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  • Harold (2008)
  • PG-13
    90 min | Comedy
Harold (2008)
90 min | Comedy

A teenager with an early onset of male-pattern baldness befriends his high school's janitor.
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Harp Pekin (co-editor) | Colleen Sharp
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Jul 11, 2008 (United States)


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57 cast members
Name Known for
Spencer Breslin
Harold Clemens Harold Clemens   See fewer
Nikki Blonsky
Rhonda Baxter Rhonda Baxter   See fewer
Ally Sheedy
Maureen Clemens Maureen Clemens   See fewer
Chris Parnell
Coach Vanderpool Coach Vanderpool   See fewer
Stella Maeve
Shelly Clemens Shelly Clemens   See fewer
Suzanne Shepherd
Maude Sellers Maude Sellers   See fewer
Rachel Dratch
Ms. Norris Ms. Norris   See fewer
Fred Willard
Dr. Pratt Dr. Pratt   See fewer
Robert Gorrie
Patrick (as Robert Gorie) Patrick (as Robert Gorie)   See fewer
Daniel Farcher
Brad (as Dan 'Dietz' Farcher) Brad (as Dan 'Dietz' Farcher)   See fewer
Elizabeth Gillies
Evelyn Taylor Evelyn Taylor   See fewer
Nicola Peltz Beckham
Becki (as Nicola Peltz) Becki (as Nicola Peltz)   See fewer
Julian Mazzola
The Kid The Kid   See fewer
Angel Sing
Chang Chang   See fewer
Lou Wagner
Principal Nelson Principal Nelson   See fewer
Jim Downy
Mr. Pinchot Mr. Pinchot   See fewer
Kate Hodge
Dusty Dusty   See fewer
Alan Aisenberg
Malcolm Malcolm   See fewer
Newman Sakhi
Jugdish Jugdish   See fewer
Evan Daves
Dennis Dennis   See fewer
Michelle Fields
Michelle Michelle   See fewer
Lorraine Mazzola
Ms. Colage Ms. Colage   See fewer
Jillian Wiegand
Beautiful Waitress Beautiful Waitress   See fewer
Nicky Katt
Police officer #1 Police officer #1   See fewer
Lathan McKay
Officer Shannon (as Kid Millions) Officer Shannon (as Kid Millions)   See fewer
Pat Shannon
Rhonda's Dad Rhonda's Dad   See fewer
Alibi Club DJ Alibi Club DJ   See fewer
Wass Stevens
Prisoner Prisoner   See fewer
Dave Attell
Barker Barker   See fewer
Judith Knight Young
Lunch Lady Lunch Lady   See fewer
Joey Blonsky
Malcolm Malcolm   See fewer
Chris T. Margaritis
Prisoner (as Chris Margaritis) Prisoner (as Chris Margaritis)   See fewer
Lian Moy
Student Student   See fewer
Brian Murray
Student Student   See fewer
Erika Othen
Bartender (as Erika Jay) Bartender (as Erika Jay)   See fewer
Tom Rhodes
Car Salesman Car Salesman   See fewer
Bob Sands
Slinky Slinky   See fewer
John Shannon
Sheriff Sheriff   See fewer
Kitty Shannon
Pregnant Lady Pregnant Lady   See fewer
Paul Thornton
Mr. Kahane Mr. Kahane   See fewer
Gustavo Cunha
Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Fields
Bar Patron (uncredited) Bar Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Denis McKeown
Pastor (uncredited) Pastor (uncredited)   See fewer
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