Anonyma - Eine Frau in Berlin (2008)
131 min | Biography, Drama, History

A woman tries to survive the invasion of Berlin by the Soviet troops during the last days of World War II.
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Release date
Apr 2009 (United States)


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54 cast members
Name Known for
Nina Hoss
Anonyma Anonyma   See fewer
Evgeniy Sidikhin
Major Andreij Rybkin Major Andreij Rybkin   See fewer
Rüdiger Vogler
Eckhart Eckhart   See fewer
Ulrike Krumbiegel
Ilse Hoch Ilse Hoch   See fewer
Rolf Kanies
Friedrich Hoch Friedrich Hoch   See fewer
Jördis Triebel
Bärbel Malthaus Bärbel Malthaus   See fewer
Roman Gribkov
Anatol Anatol   See fewer
Samvel Muzhikyan
Andropov Andropov   See fewer
Viktor Zhalsanov
asiatischer Rotarmist asiatischer Rotarmist   See fewer
Oleg Chernov
Erster Vergewaltiger Erster Vergewaltiger   See fewer
Eva Löbau
Frau Wendt Frau Wendt   See fewer
Anne Kanis
Flüchtlingsmädchen Flüchtlingsmädchen   See fewer
Sebastian Urzendowsky
Junger Soldat Junger Soldat   See fewer
Rosalie Thomass
Greta Malthaus Greta Malthaus   See fewer
Maria Hartmann
Likörfabrikantin Likörfabrikantin   See fewer
Katharina Blaschke
Buchhändlerin Buchhändlerin   See fewer
Konstantin Vorobyov
Vierzigjähriger Vierzigjähriger   See fewer
Evgeniy Titov
Volodja Volodja   See fewer
Igor Yatsko
Erster Russe im Keller Erster Russe im Keller   See fewer
Dmitriy Bykovskiy-Romashov
Sibiriak (as Dimitry Bykovsky) Sibiriak (as Dimitry Bykovsky)   See fewer
Eva Maria Keller
Actress Actress   See fewer
Romuald Makarenko
Adjutant Adjutant   See fewer
Erni Mangold
Achtzigjährige Frau Achtzigjährige Frau   See fewer
Catharina Schuchmann
Frau Binder Frau Binder   See fewer
Hermann Beyer
Dr. Wolf Dr. Wolf   See fewer
Ralf Schermuly
Buchhändler Buchhändler   See fewer
Kirill Ulyanov
Dichter Dichter   See fewer
Aleksey Poluyan
Pockennarbiger Unterleutnant (as Aleksei Poluyan) Pockennarbiger Unterleutnant (as Aleksei Poluyan)   See fewer
Isabell Gerschke
Lisbeth Lisbeth   See fewer
Hans-Peter Abts
Stiefelrusse (uncredited) Stiefelrusse (uncredited)   See fewer
Dimitri Bilov
Pfannenrusse (uncredited) Pfannenrusse (uncredited)   See fewer
Wolfgang Czeczor
Deutscher Offizier (uncredited) Deutscher Offizier (uncredited)   See fewer
Andreina de Martin
Belästigte Frau (uncredited) Belästigte Frau (uncredited)   See fewer
Lili Färberböck
Fünfzehnjährige (uncredited) Fünfzehnjährige (uncredited)   See fewer
Waléra Kanischtscheff
Russian soldier (uncredited) Russian soldier (uncredited)   See fewer
Maksim Konovalov
Zündapp Junge (uncredited) Zündapp Junge (uncredited)   See fewer
Artur Kowalski
Hübscher Unterleutnant (uncredited) Hübscher Unterleutnant (uncredited)   See fewer
Stella Kunkat
Lenchen Hoch (uncredited) Lenchen Hoch (uncredited)   See fewer
Simon Raphael Louwen
Russischer Soldat (uncredited) Russischer Soldat (uncredited)   See fewer
Olgierd Lukaszewicz
Buttermann (uncredited) Buttermann (uncredited)   See fewer
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