
Tom Simmons
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Nick Job
John Gilbert John Gilbert   See fewer
Colin Ward
Older Man Older Man   See fewer
Cooper Tomlinson
Younger Man (as Cooper Z. Tomlinson) Younger Man (as Cooper Z. Tomlinson)   See fewer
Julie Collis
Female Starlet Female Starlet   See fewer
Arlo Mertz
Child Star Child Star   See fewer
Craig Welzbacher
Rexford Tugwell Rexford Tugwell   See fewer
Jessie Cohen
Norma Shearer Thalberg Norma Shearer Thalberg   See fewer
Desi Louise
Irene Selznick (as Desiree Louise) Irene Selznick (as Desiree Louise)   See fewer
Amie Farrell
Mrs. Mayer Mrs. Mayer   See fewer
Ian David Boyd
Slim (as Ian Boyd) Slim (as Ian Boyd)   See fewer
Lou George
Ed the Gate Guard Ed the Gate Guard   See fewer
Bill Nye
Upton Sinclair Upton Sinclair   See fewer
David Lee Smith
Sinclair Supporter Sinclair Supporter   See fewer
Mario Di Donato
A Man's Voice (voice) A Man's Voice (voice)   See fewer
James Patrick Duffy
Another Man Another Man   See fewer
Flo Lawrence
Maude Anderson Maude Anderson   See fewer
Sebastian Faure
Movie Star #1 Movie Star #1   See fewer
Randy Davison
Maitre D' Maitre D'   See fewer
Leven Rambin
Eve - Shelly's Girlfriend Eve - Shelly's Girlfriend   See fewer
Eden Wattez
Johanna Mankiewicz - Age 2 Johanna Mankiewicz - Age 2   See fewer
Roslyn Cohn
Elmma Wilson Elmma Wilson   See fewer
Mark Fite
James Wilson James Wilson   See fewer
John Patrick Jordan
Best Original Screenplay Announcer Best Original Screenplay Announcer   See fewer
Ben Mankiewicz
Broadcaster, Academy Awards (voice) Broadcaster, Academy Awards (voice)   See fewer
Natalie Denise Sperl
Movie Star #2 Movie Star #2   See fewer
Brian Michael Jones
Aide - Ben Aide - Ben   See fewer
Craig Robert Young
Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin   See fewer
Paul Carafotes
Assistant Director Assistant Director   See fewer
Anne Beyer
Female Party Goer Female Party Goer   See fewer
Joey Hagler
Male Party Goer Male Party Goer   See fewer
Sean Donnellan
Martin Butler Martin Butler   See fewer
Camille Montgomery
Carole Lombard Carole Lombard   See fewer
Stewart Skelton
News Reel I News Reel I   See fewer
Malachi Rivers
News Reel II News Reel II   See fewer
Keith Barber
News Reel III News Reel III   See fewer
Kaytlin Borgen
Mayer's Assistant Mayer's Assistant   See fewer
Madison West
Starlet #2 Starlet #2   See fewer
Starlet #3 Starlet #3   See fewer
Ali Axelrad
Starlet #4 Starlet #4   See fewer
Adrienne Evans
Wife #1 Wife #1   See fewer
Wylie Small
Wife #2 Wife #2   See fewer
Dana Lyn Baron
Wife #3 Wife #3   See fewer
Charles Abernathy
Beachgoer (uncredited) Beachgoer (uncredited)   See fewer
Jaclyn Bethany
Typist (uncredited) Typist (uncredited)   See fewer
Matt Bufford
Actor Dressed as Native American (uncredited) Actor Dressed as Native American (uncredited)   See fewer
Christopher Bustos
Sinclair Rally Goer / MGM Grip (uncredited) Sinclair Rally Goer / MGM Grip (uncredited)   See fewer
Francesco Capussela
Hobo (uncredited) Hobo (uncredited)   See fewer
Zachary Chicos
Studio Worker (uncredited) Studio Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Cary Christopher
Young Joseph Mankiewicz (uncredited) Young Joseph Mankiewicz (uncredited)   See fewer
Elizabeth Claire
Sister (uncredited) Sister (uncredited)   See fewer
Kenward Cooper
Hobo #1 (uncredited) Hobo #1 (uncredited)   See fewer
Katherine Cozumel
Seamstress (uncredited) Seamstress (uncredited)   See fewer
Lola Rae Crist
Starlet (uncredited) Starlet (uncredited)   See fewer
Scarlet Cummings
Bette Davis (uncredited) Bette Davis (uncredited)   See fewer
Brett Matthew Davidson
Chef (uncredited) Chef (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Deliman
Shelby Metcalf's Camera Operator (uncredited) Shelby Metcalf's Camera Operator (uncredited)   See fewer
Glenn Edward
George Schaefer (uncredited) George Schaefer (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Falvo
Beach Goer #2 (uncredited) Beach Goer #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Mary M. Flynn
Sinclair Rally Goer (uncredited) Sinclair Rally Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Matt Freeman
Photographer (uncredited) Photographer (uncredited)   See fewer
Manon Gage
Woman on Train (uncredited) Woman on Train (uncredited)   See fewer
Zane Garcia
Funeral Member (uncredited) Funeral Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Amy Goddard
Shopper (uncredited) Shopper (uncredited)   See fewer
Brendan Haines
AD (uncredited) AD (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeff Hartley
Precision Driver (uncredited) Precision Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Serena Hendrix
Academy Awards Starlet (uncredited) Academy Awards Starlet (uncredited)   See fewer
Jaden Hoff
Oscars Guest (uncredited) Oscars Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Daniel Hoffman
MGM Child Star (uncredited) MGM Child Star (uncredited)   See fewer
Daniel Holm
Food Vendor (uncredited) Food Vendor (uncredited)   See fewer
Kyleigh Hoye
