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  • Redline (2007)
  • PG-13
    102 min | Action
Redline (2007)
102 min | Action

A gorgeous young automobile fanatic--and front to the hottest unsigned band on the West coast--finds herself caught up in illegal drag-racing competitions organized by exotic car fanatics.
Robert Foreman (screenplay) | Daniel Sadek (story)
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Release date
Apr 13, 2007 (United States)


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79 cast members
Name Known for
Nadia Bjorlin
Natasha Natasha   See fewer
Angus Macfadyen
Michael Michael   See fewer
Eddie Griffin
Infamous Infamous   See fewer
Tim Matheson
Jerry Brecken Jerry Brecken   See fewer
Barbara Niven
Sally Martin Sally Martin   See fewer
Denyce Lawton
Mianda Mianda   See fewer
Marc Crumpton
Trevor Trevor   See fewer
Hal Ozsan
Mike Z Mike Z   See fewer
Michael Hagiwara
Marcus Cheng Marcus Cheng   See fewer
Christopher Backus
Tony Nefuse (as Chris Backus) Tony Nefuse (as Chris Backus)   See fewer
Aalok Mehta
Vikram Vikram   See fewer
Mary Elise Hayden
Liz Athen Liz Athen   See fewer
Armando Pucci
Flavio Flavio   See fewer
Doug Budin
Tommy Tommy   See fewer
Joey Sagal
Elvis Announcer (as Joe Sagal) Elvis Announcer (as Joe Sagal)   See fewer
James Mendivil
Henchman Henchman   See fewer
James M. Churchman
Jeeter (as Jim Churchman) Jeeter (as Jim Churchman)   See fewer
Jim Lefave
Jimmy Fever Jimmy Fever   See fewer
Rigg Kennedy
Rigg Kennedy Rigg Kennedy   See fewer
George Thomas
Entourage Entourage   See fewer
Tom Muzila
Man in Maserati Man in Maserati   See fewer
Gus Hansen
Self (as Gustav Hansen) Self (as Gustav Hansen)   See fewer
Nina Smidt
Brunette Announcer Brunette Announcer   See fewer
Ben Alexander
Counterfeiter Counterfeiter   See fewer
Ernie Reyes Jr.
Ernie (as Ernie Reyes) Ernie (as Ernie Reyes)   See fewer
Mike Massa
Pit Crew #1 Pit Crew #1   See fewer
Tierre Turner
Pit Crew #2 Pit Crew #2   See fewer
Robert Overmyer
Paramedic Paramedic   See fewer
Monica Allgeier
Tina (as Monica Allgerier) Tina (as Monica Allgerier)   See fewer
Dane Farwell
Motorcycle Cop Motorcycle Cop   See fewer
David Dayan Fisher
Godfather (as David Fisher) Godfather (as David Fisher)   See fewer
Louis Mandylor
Arms Dealer Arms Dealer   See fewer
Allan Graf
Armed Guard (as Alan Graf) Armed Guard (as Alan Graf)   See fewer
Joseph M. Solis
Manager Manager   See fewer
George Alvarezzo
Production Assistant #2 (uncredited) Production Assistant #2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Ron R. Anantavara
Ferrari Crash Victim (uncredited) Ferrari Crash Victim (uncredited)   See fewer
Greg Anderson
Club Patron (uncredited) Club Patron (uncredited)   See fewer
Jennifer Aspinwall
Massage Girl (uncredited) Massage Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Rachael Boyd
Car Sales Associate (uncredited) Car Sales Associate (uncredited)   See fewer
Monica Cabral
Maria (uncredited) Maria (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeff Chase
Gumba #5 (uncredited) Gumba #5 (uncredited)   See fewer
Alexandra Cheron
Actress / Model (uncredited) Actress / Model (uncredited)   See fewer
Katie Cleary
Model (uncredited) Model (uncredited)   See fewer
Colvon Collins
Camera Man (uncredited) Camera Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Stacey Doss
Cheng's Entourage (uncredited) Cheng's Entourage (uncredited)   See fewer
Jasmine Dustin
Model (uncredited) Model (uncredited)   See fewer
Richard Dyer
Boxer (uncredited) Boxer (uncredited)   See fewer
Paul Edney
Car Racing Team Pit Crewman (uncredited) Car Racing Team Pit Crewman (uncredited)   See fewer
Jake Galasso
Henchman (uncredited) Henchman (uncredited)   See fewer
Nicholas Garren
Kickboxer (uncredited) Kickboxer (uncredited)   See fewer
Wyclef Jean
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
Eva Kapusi
Bus Passenger (uncredited) Bus Passenger (uncredited)   See fewer
Shona Kay
Model (uncredited) Model (uncredited)   See fewer
Jonathan Khan
Race car driver (uncredited) Race car driver (uncredited)   See fewer
Charles Kienzle
Race Fan (uncredited) Race Fan (uncredited)   See fewer
Michelle Lenhardt
Flag Girl (uncredited) Flag Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Avery Little
Club Goer (uncredited) Club Goer (uncredited)   See fewer
Ursula Mayes
Flag Girl (uncredited) Flag Girl (uncredited)   See fewer
Isaac Mejía
Mover (uncredited) Mover (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeran Pascascio
Vikram's Entourage (uncredited) Vikram's Entourage (uncredited)   See fewer
Farris Patton
Flag Girl 2 (uncredited) Flag Girl 2 (uncredited)   See fewer
Anthony Shaw-Vaughan
Anthony - Nightclub Host (uncredited) Anthony - Nightclub Host (uncredited)   See fewer
Gary Sievers
Boxing Trainer (uncredited) Boxing Trainer (uncredited)   See fewer
Nancy Stelle
Actress / Model (uncredited) Actress / Model (uncredited)   See fewer
Katarina Van Derham
Hot Chick (uncredited) Hot Chick (uncredited)   See fewer
Jeremiah Vaughn
Michaels Bodyguard (uncredited) Michaels Bodyguard (uncredited)   See fewer
Jamar Welch
Actor (uncredited) Actor (uncredited)   See fewer
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