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  • Lo mejor de mí (2007)
  • 85 min | Drama
Lo mejor de mí (2007)
85 min | Drama

Raquel and Tomas are an average young couple in love. They will suddenly have to reconsider their relationship when the boy goes to hospital and awaits a liver transplantation.
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Release date
Mar 7, 2008 (Spain)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Juan Sanz
Tomás Tomás   See fewer
Lluís Homar
Eduardo Eduardo   See fewer
Alberto Jiménez
Dr. Ferrer Dr. Ferrer   See fewer
Carmen Machi
Carmen Carmen   See fewer
Maife Gil
Pilar Pilar   See fewer
Pep Cortés
Ignacio Ignacio   See fewer
Enric Ases
Alberto Alberto   See fewer
Nausicaa Bonnín
Claudia (as Nausica Bonin) Claudia (as Nausica Bonin)   See fewer
Albert Roig
Dr. García Dr. García   See fewer
Maria Pau Pigem
Dra. Sans Dra. Sans   See fewer
Àngela Jové
Dra. Mútua Dra. Mútua   See fewer
Josep Maria Gimeno
Cambrer Bar Cambrer Bar   See fewer
Assumpció Matarrodona
Senyora Bar (as Asunción Matarrodona) Senyora Bar (as Asunción Matarrodona)   See fewer
Ariadna Rubio
Nena Parc Nena Parc   See fewer
Jordi Gràcia
Anestesista Raquel Anestesista Raquel   See fewer
Amàlia Sancho
Infermera Infermera   See fewer
Miquel Bordoy
Radiòleg Radiòleg   See fewer
Anna Serrarols
Nena platja Nena platja   See fewer
Mayka Dueñas
Senyora Parc (as Maika Dueñas) Senyora Parc (as Maika Dueñas)   See fewer
Carmen Jones
Clienta Centre Estètica Clienta Centre Estètica   See fewer
Félix Anastasio
Camber Xiringuito Camber Xiringuito   See fewer
Jove Locutor Jove Locutor   See fewer
Sergi Anguera
Noi jove (as Sergio Anguera) Noi jove (as Sergio Anguera)   See fewer
Paola Monzzo
Noia jove Noia jove   See fewer
Kiko Llamas
Home amic David Home amic David   See fewer
Pau Blanch Mestre
Noi jardí Noi jardí   See fewer
Caro Garcia
Infermera esforç físic Infermera esforç físic   See fewer
Berta Viñas
Filla Dr. Ferrer Filla Dr. Ferrer   See fewer
Clara Salazar
Cangur Filla Dr. Ferrer Cangur Filla Dr. Ferrer   See fewer
Eli Díaz
Dona malalta Dona malalta   See fewer
Núria Florensa
Auxiliar de clínica Auxiliar de clínica   See fewer
Xavier Nuñez
Anestessista Tomás (as Xavier Núñez) Anestessista Tomás (as Xavier Núñez)   See fewer
Anaïs Pareto Onghena
Infermera Tomàs (as Anaïs Pareto) Infermera Tomàs (as Anaïs Pareto)   See fewer
Fernando Salmerón
Atleta 1 Atleta 1   See fewer
Antonio Delgado
Atleta 2 Atleta 2   See fewer
Carlos Román
Atleta 3 Atleta 3   See fewer
Guillermo López
Atleta 4 Atleta 4   See fewer
Mar Farga
Noia amb bata Noia amb bata   See fewer
Norma Cano
Noia prima Noia prima   See fewer
Jaume Navarro
Marcos Marcos   See fewer
Ildefons Vilanova
Home amb grossos Home amb grossos   See fewer
Ana Amargós
Redactora Ràdio Redactora Ràdio   See fewer
Juli Muñoz
Redactor Ràdio Redactor Ràdio   See fewer
Concha Rodríguez
Dona de la neteja Dona de la neteja   See fewer
Jordi Herreros
Camiller 1 Camiller 1   See fewer
Ruben Goldfarb
Camiller 2 Camiller 2   See fewer
Ruben Ametllé
Javier (archive footage) Javier (archive footage)   See fewer
Paco Morán
Hipólito (archive footage) Hipólito (archive footage)   See fewer
Piero Verzello
Enfermero (uncredited) Enfermero (uncredited)   See fewer
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