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Law & Order: Criminal Intent

One (Season 1, Episode 1)
TV Episode | 42 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

Goren and Eames investigate a robbery at a house that left both of the residents dead.
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Dick Wolf (created by) (story by) | Rene Balcer (developed by) (as René Balcer) (teleplay by)
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Updated Sep 30, 2001

Release date
Sep 30, 2001 (United States)


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41 cast members
Name Known for
Vincent D'Onofrio
Detective Robert 'Bobby' Goren Detective Robert 'Bobby' Goren   See fewer
Kathryn Erbe
Detective Alexandra 'Alex' Eames Detective Alexandra 'Alex' Eames   See fewer
Jamey Sheridan
Captain James 'Jimmy' Deakins Captain James 'Jimmy' Deakins   See fewer
Courtney B. Vance
ADA Ronald 'Ron' Carver ADA Ronald 'Ron' Carver   See fewer
Jake Weber
Karl Atwood Karl Atwood   See fewer
Michele Hicks
Gia DeLuca Gia DeLuca   See fewer
Lenny Venito
Jake Nathan Jake Nathan   See fewer
Gene Canfield
Detective Cardenas Detective Cardenas   See fewer
Jayce Bartok
Michael Carson Michael Carson   See fewer
Michael P. Moran
Mr. De Santis Mr. De Santis   See fewer
Louis Vanaria
Jimmy Randazzo Jimmy Randazzo   See fewer
Dianne Wiest
Interim DA Nora Lewin Interim DA Nora Lewin   See fewer
David Ross
Zivkovic Zivkovic   See fewer
Ajay Mehta
Mr. Wahdi Mr. Wahdi   See fewer
Erika Thomas
College Girl College Girl   See fewer
Ebon Moss-Bachrach
College Boy College Boy   See fewer
Stuart Burney
Mr. Kersten Mr. Kersten   See fewer
Neva Small
Mrs. Kersten Mrs. Kersten   See fewer
Fly Williams III
Sharif (as Fly Williams) Sharif (as Fly Williams)   See fewer
George T. Odom
Redcap (as George Odom) Redcap (as George Odom)   See fewer
Michael H. Ingram
Liston (as Michael Ingram) Liston (as Michael Ingram)   See fewer
Gloria Sauve
Car Rental Clerk (as Gloria Suavé) Car Rental Clerk (as Gloria Suavé)   See fewer
Sanjay Chandani
Camera Salesman (as Jason Chandani) Camera Salesman (as Jason Chandani)   See fewer
Reade Kelly
Schindel Schindel   See fewer
Kevin Hagan
Sergeant Sergeant   See fewer
David Brown Jr.
1st CSU Tech 1st CSU Tech   See fewer
Harry Peerce
Pierson Pierson   See fewer
Ray Fitzgerald
Buildings Clerk Buildings Clerk   See fewer
Peter Napoliello
1st Detective 1st Detective   See fewer
George Morafetis
Doorman Doorman   See fewer
Adrian Martinez
Airport Policeman Airport Policeman   See fewer
Dan Matisa
Cell Phone Tech Cell Phone Tech   See fewer
Sonny Mandal
Uniform Policeman Uniform Policeman   See fewer
Paul Juhn
Sketch Artist (as Paul H. Juhn) Sketch Artist (as Paul H. Juhn)   See fewer
David Raymond Wagner
Detective #1 Detective #1   See fewer
Glenn Cunningham
Detective #2 (as Glenn E. Cunningham) Detective #2 (as Glenn E. Cunningham)   See fewer
Ty Copeman
Detective (uncredited) Detective (uncredited)   See fewer
Joseph Tudisco
Jewel Thief (uncredited) Jewel Thief (uncredited)   See fewer
Steven Zirnkilton
Narrator - Opening Title Sequence (voice) (uncredited) Narrator - Opening Title Sequence (voice) (uncredited)   See fewer
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