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Desperate Housewives

Bang (Season 3, Episode 7)
TV Episode | 43 min | Comedy, Drama, Mystery

The day begins just as every other... Except today, there will be a deadly hostage situation in a local supermarket.
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Marc Cherry (created by) | Joe Keenan (written by) | Jenna Bans (executive story editor) | Joshua Senter (executive story editor) (as Josh Senter) | Dahvi Waller (story editor)
Richard M. Rawlings Jr. (as Richard Rawlings)
Casting Directors
Production Designer
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Updated Nov 5, 2006

Release date
Nov 5, 2006 (United States)


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36 cast members
Name Known for
Teri Hatcher
Susan Mayer Susan Mayer   See fewer
Felicity Huffman
Lynette Scavo Lynette Scavo   See fewer
Marcia Cross
Bree Hodge Bree Hodge   See fewer
Eva Longoria
Gabrielle Solis Gabrielle Solis   See fewer
Nicollette Sheridan
Edie Britt Edie Britt   See fewer
Ricardo Chavira
Carlos Solis (as Ricardo Antonio Chavira) Carlos Solis (as Ricardo Antonio Chavira)   See fewer
Andrea Bowen
Julie Mayer Julie Mayer   See fewer
Doug Savant
Tom Scavo Tom Scavo   See fewer
Kyle MacLachlan
Orson Hodge Orson Hodge   See fewer
Brenda Strong
Mary Alice Young Mary Alice Young   See fewer
James Denton
Mike Delfino (credit only) Mike Delfino (credit only)   See fewer
Shawn Pyfrom
Andrew Van De Kamp Andrew Van De Kamp   See fewer
Joy Jorgensen
Danielle Van De Kamp (as Joy Lauren) Danielle Van De Kamp (as Joy Lauren)   See fewer
Josh Henderson
Austin McCann Austin McCann   See fewer
Brent Kinsman
Preston Scavo Preston Scavo   See fewer
Shane Kinsman
Porter Scavo Porter Scavo   See fewer
Zane Huett
Parker Scavo Parker Scavo   See fewer
Dougray Scott
Ian Hainsworth Ian Hainsworth   See fewer
Kathryn Joosten
Karen McCluskey Karen McCluskey   See fewer
Laurie Metcalf
Carolyn Bigsby Carolyn Bigsby   See fewer
Kiersten Warren
Nora Huntington Nora Huntington   See fewer
Brian Kerwin
Harvey Bigsby Harvey Bigsby   See fewer
Matt Roth
Art Shepherd Art Shepherd   See fewer
Rachel Fox
Kayla Huntington Kayla Huntington   See fewer
Michael Bofshever
Mr. Stevens Mr. Stevens   See fewer
Michael Durrell
Mr. Katzburg Mr. Katzburg   See fewer
Pat Crawford Brown
Ida Greenberg Ida Greenberg   See fewer
Matt Casper
Stockboy Stockboy   See fewer
Christine Clayburg
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Maile Flanagan
Cashier Cashier   See fewer
Joe Sabatino
Police Captain Police Captain   See fewer
Anne Bellamy
Female Hostage Female Hostage   See fewer
Rodger Arlen
Delivery Guy (uncredited) Delivery Guy (uncredited)   See fewer
Michael Dane
Bree's Neighbor (uncredited) Bree's Neighbor (uncredited)   See fewer
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