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  • I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)
  • R
    102 min | Biography, Comedy, Crime
I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)
102 min | Biography, Comedy, Crime

A cop turns con man once he comes out of the closet. Once imprisoned, he meets the second love of his life, whom he'll stop at nothing to be with.
John Requa (written by) | Glenn Ficarra (written by) | Steve McVicker (book "I Love You Phillip Morris: A True Story of Life, Love, and Prison Breaks") (as Steven McVicker)
Xavier Grobet (as Xavier Pérez Grobet)
Casting Director
Bernard Telsey (as Bernie Telsey)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jan 7, 2011 (United States)


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122 cast members
Name Known for
Jim Carrey
Steven Russell Steven Russell   See fewer
Ewan McGregor
Phillip Morris Phillip Morris   See fewer
Leslie Mann
Debbie Debbie   See fewer
Antoni Corone
Lindholm Lindholm   See fewer
Brennan Brown
Birkheim Birkheim   See fewer
Michael Mandell
Cleavon Cleavon   See fewer
Annie Golden
Eudora Eudora   See fewer
Marylouise Burke
Barbara Bascombe (as Mary Louise Burke) Barbara Bascombe (as Mary Louise Burke)   See fewer
Dameon Clarke
Houston Lawyer Houston Lawyer   See fewer
Clay Chamberlin
Cellmate - Arnie Cellmate - Arnie   See fewer
Louis Herthum
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Morgana Shaw
Steven's Mom Steven's Mom   See fewer
Joe Chrest
Steven's Dad Steven's Dad   See fewer
Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor
Reba (as Aunjanue Ellis) Reba (as Aunjanue Ellis)   See fewer
DeVere Jehl
Samuel Samuel   See fewer
Ladson Deyne
Neil (as Deyne Ladson) Neil (as Deyne Ladson)   See fewer
Kennon Kepper
9-Year-Old Steven (as John Kennon Kepper) 9-Year-Old Steven (as John Kennon Kepper)   See fewer
Alyssa Tate
Child Stephanie Child Stephanie   See fewer
Andrew Sensenig
Screecher Screecher   See fewer
David Stanford
Paramedic Paramedic   See fewer
Bill Dykes
Latino Man Latino Man   See fewer
Tony Bentley
Racist Client Racist Client   See fewer
Kathrin Middleton
Saleswoman Saleswoman   See fewer
Donovan Guidry
The Moustached Man The Moustached Man   See fewer
Nicholas Alexander
Steven's 11-Year-Old Brother Steven's 11-Year-Old Brother   See fewer
Michael Beasley
Release Officer Release Officer   See fewer
Sean Boyd
Policeman Policeman   See fewer
Marcus Lyle Brown
Young Doctor Young Doctor   See fewer
Ken Clement
County Corrections Officer County Corrections Officer   See fewer
David Dahlgren
Physician Physician   See fewer
Michael Ducote
SWAT Commander SWAT Commander   See fewer
Ashley Duggan Smith
Secretary #3 (as Ashley Duggan-Smith) Secretary #3 (as Ashley Duggan-Smith)   See fewer
Lela Edgar
Blond Wife Blond Wife   See fewer
JD Evermore
Bossy Guard (as J.D. Evermore) Bossy Guard (as J.D. Evermore)   See fewer
Jon Eyez
Second Prisoner Second Prisoner   See fewer
Evan Fitzpatrick
Red-Haired Boy Red-Haired Boy   See fewer
Shane Fitzpatrick
Little Girl Little Girl   See fewer
Shane Fuller
Male Nurse Male Nurse   See fewer
Jeff Galpin
Lead Officer Lead Officer   See fewer
Larry Gamell Jr.
