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  • Amsterdam (2022)
  • Drama, History
Amsterdam (2022)
Drama, History

Set in the '30s, it follows three friends who witness a murder, become suspects themselves, and uncover one of the most outrageous plots in American history.
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Updated Aug 4, 2022

Release date
Nov 4, 2022 (United States)
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56 cast members
Name Known for
Margot Robbie
Valerie Valerie   See fewer
Anya Taylor-Joy
Actress Actress   See fewer
Chris Rock
Milton Milton   See fewer
Rebecca Wisocky
Actress Actress   See fewer
Taylor Swift
Actress Actress   See fewer
Matthias Schoenaerts
Getwiller Getwiller   See fewer
Dey Young
Alvelia Vandenheuvel Alvelia Vandenheuvel   See fewer
Sean Avery
Actor Actor   See fewer
Gigi Bermingham
Belgian Nurse Belgian Nurse   See fewer
Bonnie Hellman
Secretary Shirley Secretary Shirley   See fewer
Casey Graf
Actor Actor   See fewer
Jessica Drake
Matron Matron   See fewer
Adam G. Simon
City Officer City Officer   See fewer
Trinity Likins
Actress (rumored) Actress (rumored)   See fewer
Mel Fair
Patient Wayne Katowski Patient Wayne Katowski   See fewer
Dalila Ali Rajah
Dorothy Dorothy   See fewer
Steven Hack
Dr. Malin Dr. Malin   See fewer
Kalina Vanska
Dancing Nurse Dancing Nurse   See fewer
John Pirkis
British Gentleman British Gentleman   See fewer
Carol Jefferson
Waltz Dancer Waltz Dancer   See fewer
Chase Arrington
Veteran / Patient Veteran / Patient   See fewer
Homer Aguilar
Veteran / Patient Veteran / Patient   See fewer
Susan Gray
Demon Woman Demon Woman   See fewer
James Hunter
Gala Veteran Gala Veteran   See fewer
Christopher Kager
Bund Chanter 3 Bund Chanter 3   See fewer
Vaughn Page
Patient Victor Barnes Patient Victor Barnes   See fewer
Timothy Donovan
Timothy Timothy   See fewer
Valeria Malikova
Alice Marble Alice Marble   See fewer
Mathew Trent Hunnicutt
Pedestrian Pedestrian   See fewer
Crying Woman (as Shedell Zurak) Crying Woman (as Shedell Zurak)   See fewer
Konstantinos Lachanas
Agent Hector Agent Hector   See fewer
Vincent M. Biscione
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Jarrett Johnson
Veteran Singer 1 Veteran Singer 1   See fewer
André Tardieu
Church Official Church Official   See fewer
Leonard Tucker
Larry Hinson Larry Hinson   See fewer
Donovan Hurst
Bund Chanter 4 Bund Chanter 4   See fewer
Floyd Armstrong
Fred Hinson Fred Hinson   See fewer
Stefan Sharpe
Stagehand (uncredited) Stagehand (uncredited)   See fewer
Max David Weinberg
Bund Chanter (uncredited) Bund Chanter (uncredited)   See fewer
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