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  • Action, Thriller
Jack Stall Dead
Action, Thriller

Special agent JACK STALL, living in plain sight as a homeless man, finds himself helping a reporter, in the process his own dark past comes back to haunt him, while he suppose to be DEAD.
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Ali Jacko | Vincent Woods (co-director)
Ali Jacko | Malcolm Martin (Co-Writer)
Charlie Drew (original music)
Ali Jacko | Bunty Nagi (additional editing)
Casting Directors

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89 cast members
Name Known for
Lili Rich
Viola Diaz & Agent Mala Viola Diaz & Agent Mala   See fewer
Silvio Simac
Derek / Vlad Derek / Vlad   See fewer
Alana Wallace
PC Jessica Harris PC Jessica Harris   See fewer
Georgia Meacham
Kelly Lola Kelly Lola   See fewer
Iulia Vantur
JO Joyce JO Joyce   See fewer
Jack Ilco
Dima Orlov Dima Orlov   See fewer
Kamaal Khan
DC Peters DC Peters   See fewer
Jake Wardle
Jake Wardle Jake Wardle   See fewer
Keith Mason
Keith Mason Keith Mason   See fewer
Daniel Eghan
Posh Diner Posh Diner   See fewer
Taylor O'Brien
Tramp / Taylor Tramp / Taylor   See fewer
Brit Landa
Eva Santos Eva Santos   See fewer
Jimmy 'The Bee' Bennett
Mark Kalaham Mark Kalaham   See fewer
Hannah Knight
Megan Harding Megan Harding   See fewer
Vincent Woods
Robert Harding Robert Harding   See fewer
Rina Saito
Sue Ka Sue Ka   See fewer
Kevin Nolan
Kevin Nolan Kevin Nolan   See fewer
Daniel Damian Kapuscinski
Shasha Kip Shasha Kip   See fewer
Kate Gee-Finch
Victoria Robert Jones Victoria Robert Jones   See fewer
Peter Agnelli
Sean Dillion Sean Dillion   See fewer
Maria Lidze
Actress Actress   See fewer
Katrina Ross
Kim Stranger Kim Stranger   See fewer
Ali Jacko
Jack Stall Jack Stall   See fewer
Lucia Zimanova
Lucia Zimanova Tramp Lucia Zimanova Tramp   See fewer
Danny Darwin
Gregi Scrap Gregi Scrap   See fewer
Natalie Arikan
Azrielle Arkan Azrielle Arkan   See fewer
Boris Steele
Stan Steele Stan Steele   See fewer
Nina Gabriela
Agent DC Campos Agent DC Campos   See fewer
Esther Slater
Esther Slater Esther Slater   See fewer
Rohan Marley
Rastaman Rastaman   See fewer
Khushboo Hirani
Tramp / Extra Tramp / Extra   See fewer
Saaj Raja
Saaj Raja Saaj Raja   See fewer
Carlos Borrás
Anthony Pomerico Anthony Pomerico   See fewer
Thomas Williamson
Pub customer Pub customer   See fewer
Martin Lindley
Bill Stranger Bill Stranger   See fewer
Brandon Thorne
Scott Freeman Scott Freeman   See fewer
Grahame Edwards
Tom Stall Tom Stall   See fewer
Imogen Eden-Brown
Maria Del Mar Maria Del Mar   See fewer
Catherine W. Chan
Christana Chan Christana Chan   See fewer
Nicole Theresa Spice
Receptionist 2 Receptionist 2   See fewer
Charlotte Fitts
Receptionist 1 Receptionist 1   See fewer
Eliana Marium Ali
Marium Stall Marium Stall   See fewer
Nathalie Cordaro
Irina Petrov Irina Petrov   See fewer
Nicole Lee
Office worker Office worker   See fewer
Bina Horner
Pub Extra Pub Extra   See fewer
Simon Anthony
Talking Tramp Simon Talking Tramp Simon   See fewer
Paul Blake McGouran
Paul Blake (Tramp) Paul Blake (Tramp)   See fewer
Scott Artist
Extra (as Scott Pettitt) Extra (as Scott Pettitt)   See fewer
Naqib Khan
Kay Ray (as Kayray Khan) Kay Ray (as Kayray Khan)   See fewer
Alicja Zubel
Dominique Jimenez Dominique Jimenez   See fewer
Emil Szlenskowy
David Szlenskowy David Szlenskowy   See fewer
Oscar Raamesh
Oscar Stall Oscar Stall   See fewer
Mark Ryder
Mark Ryder Mark Ryder   See fewer
Liam Gregory Martin
Liam Martin Liam Martin   See fewer
Cameron Kelly-Smith
Karl Smith Karl Smith   See fewer
Abul Bashar Raaz
Homeless Raaz Homeless Raaz   See fewer
Jimena Buttigliengo
KAISA walok KAISA walok   See fewer
Artur Szlenskowy
Olla Szlenskowy Olla Szlenskowy   See fewer
Tom Dayton
Sam Watson Sam Watson   See fewer
Zak Wasto Smith
Andre Lint Andre Lint   See fewer
Kumba Martha Mondewa
Martha Mondewa Martha Mondewa   See fewer
Jafer Ahmedi
Ahmedi Ahmedi   See fewer
Daria Riz
Francesca Conti Francesca Conti   See fewer
Stephen McCarthy
Steve Mac Steve Mac   See fewer
Raquelle Gracie
Raquelle Manchester Raquelle Manchester   See fewer
Simon Smith
Charlie Carter (Chance) Charlie Carter (Chance)   See fewer
Mohammed Humza Ali
Mo Stall Mo Stall   See fewer
Rakeem Guide
Rakeem Timmy Rakeem Timmy   See fewer
Rezwan Rahman
Rez (Driver) Rez (Driver)   See fewer
Will Nightingale
CID Russel Peters CID Russel Peters   See fewer
Ruhan Ahmed
MID Tech Person MID Tech Person   See fewer
Lorena Campos
Neila Campus Neila Campus   See fewer
Callander Bullough
Callie Winter Callie Winter   See fewer
Farida Lowe
Larrisa De Mar Larrisa De Mar   See fewer
Rocco Marazzita
Jimmy Smart Jimmy Smart   See fewer
Christine Sullivan
Posh Dinner Posh Dinner   See fewer
Uzma Nazir
Sophie Rose Sophie Rose   See fewer
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