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  • Pandemic (2007–2007)
  • TV Mini-series | 169 min | Action, Drama, Thriller
Pandemic (2007–2007)
TV Mini-series | 169 min | Action, Drama, Thriller

The bird flu virus spreads through Los Angeles as a doctor from the CDC races to find a vaccine.
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Updated Jan 23, 2007

Release date (First episode)
May 26, 2007 (United States)


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81 cast members
Name Episodes Known for
Tiffani Thiessen
Dr. Kayla Martin Dr. Kayla Martin   See fewer
French Stewart
Dr. Carl Ratner Dr. Carl Ratner   See fewer
Faye Dunaway
Governor Lillian Schaefer Governor Lillian Schaefer   See fewer
Eric Roberts
Mayor Richard Dellasandro Mayor Richard Dellasandro   See fewer
Vincent Spano
Troy Whitlock Troy Whitlock   See fewer
Bob Gunton
Dr. Max Sorkosky Dr. Max Sorkosky   See fewer
Michael Massee
Edward Vicente Edward Vicente   See fewer
Shashawnee Hall
Pete Sampson Pete Sampson   See fewer
Stephen Ramsey
Gibby Smolak Gibby Smolak   See fewer
Jo Champa
Aria Beutefeldt Aria Beutefeldt   See fewer
Robert Curtis Brown
Jack Hendler Jack Hendler   See fewer
Dana Barron
Lindsey Mastrapa Lindsey Mastrapa   See fewer
Renée Taylor
Kathryn Hadorn Kathryn Hadorn   See fewer
Ron Perkins
Dr. Chuck Westley Dr. Chuck Westley   See fewer
Kyle Searles
Ames Smith Ames Smith   See fewer
Alex Skuby
Captain Nick Slater Captain Nick Slater   See fewer
Clyde Kusatsu
Dr. Kenji Ito Dr. Kenji Ito   See fewer
Bruce Boxleitner
Kenneth Friedlander Kenneth Friedlander   See fewer
Tamlyn Tomita
Melissa Lo Melissa Lo   See fewer
Scott Michael Campbell
Rick Foxhoven Rick Foxhoven   See fewer
Colby Paul
Gil Whitlock Gil Whitlock   See fewer
Matt Battaglia
Frank Jantzen Frank Jantzen   See fewer
Alex Paez
Jose Ruiz Jose Ruiz   See fewer
Onahoua Rodriguez
Angela Ruiz Angela Ruiz   See fewer
Fenessa Pineda
Belinda Ruiz Belinda Ruiz   See fewer
Alan Blumenfeld
Bill Smith Bill Smith   See fewer
Isabella Hofmann
Lauren Smith Lauren Smith   See fewer
Theo Wilson
Henry Littlefield Henry Littlefield   See fewer
Brooke Davis
Nurse Paulette Nurse Paulette   See fewer
Martin Papazian
Mr. Smoke Mr. Smoke   See fewer
Rigo Sanchez
Mr. Culp Mr. Culp   See fewer
Kelly Heyer
Brooke Florin Brooke Florin   See fewer
Eugene Davis
Richard Greeley Richard Greeley   See fewer
Noah Blake
Ray Horvath Ray Horvath   See fewer
Barry Livingston
Dr. Winston Tam Dr. Winston Tam   See fewer
John Kapelos
Michael Torino Michael Torino   See fewer
Mike Grief
Marcus Gardurian Marcus Gardurian   See fewer
Sally Strecker
Paramedic Roy Paramedic Roy   See fewer
David E. Newham
Paramedic Tooley Paramedic Tooley   See fewer
James DuMont
Phil Duin Phil Duin   See fewer
Tiara Parker
Real Estate Worker Real Estate Worker   See fewer
Mary Jo Catlett
Sister Grace Woodward Sister Grace Woodward   See fewer
Cher Calvin
Angie Centofante Angie Centofante   See fewer
Dave Allen Clark
Brian Wells Brian Wells   See fewer
Sandra Dee Robinson
Carla Florin Carla Florin   See fewer
Rod McCary
Judge Lloyd Elmer Clark Judge Lloyd Elmer Clark   See fewer
Kelly Atkinson
Ticket Agent Ticket Agent   See fewer
Wendy Braun
Stephanie Benson Stephanie Benson   See fewer
Bruce Nozick
Mitchell Shepard Mitchell Shepard   See fewer
Catherine McCord
Helen Gruner Helen Gruner   See fewer
Robert Norsworthy
Harry Firestone Harry Firestone   See fewer
Matt Gould
Jake Laramie Jake Laramie   See fewer
Mik Scriba
Coleman Coleman   See fewer
John Dybdahl
Semi Truck Driver Semi Truck Driver   See fewer
Danny Breen
Father Fine Father Fine   See fewer
T.J. Castronovo
Building Superintendent Building Superintendent   See fewer
Charles Carpenter
Police Captain Police Captain   See fewer
Tony Clarno
Charlie Williams Charlie Williams   See fewer
Austin Brooks
Air Traffic Controller Air Traffic Controller   See fewer
John Nielsen
TV News Producer TV News Producer   See fewer
Art Bonilla
Telemundo Reporter Telemundo Reporter   See fewer
Anthony Reynolds
SWAT Leader / Soldier SWAT Leader / Soldier   See fewer
Brionne Davis
Man at ATM Man at ATM   See fewer
Denise Grayson
Airline Passenger Airline Passenger   See fewer
Gabriel Bologna
Pharmacist Pharmacist   See fewer
Darryl Armbruster
Torino's Agent Torino's Agent   See fewer
Dano Wilberger
Paul Shepard Paul Shepard   See fewer
Lucille Hansen
Emergency Room Nurse Emergency Room Nurse   See fewer
Rico Simonini
Valdez Valdez   See fewer
Barry Sigismondi
Chris Fentress Chris Fentress   See fewer
Paul Edney
Airport Police Officer Airport Police Officer   See fewer
Fonda Jefferson
Patient Patient   See fewer
Tricia Alley
Doctor #2 (uncredited) Doctor #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Bill Cook
Town Mayor (uncredited) Town Mayor (uncredited)   See fewer
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