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  • My American Family (2021– )
  • TV-14
    TV Series | Comedy, Drama
My American Family (2021– )
TV Series | Comedy, Drama

Created by Victor Migalchan, it's a story about a young man from Eastern Europe, who comes to the USA from China in order to fulfill his dream and stays with his American-Latino family.
Victor Migalchan (2019-2020)
Matthew Clark (2020) | Alex Kotsyk (2020) | Victor Migalchan (2019-2020) (show creator) (2019-2020) | Samuel Morris (2021) | Kimberly Alexis Yee (Co-E.P.) (2020)
Edward Cologna (2019-2020) | Jay Menez (2019-2020) | Victor Migalchan (2019-2020) | Ego Mikitas | Zhiliang Tang (2019-2020)
Alex Flash (2019-2020) | Hugo Will (2020)
Alex Fedosov (2020) | Artem Khakalo (vfx design) (2020) | Andrew Korotun (2020) | Giovanna Severino (2020-2021) (as Giovanna Santos Severino)

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Updated Mar 25, 2021

Release date (First episode)
Mar 25, 2021 (United States)


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47 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Danny Trejo
Ricardo De La Rossa (2019-2020) Ricardo De La Rossa (2019-2020)   See fewer
Luisa Guerreiro
Veronica (2022) Veronica (2022)   See fewer
Magi Avila
Victoria Martinez (2019-2020) Victoria Martinez (2019-2020)   See fewer
Ego Mikitas
Misha (2020) Misha (2020)   See fewer
Janet Lopez
Rebecca (2020) Rebecca (2020)   See fewer
Kory Getman
TV Host (2020) TV Host (2020)   See fewer
Anna Oris
Mystery Woman (2021) Mystery Woman (2021)   See fewer
Derek Siow
Dorian Dorian   See fewer
Alex Mosendz
Rex (2021-2022) Rex (2021-2022)   See fewer
Steve Jacques
Miguel Martinez(2019-2020) Miguel Martinez(2019-2020)   See fewer
Simon Twu
Simon (2020) Simon (2020)   See fewer
Victor Migalchan
Alexander Ramonovych (2019-2020) Alexander Ramonovych (2019-2020)   See fewer
Jay Menez
Jay (2020) Jay (2020)   See fewer
Paul Parker
Paul (2022) Paul (2022)   See fewer
Sunéssis de Brito
Esperanza (2021-2022) Esperanza (2021-2022)   See fewer
Aaron Deakins
George (2021) George (2021)   See fewer
Tanya Vital
Josephine (2022-2023) Josephine (2022-2023)   See fewer
Eli Revivo
Lawyer (2020) Lawyer (2020)   See fewer
Michelle Waterson
Michelle (2020) Michelle (2020)   See fewer
Marilyn Flores
Phoebe Guadalupe Martinez (2019-2020) Phoebe Guadalupe Martinez (2019-2020)   See fewer
Alex Flash
Ivan Mafia (2020) Ivan Mafia (2020)   See fewer
Amanda Layne Kennedy
Acting Teacher (2020) Acting Teacher (2020)   See fewer
Alexander Tsoi
Choi (2020) Choi (2020)   See fewer
Jianqiang Hu
Hu Shifu (2020) Hu Shifu (2020)   See fewer
Alex Kotsyk
Frank (2020) Frank (2020)   See fewer
Russell Duncan
Driver (2020) Driver (2020)   See fewer
Jesse Weiner
Customer (2021) Customer (2021)   See fewer
Joshua Gomez
Joshua (2020) Joshua (2020)   See fewer
Angel B.
Jessica (2020-2021) Jessica (2020-2021)   See fewer
Victoria Blinova
Jessica (2020) Jessica (2020)   See fewer
Veronica Tsoy
Ms Li (2020) Ms Li (2020)   See fewer
Plum Chen
Mrs. Wang (2020) Mrs. Wang (2020)   See fewer
Gage Johnson
Jack (2020) Jack (2020)   See fewer
Nan Xu
Chinese Doctor (2020) Chinese Doctor (2020)   See fewer
Tonya Flash
Neighbor Sara (2021) Neighbor Sara (2021)   See fewer
Araya Gomez
Araya (2020) Araya (2020)   See fewer
Marwan Chahayed
Dr. Marwan (2020) Dr. Marwan (2020)   See fewer
Gigi Yam
Banker (2020) Banker (2020)   See fewer
Kimberly Alexis Yee
Kimi Jiang (2020) Kimi Jiang (2020)   See fewer
Vadym Komarnytskyi
Bodybuilder Max (2022) Bodybuilder Max (2022)   See fewer
Akhmed Bek
Thug (2020) Thug (2020)   See fewer
Matthew Clark
Nurse Mitchell (2020) Nurse Mitchell (2020)   See fewer
Ephreim Kreitenberg
Fry (2020) Fry (2020)   See fewer
Clark Tang
DMV Examinator (2021) DMV Examinator (2021)   See fewer
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