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Blue Heelers

One Day More: Part 1 (Season 13, Episode 10)
TV Episode | 45 min | Action, Crime, Drama

Tom knows he should be looking after his own health and renewing ties with his estranged family. But he's distracted when disgraced former constable Adam Cooper returns to town.
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Marcia Gardner (story editor) | Hal McElroy (creator) (co-writer) | Tony Morphett (creator) (co-writer) | Stuart Page
Casting Director
Production Designer
Edit Released
Updated Jun 4, 2006

Release date
Jun 4, 2006 (Australia)


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21 cast members
Name STARmeter Known for
Matthew Holmes
Matt Graham Matt Graham   See fewer
Members only
Charlie Clausen
Alex Kirby Alex Kirby   See fewer
Members only
Danny Raco
Joss Peroni Joss Peroni   See fewer
Members only
Samantha Tolj
Kelly O'Rourke Kelly O'Rourke   See fewer
Members only
Rachel Gordon
Amy Fox Amy Fox   See fewer
Members only
Simone McAullay
Susie Raynor Susie Raynor   See fewer
Members only
Ditch Davey
Evan Jones Evan Jones   See fewer
Members only
Julie Nihill
Chris Reilly Chris Reilly   See fewer
Members only
John Wood
Senior Sgt. Tom Croydon Senior Sgt. Tom Croydon   See fewer
Members only
Chris Birt
Billy Taylor Billy Taylor   See fewer
Members only
Mark Blackmore
John Hughes John Hughes   See fewer
Members only
Milijana Cancar
Tom's Oncologist Tom's Oncologist   See fewer
Members only
Richard Cawthorne
Bryan McKean Bryan McKean   See fewer
Members only
Katherine Halliday
Oncology Nurse Oncology Nurse   See fewer
Members only
Josh Lawson
David Murray David Murray   See fewer
Top 5000
Sally McLean
Hospital Administrator Hospital Administrator   See fewer
Members only
Stephanie Millar
Dr. Sophie Ash Dr. Sophie Ash   See fewer
Members only
Neil Pigot
Inspector Russell Falcon-Price Inspector Russell Falcon-Price   See fewer
Members only
Victoria Thaine
Gina O'Connor Gina O'Connor   See fewer
Members only
Marguerite Tierney
Billy's Girlfriend Billy's Girlfriend   See fewer
Members only
Damian Walshe-Howling
Const. Adam Cooper Const. Adam Cooper   See fewer
Members only
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Ratings Breakdown

8 / 10 | 8 votes