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  • Kenny (2006)
  • PG-13
    99 min | Comedy
Kenny (2006)
99 min | Comedy

This hilarious mockumentary film follows the numerous misadventures of a porta-john worker through both his personal and professional life, including an oddly glamorous excursion to the Pumper and Cleaner Expo in Nashville, TN.
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Release date
Jul 11, 2008 (United States)


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104 cast members
Name Known for
Shane Jacobson
Kenny Smyth Kenny Smyth   See fewer
Travis Golland
Pumper 1 Pumper 1   See fewer
Saxon Fuller
Pumper 2 Pumper 2   See fewer
Thomas Uerata
Pumper 3 Pumper 3   See fewer
Kevin Roy
Pumper 5 Pumper 5   See fewer
Craig Carter
Radio DJ (voice) Radio DJ (voice)   See fewer
Pete Smith
Radio DJ (voice) (as Peter Smith) Radio DJ (voice) (as Peter Smith)   See fewer
Adrian Atkinson
Air Show Manager Air Show Manager   See fewer
Amanda Wilson
Pumper 7 Pumper 7   See fewer
Darren Nuttall
Man Up Ladder Man Up Ladder   See fewer
Tony Williams
Festival Setup Crew 1 Festival Setup Crew 1   See fewer
Colin Pedlar
Festival Setup Crew 2 Festival Setup Crew 2   See fewer
Vicki Musso
Ex Wife / Ringless Woman Ex Wife / Ringless Woman   See fewer
David Nugara
Boxing Trainer Boxing Trainer   See fewer
Greg Mitchell
Chest Pointer Chest Pointer   See fewer
Bernard Derriman
Businessman Businessman   See fewer
Stephanie Kupsch
Complaining Girl 1 Complaining Girl 1   See fewer
Kate Ulbrich
Complaining Girl 2 Complaining Girl 2   See fewer
Kellie Tidd
Woman Interrupted / Woman Outside Woman Interrupted / Woman Outside   See fewer
Fernando Imperatori
Festival DJ Festival DJ   See fewer
Kriv Stenders
Naked Buck Naked Buck   See fewer
Ron Darby
Fire Chief Fire Chief   See fewer
Brad Quinn
Fireman 1 Fireman 1   See fewer
Mick Prendergast
Fireman 2 Fireman 2   See fewer
Craig Williams
Fireman 3 Fireman 3   See fewer
Mick Hughes
Fireman 4 Fireman 4   See fewer
Chris Harrop
Fireman 5 Fireman 5   See fewer
Cameron Watt
Policeman 1 Policeman 1   See fewer
Murray Watt
Policeman 2 Policeman 2   See fewer
Jesse Simonds
Onlooker 1 Onlooker 1   See fewer
Renee Simonds
Onlooker 2 Onlooker 2   See fewer
Monique Lander
Onlooker 3 Onlooker 3   See fewer
Egan Cook
Onlooker 4 Onlooker 4   See fewer
Ian Dryden
Sammy Sammy   See fewer
Nicky Bomba
Guitar / Vocals Guitar / Vocals   See fewer
Amber Hull
Unconscious Girl Unconscious Girl   See fewer
Dave Pitman
Angry Toilet Patron 1 Angry Toilet Patron 1   See fewer
Ant Keogh
Uni Student Uni Student   See fewer
Nicole Bardy
Angry Toilet Patron 2 Angry Toilet Patron 2   See fewer
Yuji Yamamoto
Busker 1 Busker 1   See fewer
Yuki Ito
Busker 2 Busker 2   See fewer
Kim Te-Paa
Busker 3 Busker 3   See fewer
Dave Wilson
Bar Bouncer Bar Bouncer   See fewer
Geoff Maher
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
Amanda Van Cuylenberg
Bar Patron Bar Patron   See fewer
Clayton Jacobson
Brother Brother   See fewer
Warwick Sadler
Raceway Thug 1 Raceway Thug 1   See fewer
Simon Scott
Raceway Thug 2 Raceway Thug 2   See fewer
Graham Jahne
Raceway Thug 3 Raceway Thug 3   See fewer
Damian Walshe-Howling
Crazy Man in Toilet Crazy Man in Toilet   See fewer
Nash Edgerton
Flame Thrower 1 / Golf Buggy Victim Flame Thrower 1 / Golf Buggy Victim   See fewer
Clayton Graham
Flame Thrower 2 Flame Thrower 2   See fewer
Micheal Karpaney
Sparring Partner (as Michael Karpaney) Sparring Partner (as Michael Karpaney)   See fewer
Eve von Bibra
Jackie Sheppard Jackie Sheppard   See fewer
Sean Lander
Steward Steward   See fewer
Randall Berger
Apathetic Passenger Apathetic Passenger   See fewer
John Musso
Pilot (voice) Pilot (voice)   See fewer
Mat Hudson
Plane Toilet Patron (as Matthew Hudson) Plane Toilet Patron (as Matthew Hudson)   See fewer
Matthew Hudson
Plane Toilet Patron Plane Toilet Patron   See fewer
Zoe Lander
Exercise Demo Patron Exercise Demo Patron   See fewer
Jill Goss
Broken Toilet Woman Broken Toilet Woman   See fewer
Robert 'Bobby' Birch Jr.
Nashville Cab Driver Nashville Cab Driver   See fewer
Michael Pederson
Satellite Toilet Rep Satellite Toilet Rep   See fewer
Ron Bird
Ameri-Can Toilet Rep Ameri-Can Toilet Rep   See fewer
Morihiko Hasebe
Sushi Cowboy Sushi Cowboy   See fewer
Makoto Fujiwara
Japanese Businessman 1 Japanese Businessman 1   See fewer
Hideyuki Watanabe
Japanese Businessman 2 Japanese Businessman 2   See fewer
Dave Andres
Mr. John Toilet Rep Mr. John Toilet Rep   See fewer
Donald McDonald
Seminar Presenter Seminar Presenter   See fewer
Robin Crow
Motivational Singer Motivational Singer   See fewer
Moody Wesley Hall Jr.
Karaoke Bouncer Karaoke Bouncer   See fewer
Ken Cooper
Cowboy 1 Cowboy 1   See fewer
Trevor Moore
Cowboy 2 Cowboy 2   See fewer
Bob Prosser
Patient 1 Patient 1   See fewer
Rosanna Erougian
Nurse 1 Nurse 1   See fewer
Edy Erougian
Patient 2 Patient 2   See fewer
Eva Erougian
Patient 2's Wife Patient 2's Wife   See fewer
David Michôd
Nurse 2 Nurse 2   See fewer
Angelo Musso
Patient 3 Patient 3   See fewer
Loris Musso
Patient 3's Wife Patient 3's Wife   See fewer
Amanda Jane
Lab Nurse Lab Nurse   See fewer
Chris Benz
Doctor Doctor   See fewer
Ella Ly
Bush Cab Driver Bush Cab Driver   See fewer
Kim Dryden
Julie Julie   See fewer
Joe Scollo
Pumper 8 Pumper 8   See fewer
Vince Mollica
Pumper 9 Pumper 9   See fewer
Dean Pointer
Pumper 10 Pumper 10   See fewer
Victoria Clemens
Office Assistant Office Assistant   See fewer
Alison Coogan
Drunken Race Punter Drunken Race Punter   See fewer
Jason Gann
Drunk guy at races Drunk guy at races   See fewer
Mark Hanlin
Poo filled car owner Poo filled car owner   See fewer
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