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  • Rahman 1400 (2019)
  • 111 min | Comedy, Drama
Rahman 1400 (2019)
111 min | Comedy, Drama

Rahman is the custodian of a company and the doctor has told him that he will die soon. He decides to with the help of his friend Anush make a plan and inherit some money for his family.
Younes Bashiri (Composer) (as Bashiri Younes) | Babak Zarin
Production Designer

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Updated Mar 16, 2019

Release date
Mar 16, 2019 (Iran)


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73 cast members
Name Known for
Sajjad Dolati
Yashar Yashar   See fewer
Yashar Prn
Funny (credit only) Funny (credit only)   See fewer
Matin Mohammadi
Matin Mohammadi (archive sound) Matin Mohammadi (archive sound)   See fewer
Yekta Naser
Sharareh Sharareh   See fewer
Mehran Modiri
Mr. Jalousi Mr. Jalousi   See fewer
Donya Dadrasan
Donya (voice) Donya (voice)   See fewer
Amirhossein Mirchi
Pouria (as Amir Hossein Mirchi) Pouria (as Amir Hossein Mirchi)   See fewer
Hojjat Adeli
Hojjat Hojjat   See fewer
Land lord Land lord   See fewer
Sama Bakhtiari
Actress Actress   See fewer
Amir Bengard
Asghar Asghar   See fewer
Amir Dehghani
Dehghan Dehghan   See fewer
Actor Actor   See fewer
Amir Hossein Ghezelbash
Jalil Tavakoli Jalil Tavakoli   See fewer
Mohammadreza Ghoreishi
Mohammadreza Ghoreishi Mohammadreza Ghoreishi   See fewer
Pejvak Imani
Amir Sam Amir Sam   See fewer
Alireza Jadidi
Mehdi (voice) Mehdi (voice)   See fewer
Sahar Khalili
Rahleh Rahleh   See fewer
Mohammad Mahdi Khalilpoor
Mohammad mahdi Mohammad mahdi   See fewer
Yahya Mardanshahi
Young boy (as Yahya Mardanshahi) Young boy (as Yahya Mardanshahi)   See fewer
Mohammad Mirshahi
Mohammad Mirshahi Mohammad Mirshahi   See fewer
Investment Investment   See fewer
Parsa Mohava
Parsa (archive footage) Parsa (archive footage)   See fewer
Sasan Moradi
Mohamad reza Mohamad reza   See fewer
Peyman Navidi Nahand
Ahmad (as Peymannavidinahand) Ahmad (as Peymannavidinahand)   See fewer
Amir Hossein Rezaee
Mohammad Mohammad   See fewer
Mohammad Rosico
Mohammad Rosico Mohammad Rosico   See fewer
Ali Safdari
Mohammad Mohammad   See fewer
Alireza Sajjadi
Alireza Sajjadi (voice) Alireza Sajjadi (voice)   See fewer
Amir Salj
Milad Milad   See fewer
Masoud Sepahi
Masoud Masoud   See fewer
Mohammad Mohammad   See fewer
Sepehr Sepi
Pianist Pianist   See fewer
Nick Tonez
Mehran Rezaei Mehran Rezaei   See fewer
Maziar Tosan
Gholam Gholam   See fewer
Raman Yasanpour
Mohammad Mohammad   See fewer
Kiarash Zivari
Mohammad Farzi Mohammad Farzi   See fewer
Mohamad Zivari
Mohammad Z Mohammad Z   See fewer
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