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  • Article 15 (2019)
  • Not Rated
    130 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery
Article 15 (2019)
Not Rated
130 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

In the rural heartlands of India, an upright police officer sets out on a crusade against violent caste-based crimes and discrimination.
Ewan Mulligan | Dhananjay Navagrah (2nd Unit Cinematographer)
Yasha Ramchandani (as Yasha Pushpa Ramchandani)
Casting Directors
Anuj Gupta (Amali) | Vivek Yadav (casting director:)
Production Designer
Nikhil S. Kovale (as Nikhil Kovale)
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Release date
Jun 28, 2019 (United States)


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69 cast members
Name Known for
Ayushmann Khurrana
Ayan Ranjan Ayan Ranjan   See fewer
CBI Officer Panikar (as Nasser) CBI Officer Panikar (as Nasser)   See fewer
Manoj Pahwa
Bhramadatt Singh Bhramadatt Singh   See fewer
Kumud Mishra
Kisan Jatav Kisan Jatav   See fewer
Shubhrajyoti Barat
Chandrabhan Chandrabhan   See fewer
Sushil Pandey
Nihal Singh Nihal Singh   See fewer
Aakkash Dabhade
Satyendra Rai (as Aakash Dabhade) Satyendra Rai (as Aakash Dabhade)   See fewer
Ashish Verma
Mayank Mayank   See fewer
Ronjini Chakraborty
Dr. Malti Ram Dr. Malti Ram   See fewer
Anshu Naharia Anshu Naharia   See fewer
Shikha Valmiki
Victim Girl Shanu Victim Girl Shanu   See fewer
Isha Verma
Victim Girl Mamta Victim Girl Mamta   See fewer
Victim Girl Pooja Victim Girl Pooja   See fewer
R.D. Singh
Subodh Lal Subodh Lal   See fewer
Uday Vir Singh Yadav
Sukkha Singh Sukkha Singh   See fewer
Naman Shukla
Young Dalit Boy 1 Young Dalit Boy 1   See fewer
Vikesh Bajpai
Young Dalit Boy 2 Young Dalit Boy 2   See fewer
Ravi Singh
Young Dalit Boy 3 Young Dalit Boy 3   See fewer
Vivek Yadav
Nokhai (as Vivek Kumar Yadav) Nokhai (as Vivek Kumar Yadav)   See fewer
Ajay Pratap Singh
Orderly (Aayan's House) Orderly (Aayan's House)   See fewer
Varun Tamta
Mishra - Cop 1 Mishra - Cop 1   See fewer
Kapil Tilhari
Pramod Yadav - Cop 2 Pramod Yadav - Cop 2   See fewer
Noor Ahmed Tuba
Vijay Seth - Cop 3 Vijay Seth - Cop 3   See fewer
Naval Shukla
Mahant (as Nawal Shukla) Mahant (as Nawal Shukla)   See fewer
Shivam Singh
Bachchu Rai Bachchu Rai   See fewer
Tariq Iqbal
Dr. Awdhesh Dr. Awdhesh   See fewer
Shreya Awasthi
Archana Archana   See fewer
Lajjawati Mishra
Old Lady at Tea Stall Old Lady at Tea Stall   See fewer
Alok Jain
Boy at Tea Stall (as Rubal Jain) Boy at Tea Stall (as Rubal Jain)   See fewer
Shipra Srivastava
News Reporter News Reporter   See fewer
Hitendra Singh Walla
CBI Officer 1 CBI Officer 1   See fewer
Shubhank Goswami
CBI Officer 2 CBI Officer 2   See fewer
Surendra Sahu
CBI Officer 3 CBI Officer 3   See fewer
Rajesh Soni
CBI Officer 4 CBI Officer 4   See fewer
Ram Lakhan Panday
CBI Officer 5 CBI Officer 5   See fewer
Amit Kb Sinha
Gazal Singer (as Amit Sinha) Gazal Singer (as Amit Sinha)   See fewer
Rajeev Singh
Party Host Party Host   See fewer
Chandra Bhash Singh
Drunkard 1 Drunkard 1   See fewer
Mukhtar Ahmad
Old Nukkad Man Old Nukkad Man   See fewer
Nukkad Boy 1 Nukkad Boy 1   See fewer
Durgesh Kumar Singh
Nukkad Boy 2 Nukkad Boy 2   See fewer
Shobit Rajput
Nukkad Boy 3 Nukkad Boy 3   See fewer
Anju Rastogi
Victim Girl's Mother Victim Girl's Mother   See fewer
Mohammed Sufyan
Cop 1 (Nishad's Encounter) (as Mohd. Sufyan) Cop 1 (Nishad's Encounter) (as Mohd. Sufyan)   See fewer
Bilal Ahmed
Cop 2 (Nishad's Encounter) Cop 2 (Nishad's Encounter)   See fewer
Satendra Kumar
Cop 3 (Nishad's Encounter) Cop 3 (Nishad's Encounter)   See fewer
M.S. Niyazi
Cop 4 (Nishad's Encounter) Cop 4 (Nishad's Encounter)   See fewer
Anmol Yadav
Gunner Gunner   See fewer
Iccha Shankar
Shanti Prasad (Dalit Leader) Shanti Prasad (Dalit Leader)   See fewer
Firoz Tariq
Mahant's Ashram Boy 1 Mahant's Ashram Boy 1   See fewer
Sachin Patel
Mahant's Ashram Boy 2 Mahant's Ashram Boy 2   See fewer
Alim Naqvi
Ram Lal Naharia Ram Lal Naharia   See fewer
Hari Kishan
Drain Worker 1 Drain Worker 1   See fewer
Drain Worker 2 Drain Worker 2   See fewer
Manoj Kumar
Party Singer Party Singer   See fewer
Rohit Mahi
Party Instrument Player 1 Party Instrument Player 1   See fewer
Udai Bhan Sharma
Party Instrument Player 2 Party Instrument Player 2   See fewer
Alok Bhardwaj
Police man Police man   See fewer
Driver Driver   See fewer
Abdul Muktadir Laskar
Actor (voice) Actor (voice)   See fewer
Deependra Singh
Surendra Surendra   See fewer
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