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  • Bottle Shock (2008)
  • PG-13
    110 min | Comedy, Drama
Bottle Shock (2008)
110 min | Comedy, Drama

The story of the early days of California wine making featuring the now infamous, blind Paris wine tasting of 1976 that has come to be known as "Judgment of Paris".
Jody Savin (screenplay) (story) | Randall Miller (screenplay) (story) | Ross Schwartz (screenplay) (story) | Lannette Pabon (story)
Mike Ozier (as Michael J. Ozier)
Casting Director
Richard Pagano (as Rick Pagano)
Production Designer
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Release date
Sep 5, 2008 (United States)


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70 cast members
Name Known for
Chris Pine
Bo Barrett Bo Barrett   See fewer
Alan Rickman
Steven Spurrier Steven Spurrier   See fewer
Bill Pullman
Jim Barrett Jim Barrett   See fewer
Dennis Farina
Maurice Cantavale Maurice Cantavale   See fewer
Kirk Baily
Loan Officer Loan Officer   See fewer
Hal B. Klein
Shenky Shenky   See fewer
Freddy Rodríguez
Gustavo Brambila (as Freddy Rodriguez) Gustavo Brambila (as Freddy Rodriguez)   See fewer
Philippe Bergeron
Pierre Tari Pierre Tari   See fewer
Jean-Michel Richaud
Maitre d' Maitre d'   See fewer
Rachael Taylor
Sam Fulton Sam Fulton   See fewer
Louis Giambalvo
George Taber George Taber   See fewer
Greg Collins
Trucker Trucker   See fewer
Luis Saguar
Man #1 (as Louis Saguar) Man #1 (as Louis Saguar)   See fewer
James Hiser
Man #2 Man #2   See fewer
Geoff Callan
Man #3 Man #3   See fewer
Miguel Sandoval
Mr. Garcia Mr. Garcia   See fewer
Marcia Firesten
Karen Thompson Karen Thompson   See fewer
Matthew Kimbrough
Michael Robbins Michael Robbins   See fewer
Kathy McGraw
Ms. Relyea Ms. Relyea   See fewer
Al Liner
Hotel Clerk Hotel Clerk   See fewer
Deborah O'Brien
TWA Attendant TWA Attendant   See fewer
Brian Leonard
Passenger #1 Passenger #1   See fewer
Karl-Heinz Teuber
German Passenger German Passenger   See fewer
Maximilienne Ewalt
Passenger #2 Passenger #2   See fewer
Frank Avila
Field Hand Field Hand   See fewer
Bradley Whitford
Professor Saunders Professor Saunders   See fewer
Richard Gross
Lt. Randall Lt. Randall   See fewer
Valerie Long
Vintner #2 Vintner #2   See fewer
James Carraway
Vintner #3 Vintner #3   See fewer
Marian Filali
Odette Kahn Odette Kahn   See fewer
Phillipe Simon
Claude Dubois-Millot (as Philippe Simon) Claude Dubois-Millot (as Philippe Simon)   See fewer
André Tardieu
Raymond Oliver (as Andre Tardieu) Raymond Oliver (as Andre Tardieu)   See fewer
J.P. Gillain
Pierre Bréjoux (as Jean-Pierre Gillain) Pierre Bréjoux (as Jean-Pierre Gillain)   See fewer
Andre Mathieu
Upscale Man Upscale Man   See fewer
Jody Savin
Upscale Woman Upscale Woman   See fewer
Roy Jimenez
Shopkeeper Shopkeeper   See fewer
Anita Argent
French Wine Spectator (uncredited) French Wine Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Amiee Conn
Bo's Friend (uncredited) Bo's Friend (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeff Coté
Photographer (uncredited) Photographer (uncredited)   See fewer
John Crosthwaite
Wine Spectator (uncredited) Wine Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Danielle Deffenbaugh
French Pedestrian (uncredited) French Pedestrian (uncredited)   See fewer
Dino Ghilarducci
Winemaker (uncredited) Winemaker (uncredited)   See fewer
Leslie Goodman
Wine Tasting Spectator (uncredited) Wine Tasting Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
John Harden
French Judge (uncredited) French Judge (uncredited)   See fewer
Arlo Hemphill
French Waiter (uncredited) French Waiter (uncredited)   See fewer
Larry Kitagawa
Country Club Member (uncredited) Country Club Member (uncredited)   See fewer
Jay Krueger
Winery Driver (uncredited) Winery Driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Krystal Landrum
TWA Ticket Agent (uncredited) TWA Ticket Agent (uncredited)   See fewer
Justin Malachi
Valet (uncredited) Valet (uncredited)   See fewer
Hugo F. Martínez
Vinyard Worker (uncredited) Vinyard Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
Jennifer McGeorge
Wine Spectator (uncredited) Wine Spectator (uncredited)   See fewer
Maya Savin Miller
French Girl (uncredited) French Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Caleb Daniel Noal
Bo's Friend #2 (uncredited) Bo's Friend #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Jimmy Olea
Motorcycle Rebel (uncredited) Motorcycle Rebel (uncredited)   See fewer
Alden Olmsted
Hotel Patron (uncredited) Hotel Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Montgomery Paulsen
Store Patron (uncredited) Store Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeff Redlick
Pedestrian (uncredited) Pedestrian (uncredited)   See fewer
James Rufini
Winemaker (uncredited) Winemaker (uncredited)   See fewer
Anjuli Sanneman
Girl Smoking Bong (uncredited) Girl Smoking Bong (uncredited)   See fewer
Casey Schryer
French Child (uncredited) French Child (uncredited)   See fewer
Nathalie Tedrick
College Student (uncredited) College Student (uncredited)   See fewer
Scott Updegrave
Attorney (uncredited) Attorney (uncredited)   See fewer
Mario Vendetti
Valet (uncredited) Valet (uncredited)   See fewer
Rodrigo Villagomez
Vinyard Worker (uncredited) Vinyard Worker (uncredited)   See fewer
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