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  • Tooth Fairy (I) (2010)
  • PG
    101 min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Tooth Fairy (I) (2010)
101 min | Comedy, Family, Fantasy

A bad deed on the part of a tough minor-league hockey player results in an unusual sentence: He must serve one week as a real-life tooth fairy.
Lowell Ganz (screenplay) | Babaloo Mandel (screenplay) | Joshua Sternin (screenplay) | Jennifer Ventimilia (screenplay) (as Jeffrey Ventimilia) & 2 more
George S. Clinton (music by)
Production Designer
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Release date
Jan 22, 2010 (United States)


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59 cast members
Name Known for
Ryan Sheckler
Mick Donnelly Mick Donnelly   See fewer
Destiny Whitlock
Tess (as Destiny Grace Whitlock) Tess (as Destiny Grace Whitlock)   See fewer
Dan Joffre
Tooth Fairy #1 Tooth Fairy #1   See fewer
Ellie Harvie
Permit Woman Permit Woman   See fewer
Michael Daingerfield
Announcer Announcer   See fewer
Dale Wolfe
Color Commentator Color Commentator   See fewer
Anthony Bewlz
Brad (as Steve Bewley) Brad (as Steve Bewley)   See fewer
Lee Tichon
Andreas Andreas   See fewer
David Quinlan
Gabe's Dad Gabe's Dad   See fewer
Ron Toffolo
Sports Reporter Sports Reporter   See fewer
Jill Morrison
Shelter Cove Mom Shelter Cove Mom   See fewer
Stephen Holmes
Shelter Cove Dad Shelter Cove Dad   See fewer
Alex Ferris
Shelter Cove Kid Shelter Cove Kid   See fewer
Juno Rinaldi
Sally (as Juno Ruddell) Sally (as Juno Ruddell)   See fewer
Rukiya Bernard
Amnesia Woman Amnesia Woman   See fewer
Osmond L. Bramble
Amnesia Man (as O. L. Bramble) Amnesia Man (as O. L. Bramble)   See fewer
Maya Washington
Amnesia Daughter Amnesia Daughter   See fewer
Candus Churchill
Amnesia Grandma Amnesia Grandma   See fewer
Rudy Richards
Amnesia Grandpa Amnesia Grandpa   See fewer
Maya Macatumpag
Amnesia Granddaughter (as Maya Mack) Amnesia Granddaughter (as Maya Mack)   See fewer
BJ Harrison
Amnesia Aunt Amnesia Aunt   See fewer
Alvin Sanders
Amnesia Uncle Amnesia Uncle   See fewer
Matt Ward
Amnesia Nephew Amnesia Nephew   See fewer
Tanessa Holomon
Amnesia Kid Amnesia Kid   See fewer
Amnesia Daughter-In-Law (as Storma Sire) Amnesia Daughter-In-Law (as Storma Sire)   See fewer
Joanna Reid
Amnesia Distant Cousin Amnesia Distant Cousin   See fewer
Christina Schild
Poltergeist Woman Poltergeist Woman   See fewer
Nicholas Carella
Poltergeist Man Poltergeist Man   See fewer
Derek Gilroy
Crazed Fan Crazed Fan   See fewer
Brendan Beiser
Teddy's Dad Teddy's Dad   See fewer
Peter Kelamis
Talent Show Teacher Talent Show Teacher   See fewer
John Kirincich
Ref for Game #3 Ref for Game #3   See fewer
John Tench
Inmate Inmate   See fewer
Fiona Hogan
Scared Woman Scared Woman   See fewer
David Courtney
Staples Center Announcer (uncredited) Staples Center Announcer (uncredited)   See fewer
Billy Crystal
Jerry (uncredited) Jerry (uncredited)   See fewer
James Forrester
Hockey Fan (uncredited) Hockey Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Ben Geldreich
Angry Fan (uncredited) Angry Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Blair Gorrell
Music Store Customer (uncredited) Music Store Customer (uncredited)   See fewer
Lia Lam
Lily's Assistant (uncredited) Lily's Assistant (uncredited)   See fewer
Michel Voyer
Referee (uncredited) Referee (uncredited)   See fewer
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