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  • Cordially Invited (2007)
  • Not Rated
    92 min | Comedy, Family, Romance
Cordially Invited (2007)
Not Rated
92 min | Comedy, Family, Romance

A couple's dream wedding sets the stage for a cultural clash when their families, from different sides of the tracks, come together for the ceremony.
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Michael Fouther | Lesa McRoyal-Fouther (as Lesa Fouther) (as Lesa Fouther)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Aug 18, 2014

Release date
Jun 16, 2015 (United States)


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64 cast members
Name Known for
Freda Payne
Ann Sheffield Ann Sheffield   See fewer
Lauren Christie
Kenya Jackson Kenya Jackson   See fewer
David Ely
Alton Sheffield Alton Sheffield   See fewer
André Gordon
Kareem Jackson Kareem Jackson   See fewer
Debra Wilson
Vivian Dunn Vivian Dunn   See fewer
Emayatzy Corinealdi
Grace Ingrahm Grace Ingrahm   See fewer
Melinda Rochelle
Jacky Jackson Jacky Jackson   See fewer
Genevieve Adell
Ava Zolner Ava Zolner   See fewer
Eric Augusztiny
Alistair Tisdale Alistair Tisdale   See fewer
J.K. Baker
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Jim Braswell
Johnny Star Johnny Star   See fewer
Wenston Chamberles
Mr. Flipp Mr. Flipp   See fewer
Jonny Danks
Jared Shapiro (as Jonathan Dankner) Jared Shapiro (as Jonathan Dankner)   See fewer
Kyle Davis
Kenny Miller Kenny Miller   See fewer
Ashley Fung
Tia Jackson Tia Jackson   See fewer
Aquanetta Jones (as Fuschia) Aquanetta Jones (as Fuschia)   See fewer
Kathryn Glass
Maryann Perkins Maryann Perkins   See fewer
Elizabeth Graham
Amanda Tisdale Amanda Tisdale   See fewer
Mariah Grissom
Sarah Perkins Sarah Perkins   See fewer
Bam Hall
Bobby Bobby   See fewer
Jake Hanover
Allen Wiseman Allen Wiseman   See fewer
Tyra Hughes
Aretha Jackson Aretha Jackson   See fewer
Sharon Ingram
Dimple Lewis Dimple Lewis   See fewer
Trae Ireland
Emery Lacroux Emery Lacroux   See fewer
Avery Jackson
Nole Bridewell Nole Bridewell   See fewer
Reginald James
Daniel Perkins Daniel Perkins   See fewer
Andray Johnson
Paul Cambridge Paul Cambridge   See fewer
Brandon Jones
Kevin Miller Kevin Miller   See fewer
Sly Jones
Lenny Banks Lenny Banks   See fewer
Katina Kokaram
Adrian Lacroux Adrian Lacroux   See fewer
Carolyn Lawson
Lottie Potter Lottie Potter   See fewer
Rodney Mason
Magic Mike Magic Mike   See fewer
Armelia McQueen
Bertha Maxwell Bertha Maxwell   See fewer
Ethan Mekhi
E.J. Lacroux (as Ethan Scheid) E.J. Lacroux (as Ethan Scheid)   See fewer
Venita Metoyer
Ms. Loretta Talbot Ms. Loretta Talbot   See fewer
Mitsuko Morita
Mia Jackson Mia Jackson   See fewer
Ivo Nandi
Lopez Sanchez Lopez Sanchez   See fewer
Megan Niles
Haley Perkins Haley Perkins   See fewer
Hayley Marie Norman
Tammie Lynn Joseph Tammie Lynn Joseph   See fewer
Nita Norris
Momma Bea Momma Bea   See fewer
Don Peavy
Reverend Good Reverend Good   See fewer
Jackie Penn
Stevon Stevon   See fewer
Hansford Prince
Benny Bling Benny Bling   See fewer
Jessica Randle
Jennifer Coughlin Jennifer Coughlin   See fewer
Palma Lawrence Reed
Juanita Martin Juanita Martin   See fewer
Artis Rutledge
Clayton Albright Clayton Albright   See fewer
Christian L. Scott
LaVonda Beasley LaVonda Beasley   See fewer
Diane Sellers
Rolonda Beasley Rolonda Beasley   See fewer
Taja V. Simpson
Latina Beasley Latina Beasley   See fewer
J.R. Starr
Jimmy Jackson Jimmy Jackson   See fewer
Roger Trammell
Jeffery Miller Jeffery Miller   See fewer
Steve Turner
Marcus Maxwell (as Stever Turner) Marcus Maxwell (as Stever Turner)   See fewer
Barbara Urich
Jodi (as Barbara Suiter) Jodi (as Barbara Suiter)   See fewer
Vincent M. Ward
Jet Lewis (as Vincent Ward) Jet Lewis (as Vincent Ward)   See fewer
Ron Wilkinson
Dr. William Flowers Dr. William Flowers   See fewer
Barbara Akua Williams
Sylvia Cambridge Sylvia Cambridge   See fewer
Guy D. Williams
Henry 'Kip' Green Henry 'Kip' Green   See fewer
Marvin Williams
Michael Duncan Michael Duncan   See fewer
Allison Wottawa
Mindy Jean Haroldson Mindy Jean Haroldson   See fewer
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