Driving Cop (as Lawrence Gamell Jr.) Driving Cop (as Lawrence Gamell Jr.)   See fewer
Jim Garrity
Night Guard (as James Garrity) Night Guard (as James Garrity)   See fewer
Leon Gisclair
Little Boy Little Boy   See fewer
Douglas M. Griffin
Steven's Attorney Steven's Attorney   See fewer
Jessica Heap
Secretary Secretary   See fewer
Tim Hickey
Blond Inmate Blond Inmate   See fewer
Keith Hudson
Produce Manager Produce Manager   See fewer
Jeremy Aaron Johnson
Policeman #1 Policeman #1   See fewer
Jacqueline King-Howell
Lawyer (as Jacqueline King) Lawyer (as Jacqueline King)   See fewer
Alexa Kuve
Cherubic Secretary Cherubic Secretary   See fewer
Sharon K. London
Clerk (as Sharon London) Clerk (as Sharon London)   See fewer
Audrey Lynn
Married Woman Married Woman   See fewer
Marc Macaulay
Houston Cop Houston Cop   See fewer
Reginald Mack
Jail Guard Jail Guard   See fewer
Danny Marin
Infirmary Orderly Infirmary Orderly   See fewer
Sammi-Jack Martincak
12-Year-Old Stephanie (as Sammi Jack Martincak) 12-Year-Old Stephanie (as Sammi Jack Martincak)   See fewer
Ann McKenzie
Facelift Wife (as Anne McKenzie) Facelift Wife (as Anne McKenzie)   See fewer
Thelma Medina
Huge Nurse Huge Nurse   See fewer
Wendy Bryan Michaels
Housewife (as Wendy Michaels) Housewife (as Wendy Michaels)   See fewer
John J. Mourain
Taxi Driver (as John Mourain) Taxi Driver (as John Mourain)   See fewer
Lance E. Nichols
Houston Judge (as Lance Nichols) Houston Judge (as Lance Nichols)   See fewer
Antonino Paone
Cab Driver (as Antonio Paone) Cab Driver (as Antonio Paone)   See fewer
Liann Pattison
Mrs. Lindholm Mrs. Lindholm   See fewer
Sherrie Provence
Female D.A. (as Sherrie Peterson) Female D.A. (as Sherrie Peterson)   See fewer
Clyde Raymond
Houston Doctor Houston Doctor   See fewer
Dane Rhodes
Bald Prisoner Bald Prisoner   See fewer
Johnny Rock
New Cellmate New Cellmate   See fewer
Archie Sampier
Yard Guard Yard Guard   See fewer
Andy Sims
Corrections Officer Corrections Officer   See fewer
Aron Ten Eyck
Policeman #2 Policeman #2   See fewer
Thomas Thomason
Lawrence Lawrence   See fewer
Deneen Tyler
Caretaker (as Deneen D. Tyler) Caretaker (as Deneen D. Tyler)   See fewer
Bill Martin Williams
Duty Officer Duty Officer   See fewer
Jaymon Yates
First Prisoner First Prisoner   See fewer
Don Yesso
Guard Guard   See fewer
Gabby Barnes
Girl at BBQ (uncredited) Girl at BBQ (uncredited)   See fewer
Brett Beoubay
Gala Attendee / Jr. Exec. (uncredited) Gala Attendee / Jr. Exec. (uncredited)   See fewer
Dane Brown
Texas Deputy (uncredited) Texas Deputy (uncredited)   See fewer
Scott Buckley
Officer (uncredited) Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Rhonda Castagna
Shopper (uncredited) Shopper (uncredited)   See fewer
Ryan Catalanotto
Court Spectator (uncredited) Court Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Daniel Columbie
Club Patron (uncredited) Club Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Samuel Davenport
Court Bailiff (uncredited) Court Bailiff (uncredited)   See fewer
Joshua Davis
Boy at BBQ (uncredited) Boy at BBQ (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry Jack Dotson
Golfer (uncredited) Golfer (uncredited)   See fewer
Cy Fahrenholtz
Library Prisoner (uncredited) Library Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Rebecca Lee Fox
Church Choir Singer (uncredited) Church Choir Singer (uncredited)   See fewer
Bobby Guntner
Miami Cop (uncredited) Miami Cop (uncredited)   See fewer
Russell M. Haeuser
Houston Gala Patron (uncredited) Houston Gala Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Randy Herman
Steven's Dance Partner (uncredited) Steven's Dance Partner (uncredited)   See fewer
John Jarhead Gorman
Sheriff Deputy (uncredited) Sheriff Deputy (uncredited)   See fewer
Topher Jones
Prisoner (uncredited) Prisoner (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Kraxenberger
Attorney (uncredited) Attorney (uncredited)   See fewer
Tony Lawson
Prison guard (uncredited) Prison guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Cynthia LeBlanc
Juror #5 (uncredited) Juror #5 (uncredited)   See fewer
Elton LeBlanc
Fireman / Insurance Excecutive (uncredited) Fireman / Insurance Excecutive (uncredited)   See fewer
Don Mac
Swat Team Member (uncredited) Swat Team Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Jake Moran
Aryan (uncredited) Aryan (uncredited)   See fewer
Robert Nuzzie
Bartender (uncredited) Bartender (uncredited)   See fewer
Gianni Palermo
Inmate (uncredited) Inmate (uncredited)   See fewer
Chris Shaw
Bar Patron (uncredited) Bar Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Gary Michael Smith
Millionaire (uncredited) Millionaire (uncredited)   See fewer
Lisa Mackel Smith
Care Center Rep (uncredited) Care Center Rep (uncredited)   See fewer
Terry Lee Smith
Church Member (uncredited) Church Member (uncredited)   See fewer
James Tall
Gym Patron (uncredited) Gym Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Carlos Thomas
Hospital Guard (uncredited) Hospital Guard (uncredited)   See fewer
Ana Villafañe
Bikini Girl (uncredited) Bikini Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Jake Austin Walker
Chruch Boy (uncredited) Chruch Boy (uncredited)   See fewer
Jaycie Walker
Church Girl (uncredited) Church Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
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