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Richard Sorge. Master Spy

Episode #1.12 (Season 1, Episode 12)
TV Episode | 52 min | Biography, Drama, History

During Osaka's interrogation, Sorge requests a lawyer and a meeting with the German ambassador; after reading testimony signed by Osaka's agent, Sorge realizes that the game is up and asks for clemency for the members of his cell.
Sergey Ginzburg (directed by)
Dmitriy Novoselov (screenplay)
Artem Dollezhal | Vladyslav Riashyn (as Vladislav Ryashin)
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Updated Jul 9, 2019

Release date
Apr 16, 2019 (Russia)


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51 cast members
Name Known for
Aleksandr Domogarov
Richard Sorge Richard Sorge   See fewer
Shion Nakamaru
Khanako Khanako   See fewer
Andrey Rudenskiy
Eigen Ott Eigen Ott   See fewer
Viktoriya Isakova
Helma Ott Helma Ott   See fewer
Andrey Leonov
Max Clausen Max Clausen   See fewer
Yuliya Aug
Anna Clausen Anna Clausen   See fewer
Sergey Ginzburg
Schlesinger Schlesinger   See fewer
Ivan Shibanov
Branko Vukelich Branko Vukelich   See fewer
Tatyana Kosmacheva
Edith (wife of Vukelich) Edith (wife of Vukelich)   See fewer
Sergey Byzgu
Genrikh Lyushkov Genrikh Lyushkov   See fewer
Shinshô Nakamaru
Police chief Police chief   See fewer
Din Fan
Yamato (lieutenant) Yamato (lieutenant)   See fewer
Gen Seto
Kawai Kawai   See fewer
Toshihide Onitsuka
Yotoku Miyagi Yotoku Miyagi   See fewer
Yang Ge
Toshi Toshi   See fewer
Anastasiya Tsoy
The maid of Gelma The maid of Gelma   See fewer
Anna Bachalova
Patricia Patricia   See fewer
Roman Indyk
Bogdan Bogdan   See fewer
Evgeniya Bordzilovskaya
Gelma's mom Gelma's mom   See fewer
Vasiliy Mishchenko
Voroshilov Voroshilov   See fewer
Konstantin Glushkov
Poskrebyshev Poskrebyshev   See fewer
Aleksandr Zuev
Schildknecht Schildknecht   See fewer
Yuriy Berkun
elderly neighbor German elderly neighbor German   See fewer
Pavel Kapitonov
English attache English attache   See fewer
Sergey Kaplunov
Schlesinger man Schlesinger man   See fewer
Valery Kirillov
NKVD officer NKVD officer   See fewer
Kirill Kuznetsov
Sorge in his youth Sorge in his youth   See fewer
Mariya Akhmetzyanova
Gelma (molodaya) Gelma (molodaya)   See fewer
Dana Nazarova
Maiden Maiden   See fewer
Aleksandr Nikolskiy
Gelma's father Gelma's father   See fewer
Sergey Rudzevich
Journalist Journalist   See fewer
Valentin Samokhin
Schultz (official) Schultz (official)   See fewer
Natalia Sanko
Elderly nurse Elderly nurse   See fewer
Vladimir Chuprikov
Head of frontier post Head of frontier post   See fewer
Sergey Shanin
Doctor in hospital Doctor in hospital   See fewer
Samir Bagirov
Beria (as Sergey Bagirov) Beria (as Sergey Bagirov)   See fewer
Aleksandrs Oravs
Gelma's brother (as Aleksandr Orav) Gelma's brother (as Aleksandr Orav)   See fewer
Yuriy Lakhin
Herfer Herfer   See fewer
Roman Khan
Actor Actor   See fewer
Aleksandr Kim
Signaller Signaller   See fewer
Danil Motin
Waiter Waiter   See fewer
Richard Sorge
Film incarnation (uncredited) Film incarnation (uncredited)   See fewer
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