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  • Everlasting Moments (2008)
  • Not Rated
    131 min | Drama, History
Everlasting Moments (2008)
Not Rated
131 min | Drama, History

In a time of social change and unrest, war and poverty, a young working class woman, Maria, wins a camera in a lottery. The decision to keep it alters her whole life.
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Niklas Rådström (screenplay) | Jan Troell (story) | Agneta Ulfsäter-Troell (story) | Maja Öman (memoirs)
Nils Pagh Andersen (as Niels Pagh Andersen) | Jan Troell
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Oct 19, 2008 (United States)


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78 cast members
Name Known for
Maria Heiskanen
Maria Larsson Maria Larsson   See fewer
Mikael Persbrandt
Sigfrid Larsson Sigfrid Larsson   See fewer
Jesper Christensen
Sebastian Pedersen Sebastian Pedersen   See fewer
Callin Öhrvall
Maja Larsson (age 15-22) Maja Larsson (age 15-22)   See fewer
Nellie Almgren
Maja Larsson (age 8-10) Maja Larsson (age 8-10)   See fewer
Birte Heribertson
Maja Larsson (narration) / Aunt Tora (as Birte Heribertsson) Maja Larsson (narration) / Aunt Tora (as Birte Heribertsson)   See fewer
Ghita Nørby
Miss Fagerdal Miss Fagerdal   See fewer
Amanda Ooms
Matilda Matilda   See fewer
Emil Jensen
Englund Englund   See fewer
Claire Wikholm
Grandmother Karna Grandmother Karna   See fewer
Antti Reini
Finnish Sea Captain Finnish Sea Captain   See fewer
Annika Lundgren
Miss Öst Miss Öst   See fewer
Maria Lundqvist
Miss Petrén Miss Petrén   See fewer
Hans Henrik Clemensen
Mr. Fagerdal Mr. Fagerdal   See fewer
Yohanna Troell
Margareta Margareta   See fewer
Rune Bergman
Maria's Father Maria's Father   See fewer
Hans Alfredson
Prison Guard Prison Guard   See fewer
Charles Wojnicki
Ville Larsson (age 7-9) Ville Larsson (age 7-9)   See fewer
Henrik Persson
Ville Larsson (age 14-21) Ville Larsson (age 14-21)   See fewer
Tindra Cederved
Stina Larsson (age 5-7) Stina Larsson (age 5-7)   See fewer
Sigrid Hemer Nordenhake
Stina Larsson (age 12-19) Stina Larsson (age 12-19)   See fewer
Noah Stenberg
Sven Larsson (age 3-5) Sven Larsson (age 3-5)   See fewer
John Eskilsson
Sven Larsson (age 10-12) Sven Larsson (age 10-12)   See fewer
Max Eskilsson
Sven Larsson (age 14-17) Sven Larsson (age 14-17)   See fewer
Lydia Molin
Anna Larsson (age 5-6) Anna Larsson (age 5-6)   See fewer
Tova Dahan
Anna Larsson (age 8-9) Anna Larsson (age 8-9)   See fewer
Julia Ragnarsson
Anna Larsson (age 12) Anna Larsson (age 12)   See fewer
Oskar Carlqvist
Elon Larsson (age 0) Elon Larsson (age 0)   See fewer
Milo Sundgren Ekberg
Elon Larsson (age 1) Elon Larsson (age 1)   See fewer
Lukas Karlsson
Elon Larsson (age 2) Elon Larsson (age 2)   See fewer
Alex Reingoldt
Elon Larsson (age 4-5) Elon Larsson (age 4-5)   See fewer
Andreas Ahlm
Elon Larsson (age 7) Elon Larsson (age 7)   See fewer
Pascal Ortega Vemming
Erik Larsson (age 2) Erik Larsson (age 2)   See fewer
Emil Dämhagen
Erik Larsson (age 5) Erik Larsson (age 5)   See fewer
Zenna Fiscella
Ingeborg Ingeborg   See fewer
Karl Hultén
Gunnar Larsson (age 7-9) Gunnar Larsson (age 7-9)   See fewer
Karl Linnertorp
Gunnar Larsson (age 14-21) Gunnar Larsson (age 14-21)   See fewer
Boel Larsson
Kalle's Mother Kalle's Mother   See fewer
Livia Millhagen
Ingeborg's Mother Ingeborg's Mother   See fewer
Maria Kulle
Aunt Anna Aunt Anna   See fewer
Åsa Söderling
Lady receiving treatment Lady receiving treatment   See fewer
Sanna Persson
Månselotta Månselotta   See fewer
Michael Segerström
Landlord Landlord   See fewer
Richard Ulfsäter
Mr. Grevelius Mr. Grevelius   See fewer
Pierre Lindstedt
Worker #1 Worker #1   See fewer
Rolf Lydahl
Worker #2 Worker #2   See fewer
Eddie Axberg
Worker #3 Worker #3   See fewer
Christian Fex
Police Police   See fewer
Linus James Nilsson
Worker #4 (as Linus Nilsson) Worker #4 (as Linus Nilsson)   See fewer
Jan Lerning
Truck Driver Truck Driver   See fewer
Martin Ersgård
Officer Officer   See fewer
Anneli Martini
Lodge lady Lodge lady   See fewer
Berto Marklund
Berto Marklunda Berto Marklunda   See fewer
Petra Quist
Violin (dance floor) Violin (dance floor)   See fewer
Inge Pettersson
Guitar (dance floor) Guitar (dance floor)   See fewer
Lars Blomgren
Clarinet - Dance floor Clarinet - Dance floor   See fewer
Mattias Lundgren
Accordion - Beach Accordion - Beach   See fewer
Annika Silwen
Clarinet - Beach Clarinet - Beach   See fewer
Anna Larsson
Fiddle (beach) Fiddle (beach)   See fewer
Isabella Gottberg
Violin - Lodge party Violin - Lodge party   See fewer
Ida Bo-Sturesdotter Eriksson
Piano - Lodge Party Piano - Lodge Party   See fewer
Alexander Andresson
Clarinet - Lodge party Clarinet - Lodge party   See fewer
Staffan Lahti
Drums (lodge party) Drums (lodge party)   See fewer
Gunilla Irberer
Female pianist Female pianist   See fewer
Josefin Granqvist
Lodge lass Lodge lass   See fewer
Alexander Kathy
Anton Nilson Anton Nilson   See fewer
Christer Kyréus
Fin herre Fin herre   See fewer
Elena Alexandrova
Fru Pedersen Fru Pedersen   See fewer
Erika Ekman
Lilla Elsa Lilla Elsa   See fewer
Lukas Wägbo
Algot Rosberg Algot Rosberg   See fewer
Sune Hagström
Wagoner Wagoner   See fewer
Rolf Jarl
Farmhand Farmhand   See fewer
Ellinor Taflin
Cousin Sarah Cousin Sarah   See fewer
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