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The Queen's Gambit

Openings (Season 1, Episode 1)
TV Episode | 59 min | Drama

Sent to an orphanage at age 9, Beth develops an uncanny knack for chess and a growing dependence on the green tranquilizers given to the children.
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Scott Frank (created by) (teleplay by) | Allan Scott (created by) | Walter Tevis (based upon the novel by)
Production Designer
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Updated Oct 23, 2020

Release date
Oct 23, 2020 (United States)


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38 cast members
Name Known for
Anya Taylor-Joy
Beth Harmon Beth Harmon   See fewer
Bill Camp
Mr. Shaibel Mr. Shaibel   See fewer
Moses Ingram
Jolene Jolene   See fewer
Isla Johnston
Young Beth Harmon Young Beth Harmon   See fewer
Christiane Seidel
Helen Deardorff Helen Deardorff   See fewer
Rebecca Root
Miss Lonsdale Miss Lonsdale   See fewer
Chloe Pirrie
Alice Harmon Alice Harmon   See fewer
Akemnji Ndifornyen
Mr. Fergusson Mr. Fergusson   See fewer
Clement Guyot
Tournament Director (as Clément Guyot) Tournament Director (as Clément Guyot)   See fewer
Frederic Stromenger
Man In Elevator (as Frédéric Stromenger) Man In Elevator (as Frédéric Stromenger)   See fewer
Mia-Luisa Schrader
Girl in Elevator Girl in Elevator   See fewer
Simon Jensen
Alec Bergland Alec Bergland   See fewer
Marcin Dorocinski
Vasily Borgov Vasily Borgov   See fewer
Andruscha Hilscher
Russian Voice Russian Voice   See fewer
Iskander Madjitov
Another Russian Another Russian   See fewer
Drew Doyle
Cop #1 Cop #1   See fewer
Paul Johnston
Cop #2 Cop #2   See fewer
Zoé Höche
Girl #1 Girl #1   See fewer
Katherine Towe
Girl #2 Girl #2   See fewer
Laura Danne
Jolene's Friend Jolene's Friend   See fewer
Sophie McShera
Miss Graham Miss Graham   See fewer
Jennifer Haas
Mary-Sue Mary-Sue   See fewer
Marian Meder
Mr. Espero Mr. Espero   See fewer
Ben Moor
Mr. Hume Mr. Hume   See fewer
Dora Zygouri
Girl in Line Girl in Line   See fewer
Annabeth Kelly
Five-Year-Old Beth Five-Year-Old Beth   See fewer
Sergio Di Zio
Beth's Father Beth's Father   See fewer
Jonjo O'Neill
Mr. Ganz Mr. Ganz   See fewer
Josepha Walter
Local Makeout Girl Local Makeout Girl   See fewer
Marc Bergemann
Local Makeout Boy Local Makeout Boy   See fewer
Maddie Holliday
Shirley Munson Shirley Munson   See fewer
Alexander Berdichevsky
Charles Levy Charles Levy   See fewer
Nelly Russakowa
Samantha Samantha   See fewer
Millie Brady
Cleo (uncredited) Cleo (uncredited)   See fewer
Philipp Droste
Tournament Director (uncredited) Tournament Director (uncredited)   See fewer
Nicolo Pasetti
Reporter (B. Cooper) (uncredited) Reporter (B. Cooper) (uncredited)   See fewer
Frederik Schmid
Laev (uncredited) Laev (uncredited)   See fewer
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