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  • All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)
  • R
    148 min | Action, Drama, War
All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)
148 min | Action, Drama, War

A young German soldier's terrifying experiences and distress on the western front during World War I.
Edward Berger (screenplay by) | Lesley Paterson (screenplay by) | Ian Stokell (screenplay by) | Erich Maria Remarque (based on the novel by)
Edward Berger | Daniel Marc Dreifuss (as Daniel Dreifuss) | Malte Grunert (p.g.a.)
Volker Bertelmann (music by)
Casting Directors
Simone Bär | Constance Demontoy (france) | Arwa Salmanova (Czech Republic)
Production Designer
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Updated Sep 12, 2022

Release date
Oct 28, 2022 (United States)


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58 cast members
Name Known for
Felix Kammerer
Paul Bäumer Paul Bäumer   See fewer
Albrecht Schuch
Stanislaus Katczinsky Stanislaus Katczinsky   See fewer
Aaron Hilmer
Albert Kropp Albert Kropp   See fewer
Moritz Klaus
Franz Müller Franz Müller   See fewer
Adrian Grünewald
Ludwig Behm Ludwig Behm   See fewer
Edin Hasanovic
Tjaden Stackfleet Tjaden Stackfleet   See fewer
Daniel Brühl
Matthias Erzberger Matthias Erzberger   See fewer
Thibault de Montalembert
General Ferdinand Foch General Ferdinand Foch   See fewer
Devid Striesow
General Friedrichs General Friedrichs   See fewer
Andreas Döhler
Leutnant Hoppe Leutnant Hoppe   See fewer
Sebastian Hülk
Major Von Brixdorf Major Von Brixdorf   See fewer
Luc Feit
Stabsarzt Stabsarzt   See fewer
Michael Stange
Musterungsoffizier Musterungsoffizier   See fewer
Sascha Nathan
Graf Von Oberndorff Graf Von Oberndorff   See fewer
Tobias Langhoff
Generalmajor Von Winterfeldt Generalmajor Von Winterfeldt   See fewer
Anton von Lucke
Hauptmann Von Helldorf Hauptmann Von Helldorf   See fewer
Michael Pitthan
Kapitän Ernst Von Vanselow Kapitän Ernst Von Vanselow   See fewer
Joe Weintraub
Hauptmann Geyer Hauptmann Geyer   See fewer
Charles Morillon
Capitaine Paul Lepèrche Capitaine Paul Lepèrche   See fewer
Gabriel Dufay
Generalmajor Maxime Weygand Generalmajor Maxime Weygand   See fewer
Dan Brown
Admiral Rosslyn Wemyss Admiral Rosslyn Wemyss   See fewer
Philipp Schenker
Admiral George Hope Admiral George Hope   See fewer
Cyril Dobrý
Butler General Foch (as Cyril Dobry) Butler General Foch (as Cyril Dobry)   See fewer
Cyril Cechák
Bauernjunge (as Cyril Čechák) Bauernjunge (as Cyril Čechák)   See fewer
Jakob Schmidt
Heinrich Gerber Heinrich Gerber   See fewer
Felix von Bredow
Feldwebel Feldwebel   See fewer
Martin Dostál
Junger Rekrut Junger Rekrut   See fewer
Marek Simbersky
Gérard Duval (as Marek Simberský) Gérard Duval (as Marek Simberský)   See fewer
Jakob Diehl
Feldwebel Steinberger Feldwebel Steinberger   See fewer
Anthony Paliotti
Major Grenier Major Grenier   See fewer
Radek Brodil
Französischer Soldat Französischer Soldat   See fewer
Nico Ehrenteit
Soldat Lemrott Soldat Lemrott   See fewer
Hendrik Heutmann
Sanitäter Eguisac Sanitäter Eguisac   See fewer
Daniel Kamen
Militärarzt Eguisac (as Daniel Frantisek Kamen) Militärarzt Eguisac (as Daniel Frantisek Kamen)   See fewer
Tomás Capek
Rekrut Eguisac (as Tomáš Čapek) Rekrut Eguisac (as Tomáš Čapek)   See fewer
Markus Tomczyk
Küchenbulle Küchenbulle   See fewer
Emil Rothermel
Rekrut Küche Rekrut Küche   See fewer
Wolf Danny Homann
Feldgendarm Feldgendarm   See fewer
Michal Závodský
Feldgendarm Eguisac Feldgendarm Eguisac   See fewer
Nicolas Prokop
Deserteur Deserteur   See fewer
Jacob Zacharias Eckstein
Soldat Bunker Soldat Bunker   See fewer
Adam Mensdorff
Grabender Soldat Grabender Soldat   See fewer
Peter Sikorski
Feldwebel Schützengraben Feldwebel Schützengraben   See fewer
Alzbeta Malá
Französisches Mädchen 1 (as Alžběta Malá) Französisches Mädchen 1 (as Alžběta Malá)   See fewer
Andrea Zatloukalová
Französisches Mädchen 1 Französisches Mädchen 1   See fewer
Thomas Zielinski
Priester Priester   See fewer
Tomás Weber
Sterbender Franzose (as Tomas Weber) Sterbender Franzose (as Tomas Weber)   See fewer
Samuel Neduha
Feiernder Soldat Feiernder Soldat   See fewer
Martin Nemec
Veteran (as Martin Němec) Veteran (as Martin Němec)   See fewer
Tomás Merkl
Junger Soldat (as Tomáš Merkl) Junger Soldat (as Tomáš Merkl)   See fewer
Scott Atkins
Solider (uncredited) Solider (uncredited)   See fewer
Ersan Ilhan
Soldier on Battlefield (uncredited) Soldier on Battlefield (uncredited)   See fewer
Dominikus Weileder
Der Junge (uncredited) Der Junge (uncredited)   See fewer
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