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  • Dreamkiller (2010)
  • R
    110 min | Thriller
Dreamkiller (2010)
110 min | Thriller

A young doctor is linked to a series of mysterious and brutally executed murders while performing a controversial medical experiment with mysterious origins.
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Release date
Feb 19, 2010 (United States)


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42 cast members
Name Known for
Dario Deak
Nick Nemet Nick Nemet   See fewer
John Savage
Agent Barnes Agent Barnes   See fewer
Tyrone Power Jr.
Agent Benett Agent Benett   See fewer
Penny Vital
Annette DeFour (as Penny Drake) Annette DeFour (as Penny Drake)   See fewer
John Colton
Dr. Stalberg Dr. Stalberg   See fewer
Eddie Alfano
Forensics Tech Forensics Tech   See fewer
Karin Andrade
Debbie Torres Debbie Torres   See fewer
Chéri Ballinger
Research Scientist Research Scientist   See fewer
Brad Bell
Julian Stoli (as Cheeks) Julian Stoli (as Cheeks)   See fewer
David Bertelsen
Dr. Kearney Dr. Kearney   See fewer
Lauren Bicknell
Psych Nurse Wilson Psych Nurse Wilson   See fewer
Greg Blessing
Officer Reilley Officer Reilley   See fewer
Henriette Dyer
Police officer Police officer   See fewer
Gary Edward
Dr. Reyes (as Gary Hourani) Dr. Reyes (as Gary Hourani)   See fewer
Natalia Ferreiro
Rachel (voice) (as Celia Alexandra Besore) Rachel (voice) (as Celia Alexandra Besore)   See fewer
Rachel Haines
Det. Renee Ferguson Det. Renee Ferguson   See fewer
Gui Inacio
Police Officer Police Officer   See fewer
Ryan Johnsen
Officer Flynn Officer Flynn   See fewer
Monique Jones
Bartender Bartender   See fewer
Jeanne Mount
Mrs. Bernstein Mrs. Bernstein   See fewer
Diandra Newlin
Natalia Nemet Natalia Nemet   See fewer
Paul Oquist
Masterson Masterson   See fewer
Mimi Renard
Nurse Spears Nurse Spears   See fewer
Nick Rish
Detective Barrett Detective Barrett   See fewer
Todd Roosevelt
Officer Hendricks Officer Hendricks   See fewer
Pepe Serna
Actor Actor   See fewer
Marilyn Simon
Captain (voice) (as Marilyn Mark) Captain (voice) (as Marilyn Mark)   See fewer
Adriana Souza
Paramedic Paramedic   See fewer
Brent Stevens
Brian Carter Brian Carter   See fewer
Suzanne Turner
Captain Karen MacPherson Captain Karen MacPherson   See fewer
Theresa Walsh
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Darian Weiss
Natalia's Boyfriend Natalia's Boyfriend   See fewer
Kristina Wong
Research scientist Research scientist   See fewer
America Young
Erin O'Dowell Erin O'Dowell   See fewer
Dan Hefner
Patient in Wheelchair (uncredited) Patient in Wheelchair (uncredited)   See fewer
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