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NCIS: Los Angeles

False Flag (Season 10, Episode 24)
TV Episode | 42 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Callen and Sam work to locate a group of ISIS sympathizers aboard the USS Allegiance; Hetty enlists her friend to help obtain information from a Russian diplomat.
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Production Designer
Edit Released
Updated May 19, 2019

Release date
May 19, 2019 (United States)


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34 cast members
Name STARmeter Known for
Chris O'Donnell
G. Callen G. Callen   See fewer
Top 5000
Daniela Ruah
Kensi Blye Kensi Blye   See fewer
Top 5000
Eric Christian Olsen
Marty Deeks Marty Deeks   See fewer
Top 5000
Barrett Foa
Eric Beale Eric Beale   See fewer
Members only
Renée Felice Smith
Nell Jones Nell Jones   See fewer
Members only
Linda Hunt
Hetty Lange Hetty Lange   See fewer
Top 5000
LL Cool J
Sam Hanna Sam Hanna   See fewer
Members only
David James Elliott
Harmon Rabb Jr. Harmon Rabb Jr.   See fewer
Top 5000
Catherine Bell
Sarah MacKenzie Sarah MacKenzie   See fewer
Top 5000
Erik Palladino
Vostanik Sabatino Vostanik Sabatino   See fewer
Members only
Alyssa Diaz
Jasmine Garcia Jasmine Garcia   See fewer
Top 5000
Sprague Grayden
Olivia Baird Olivia Baird   See fewer
Top 5000
Don Wallace
Navy Seal Senior Chief Frank Wallace Navy Seal Senior Chief Frank Wallace   See fewer
Members only
Tim True
Anton Yashnikov Anton Yashnikov   See fewer
Members only
Spencer Daniels
PO2 Vincent Davis PO2 Vincent Davis   See fewer
Members only
Faruk Amireh
Fadhil Sarraf Fadhil Sarraf   See fewer
Members only
Gil Birmingham
Navy Captain Steven Douglas Navy Captain Steven Douglas   See fewer
Top 5000
Guy Wilson
Gunner's Mate Michael Skinner Gunner's Mate Michael Skinner   See fewer
Members only
Sue Shaheen
Petty Officer 1st Class Petty Officer 1st Class   See fewer
Members only
Carl Chao
Special Agent Afloat Brian Lee Special Agent Afloat Brian Lee   See fewer
Members only
Vachik Mangassarian
Fake Iranian President Fake Iranian President   See fewer
Members only
Thomas Lumberg Jr.
LAPD Detective #1 LAPD Detective #1   See fewer
Members only
Ahmed El-Mawas
Arab Soldier Arab Soldier   See fewer
Members only
Sam Avishay
Chechen Fighter Chechen Fighter   See fewer
Members only
Troy Castaneda
Seal Team Member #2 Seal Team Member #2   See fewer
Members only
Ryan Rasberry
DCC Officer #1 DCC Officer #1   See fewer
Members only
Jamal Antar
Armed Isis Man (uncredited) Armed Isis Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Paris Benjamin
Alexandra Duvivier (uncredited) Alexandra Duvivier (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Jared Broxterman
Officer at Main Controls (uncredited) Officer at Main Controls (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Nicholas Kolev
Muhammad Pliyev (uncredited) Muhammad Pliyev (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
David S. Lee
Pavel Volkof (uncredited) Pavel Volkof (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Vinny O'Brien
Chechen (uncredited) Chechen (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Mistress (uncredited) Mistress (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Tommy Lee Ward Jr.
Navy soldier Marlo (uncredited) Navy soldier Marlo (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
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Ratings Breakdown

8.6 / 10 | 280 votes