Trocadero Dancer (uncredited) Trocadero Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Shann Ihde
Oscar Guest (uncredited) Oscar Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Rachel Karp
Rally Goer (uncredited) Rally Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Benjamin Keller
Marion's Limo Driver (uncredited) Marion's Limo Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Grace Kennedy-Piehl
Bette Davis (uncredited) Bette Davis (uncredited)   See fewer
Allen Kepler
Sinclair Rally Goer (uncredited) Sinclair Rally Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Kyle Langdon-Weyrich
Sinclair Rally Goer (uncredited) Sinclair Rally Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Larissa LaRenne
Typist (uncredited) Typist (uncredited)   See fewer
Nicholas Leiting
Trocadero Dancer (uncredited) Trocadero Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Emily Joy Lemus
Billie Dove (uncredited) Billie Dove (uncredited)   See fewer
Alex Leontev
Writer (uncredited) Writer (uncredited)   See fewer
Justin Lotito
MGM Worker (uncredited) MGM Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Steve Luchsinger
Studio Painter (uncredited) Studio Painter (uncredited)   See fewer
Marcus Marcelli
Joe-Native American (uncredited) Joe-Native American (uncredited)   See fewer
Magnolia Marie
Trocadero Dancer (uncredited) Trocadero Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
T Wade Martin
MGM Sound Technician (uncredited) MGM Sound Technician (uncredited)   See fewer
Jordan Matlock
Groundskeeper (uncredited) Groundskeeper (uncredited)   See fewer
Kaylee Mattoon
Scantily-Clad Secretary (uncredited) Scantily-Clad Secretary (uncredited)   See fewer
Sean Michael McGrory
MGM Grip (uncredited) MGM Grip (uncredited)   See fewer
Marisa Mendelson
Sinclair Rally Goer (uncredited) Sinclair Rally Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Frankie J. Mitchell
Dancer (uncredited) Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Anthony Molinari
Hobo (uncredited) Hobo (uncredited)   See fewer
Mila Molinari
Showgirl (uncredited) Showgirl (uncredited)   See fewer
Shelby Monaghan
Costumer (uncredited) Costumer (uncredited)   See fewer
Mila Murashko
Mayer's Guest (uncredited) Mayer's Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Marcello Padilla
Cedric Gibbons (uncredited) Cedric Gibbons (uncredited)   See fewer
Trevor Powers
Darryl F. Zanuck (uncredited) Darryl F. Zanuck (uncredited)   See fewer
Claudine Quadrat
Typist (uncredited) Typist (uncredited)   See fewer
Gabriela Rae
Party Guest (uncredited) Party Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Victoria Rafael
Tally Girl (uncredited) Tally Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Waide Aaron Riddle
Studio Laborer (uncredited) Studio Laborer (uncredited)   See fewer
Sean Riley
Valet (uncredited) Valet (uncredited)   See fewer
Christian Roberts
Raymond (uncredited) Raymond (uncredited)   See fewer
Cailan Robinson
Trocadero Dancer (uncredited) Trocadero Dancer (uncredited)   See fewer
Mark Roman
Kitchen Staff (uncredited) Kitchen Staff (uncredited)   See fewer
Lucy Schmidt
Sinclair Rally Goer (uncredited) Sinclair Rally Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Benjamin Schnau
Mayer Minion (uncredited) Mayer Minion (uncredited)   See fewer
Tyler Schweer
Don Mankiewicz (uncredited) Don Mankiewicz (uncredited)   See fewer
Helen Shephard
Dolores del Rio (uncredited) Dolores del Rio (uncredited)   See fewer
Stephen Sherman
Drunk Man (uncredited) Drunk Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Mason Shortland
Walter - Native American (uncredited) Walter - Native American (uncredited)   See fewer
John Patrick Shulak
Security 1 (uncredited) Security 1 (uncredited)   See fewer
André Sogliuzzo
Newsreel Interviewer (uncredited) Newsreel Interviewer (uncredited)   See fewer
Ryan Stout
Lion Tamer (uncredited) Lion Tamer (uncredited)   See fewer
Tanner Stymeist
Actor Playing Native American (uncredited) Actor Playing Native American (uncredited)   See fewer
Luke Teerling
Ranch Handler (uncredited) Ranch Handler (uncredited)   See fewer
Joanne Thomson
Geraldine Fitzgerald (uncredited) Geraldine Fitzgerald (uncredited)   See fewer
Amy Leigh Trost
Beachgoer (uncredited) Beachgoer (uncredited)   See fewer
Christine Tucker
Typist / Background (uncredited) Typist / Background (uncredited)   See fewer
Michelle Twarowska
Joan Crawford (uncredited) Joan Crawford (uncredited)   See fewer
Sebastian Twohey-Jacobs
Beach Goer (uncredited) Beach Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Jelly Vamvas
Edith Head (uncredited) Edith Head (uncredited)   See fewer
Kingston Vernes
Young Herman Mankiewicz (uncredited) Young Herman Mankiewicz (uncredited)   See fewer
Ian Waters
MGM Grip (uncredited) MGM Grip (uncredited)   See fewer
Marshall Watson
Gate Guard (uncredited) Gate Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Adam Woldtvedt
Flower Guy (uncredited) Flower Guy (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Yarrow
Waiter (uncredited) Waiter (uncredited)   See fewer
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