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  • Longmen Express (2013–2013)
  • TV Series | 45 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance
Longmen Express (2013–2013)
TV Series | 45 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Lu Sanjin, the young master of Ping'an exchange shop, leads a group of fellows with unique skills to reinvigorate the Longmen Express.

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Updated Jul 30, 2013

Release date (First episode)
Jul 30, 2013 (China)


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69 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Jingfei Guo
Lu Sanjin / Sheng Tingyu (2013) Lu Sanjin / Sheng Tingyu (2013)   See fewer
Anita Yuen
Sheng Qiuyu (2013) Sheng Qiuyu (2013)   See fewer
Qian Li
Lü Qingcheng (2013) Lü Qingcheng (2013)   See fewer
Ruihan Zhang
Bai Jingqi (2013) Bai Jingqi (2013)   See fewer
Fang Qian
Qiu Yingluo (2013) Qiu Yingluo (2013)   See fewer
Guanlin Liu
Cai Badou (2013) Cai Badou (2013)   See fewer
Haoyu Yang
Wen Lianggong (2013) Wen Lianggong (2013)   See fewer
Jiayuan Fu
Huhu (2013) Huhu (2013)   See fewer
Xiaoming Huang
Huang Yiping ('Huang San Zhen') (2013) Huang Yiping ('Huang San Zhen') (2013)   See fewer
Qiu Yuen
Fang Gu (2013) Fang Gu (2013)   See fewer
Chen Yao
Lü Qingning (2013) Lü Qingning (2013)   See fewer
Jiayin Lei
Gong Xiangzhao (2013) Gong Xiangzhao (2013)   See fewer
Monica Siu-Kei Mok
Empress-Dowager (2013) Empress-Dowager (2013)   See fewer
Zheng Yin
Shan Ji (2013) Shan Ji (2013)   See fewer
Xinbo Fu
Guo Qianfan (2013) Guo Qianfan (2013)   See fewer
Dawei Tong
Tong Chengchou (2013) Tong Chengchou (2013)   See fewer
Xiao Chen
Miao Xingren (2013) Miao Xingren (2013)   See fewer
Chen Li
Jing Yidao (2013) Jing Yidao (2013)   See fewer
Viann Zhang
Yang Siwei (2013) Yang Siwei (2013)   See fewer
Zifeng Zhang
Little Edelweiss (2013) Little Edelweiss (2013)   See fewer
Yi Lu
Cheng Mingzhang (2013) Cheng Mingzhang (2013)   See fewer
Andrew Lin
Sikong Zhuixing (2013) Sikong Zhuixing (2013)   See fewer
Hong Yuan
Song Shuhuai (2013) Song Shuhuai (2013)   See fewer
Yi Sha
Bai Zhantang (2013) Bai Zhantang (2013)   See fewer
Yikuan Yan
Shangguan Jingyu (2013) Shangguan Jingyu (2013)   See fewer
Chun Du
Zhang Wenbo (2013) Zhang Wenbo (2013)   See fewer
Zehao Jin
Sima (2013) Sima (2013)   See fewer
Junyan Jiao
Ah Mei (2013) Ah Mei (2013)   See fewer
Lan Ke
Huang Shuyi (2013) Huang Shuyi (2013)   See fewer
He Chen
Yi Jigao (2013) Yi Jigao (2013)   See fewer
Tianyu Ma
Gong Pandong (2013) Gong Pandong (2013)   See fewer
Yang Xiao
Jiao Guoqiang (2013) Jiao Guoqiang (2013)   See fewer
Entai Yu
Lü Qinghou (2013) Lü Qinghou (2013)   See fewer
Siyan Huo
Lan Zhaoyi (2013) Lan Zhaoyi (2013)   See fewer
Xufei Zhai
Ling'er (2013) Ling'er (2013)   See fewer
Shumei Lian
Xiao Mei (2013) Xiao Mei (2013)   See fewer
Su Ma
Qiu Luo (2013) Qiu Luo (2013)   See fewer
Jill Hsu
Rong Rong (2013) Rong Rong (2013)   See fewer
Jingmei Tang
Man Man (2013) Man Man (2013)   See fewer
Qunshu Gao
Jiu Shu (2013) Jiu Shu (2013)   See fewer
Xiaotian Yin
Lu Sanmu (2013) Lu Sanmu (2013)   See fewer
Jianfeng Bao
Deng Tingfang (2013) Deng Tingfang (2013)   See fewer
Isabelle Huang
Cang Yue (2013) Cang Yue (2013)   See fewer
Qiao Qiao
Slug (2013) Slug (2013)   See fewer
Jiahang Li
Jia Zhuangxian (2013) Jia Zhuangxian (2013)   See fewer
Xuebing Wang
Cai Erdou (2013) Cai Erdou (2013)   See fewer
Yanbin Hu
Cook (2013) Cook (2013)   See fewer
Yao Lu
Nangong Canhong (2013) Nangong Canhong (2013)   See fewer
Yibai Zhang
Bai Shu (2013) Bai Shu (2013)   See fewer
Ergou Kong
Constable (2013) Constable (2013)   See fewer
Yinan Wang
Gua Jie (2013) Gua Jie (2013)   See fewer
Qiuzi Ma
Hu Jihua (2013) Hu Jihua (2013)   See fewer
Yin Zhu
Mrs. Lu (2013) Mrs. Lu (2013)   See fewer
Haotian Zhang
Hao Tian (2013) Hao Tian (2013)   See fewer
Yuexi Wang
Lu Sanshui (2013) Lu Sanshui (2013)   See fewer
Naijin Xiong
Wen Ya (2013) Wen Ya (2013)   See fewer
Jintao Zhao
Carter (2013) Carter (2013)   See fewer
Lu Gan
Gong Lu (2013) Gong Lu (2013)   See fewer
Chuanying Li
Nian Gongquan (2013) Nian Gongquan (2013)   See fewer
Ah Duo
Hong Feng Huang (2013) Hong Feng Huang (2013)   See fewer
Yi-ai Yao
Liu Hong (2013) Liu Hong (2013)   See fewer
Shan Ren
Cheng Xiaoqing (2013) Cheng Xiaoqing (2013)   See fewer
Caishen Ning
Yu Baimei (2013) Yu Baimei (2013)   See fewer
Zhou Lin Hao
Military officer (2013) Military officer (2013)   See fewer
Yong Wang
Xiao An Zi (2013) Xiao An Zi (2013)   See fewer
Xiaoxiao Liu
Jiang Ruolan (2013) Jiang Ruolan (2013)   See fewer
Tsing-Yeung Keung
Li Wenting (2013) Li Wenting (2013)   See fewer
Yuqing Tian
Liu Yun (2013) Liu Yun (2013)   See fewer
Qing Wen
Wen Ying (2013) Wen Ying (2013)   See fewer
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