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  • VHYes (2019)
  • Not Rated
    72 min | Comedy
VHYes (2019)
Not Rated
72 min | Comedy

This bizarre retro comedy shot entirely on VHS and Beta follows 12-year-old Ralph as he accidentally records home videos and his favorite late-night shows over his parents' wedding tape.
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Nunzio Randazzo (created by) | Jack Henry Robbins (created by) | Nate Gold (created by)
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Release date
Sep 21, 2019 (United States)


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119 cast members
Name Known for
Jake Head
Ralph's Dad Ralph's Dad   See fewer
Christopher Marble
Priest / Extra Priest / Extra   See fewer
Christian Drerup
Ralph's Mom Ralph's Mom   See fewer
Thomas Lennon
Tony V Tony V   See fewer
Raymond Lee
Todd Plotz Todd Plotz   See fewer
Roy Abramsohn
Gavin Johnson Gavin Johnson   See fewer
Helen Kennedy
Bree Jones (as Helen Kennedy Turner) Bree Jones (as Helen Kennedy Turner)   See fewer
Amos Vernon
New Zack New Zack   See fewer
William Frederick Knight
Kindly the Cowboy Kindly the Cowboy   See fewer
Lucas Jaye
Kiddo Kiddo   See fewer
Deborah Sale Butler
Radio DJ / Infomercial Annoucer (as Deborah Sale-Buttler) Radio DJ / Infomercial Annoucer (as Deborah Sale-Buttler)   See fewer
Jelena Williams
Skeet Woman (as Jelene Williams) Skeet Woman (as Jelene Williams)   See fewer
Lindsley Allen
Mom (as Robin Lindsley Allen) Mom (as Robin Lindsley Allen)   See fewer
Juju Journey Brener
Little Girl (as Journey Elle Brener) Little Girl (as Journey Elle Brener)   See fewer
Vincent Foster
Robber (as VJ Foster) Robber (as VJ Foster)   See fewer
Jake Lieberman
Dispatcher Dispatcher   See fewer
Richard Tanner
Kooky Geneticist Kooky Geneticist   See fewer
Harrison White
New Zach #3 New Zach #3   See fewer
Skyler Wright
New Zach #9 New Zach #9   See fewer
Alexander Gao
New Zach #10 New Zach #10   See fewer
Madeline Zima
Maiden #1 Maiden #1   See fewer
Aaron Groben
Gareth the Long Knight Gareth the Long Knight   See fewer
Chandra Brenner
Genene / Maiden #2 Genene / Maiden #2   See fewer
Pete Humphrey
Bowl Guy (as Pete Humphrey Jr.) Bowl Guy (as Pete Humphrey Jr.)   See fewer
Marcos Rodriguez
Petey B Petey B   See fewer
Francisco Garcia
Jim (as Francisco "Pachy" Garcia) Jim (as Francisco "Pachy" Garcia)   See fewer
Francisco Casanova
Paco (as Francisco "Paco" Casanova) Paco (as Francisco "Paco" Casanova)   See fewer
Robert Artz
Lou's Dad Lou's Dad   See fewer
Holly Kaplan
Lou's Mom Lou's Mom   See fewer
Mona Lee Wylde
Rita Sternwig Rita Sternwig   See fewer
Christopher Carullo
Groomsman Groomsman   See fewer
Eleanor Wells
Maid of Honor Maid of Honor   See fewer
Louie Mandrapilias
Smith Smitherton Smith Smitherton   See fewer
Nunzio Randazzo
Dr. Manly / Sheriff Cocker Dr. Manly / Sheriff Cocker   See fewer
Daniel Fissmer
Moustache / Beard Moustache / Beard   See fewer
Rachel Bower
Intern Intern   See fewer
Nikki Tilmouth
Ms. Frost Ms. Frost   See fewer
James Clark
Tamarind Bowers Tamarind Bowers   See fewer
Harwood Gordon
Business Man Business Man   See fewer
Matt Rallis
Scientist #1 Scientist #1   See fewer
Kevin Clough
Scientist #2 Scientist #2   See fewer
Michael Hudson
Scientist #3 Scientist #3   See fewer
Cameron Simmons
Rico / Farmer Bud Rico / Farmer Bud   See fewer
Genevieve Morton
Veronica Dish Veronica Dish   See fewer
Anne-Marie Talmadge
Kimberly Kimberly   See fewer
Jamal Wade
Bobby Bobby   See fewer
Zack Segel
Soundwall Stu Soundwall Stu   See fewer
Paige Elkington
Soundwall Sally Soundwall Sally   See fewer
Iyari Limon
Detective Jules Detective Jules   See fewer
Tyrone Van Haynes
Detective Boyd Detective Boyd   See fewer
Tim Robbins
Sir Roger Handley III Sir Roger Handley III   See fewer
Carolyn Richards
Chair Woman Chair Woman   See fewer
Shelley Starrett
Paulina Paulina   See fewer
Kirby Johnson
Young Paulina Young Paulina   See fewer
Sashile Wood
Young Amy Young Amy   See fewer
Ed Licht
Cool Office Dude Cool Office Dude   See fewer
Susan Sarandon
Tracy Beth Tracy Beth   See fewer
Bob Turton
Hank Frankston Hank Frankston   See fewer
Jon Weinberg
Infomercial Joe Infomercial Joe   See fewer
Rick Zieff
Infomercial Annoucer (as Rick Zeiff) Infomercial Annoucer (as Rick Zeiff)   See fewer
Arianne Few
Whitney Whitney   See fewer
Latoya Shaw
Broken Hearted Girl Broken Hearted Girl   See fewer
Lucia Oskerova
Stardust Stardust   See fewer
Erika Stasiuleviciute
Quasar (as Erika Stass) Quasar (as Erika Stass)   See fewer
Robert Paul Taylor
Rod Sledge the Mechanic Rod Sledge the Mechanic   See fewer
Jared Degado
Assistant Sheriff #2 Assistant Sheriff #2   See fewer
Weyes Blood
Natalie (as Natalie Mering) Natalie (as Natalie Mering)   See fewer
Hector Amavizca
Extra (as Hector Amavizca Castro) Extra (as Hector Amavizca Castro)   See fewer
Isabelle Gremillion
Extra (as Isabella Gremillion) Extra (as Isabella Gremillion)   See fewer
Jane Huff
Extra Extra   See fewer
Jackie Muha
Extra (as Jacqueline Muha) Extra (as Jacqueline Muha)   See fewer
Yugi San
Extra Extra   See fewer
Jaron Adams
Skater (uncredited) Skater (uncredited)   See fewer
Sophia Savage
Delilah Foxx (uncredited) Delilah Foxx (uncredited)   See fewer
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