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Savior (Season 6, Episode 16)
TV Episode | 60 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

A hard-luck executive is accused of murdering his wife and son, and injuring his daughter. Dr. Olivet tells prosecutors that he fits the profile of a "family annihilator," but backs down when he refuses to confess on the stand.
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Lewis Gould (as Lewis H. Gould) | Jeffrey L. Hayes (as Jeffrey Hayes)
David Siegel (as David J. Siegel)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated Mar 13, 1996

Release date
Mar 13, 1996 (United States)


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30 cast members
Name STARmeter Known for
Jerry Orbach
Detective Lennie Briscoe Detective Lennie Briscoe   See fewer
Top 5000
Benjamin Bratt
Detective Rey Curtis Detective Rey Curtis   See fewer
Top 5000
S. Epatha Merkerson
Lieutenant Anita Van Buren Lieutenant Anita Van Buren   See fewer
Members only
Sam Waterston
E.A.D.A. Jack McCoy E.A.D.A. Jack McCoy   See fewer
Top 5000
Jill Hennessy
A.D.A. Claire Kincaid A.D.A. Claire Kincaid   See fewer
Top 5000
Steven Hill
D.A. Adam Schiff D.A. Adam Schiff   See fewer
Members only
Brooke Smith
Margot Bell Margot Bell   See fewer
Top 5000
Timothy Landfield
Ron Weber Ron Weber   See fewer
Members only
Ellen Pompeo
Jenna Weber Jenna Weber   See fewer
Top 5000
Linda Emond
Laura Cochran Laura Cochran   See fewer
Members only
Shawn Hatosy
Chester Manning Chester Manning   See fewer
Top 5000
Carolyn McCormick
Dr. Elizabeth Olivet Dr. Elizabeth Olivet   See fewer
Members only
Linda Atkinson
Judge Kyle Gaines Judge Kyle Gaines   See fewer
Members only
John Driver
Mark Levinsohn Mark Levinsohn   See fewer
Members only
Nancy McDoniel
Sheila Gordon Sheila Gordon   See fewer
Members only
Richmond Hoxie
Dr. Lloyd Lipman Dr. Lloyd Lipman   See fewer
Members only
Geoffrey Wade
Mitchell Weisbrod Mitchell Weisbrod   See fewer
Members only
Ray DeMattis
Bob Sanet Bob Sanet   See fewer
Members only
Tom Demenkoff
Mark Whitten Mark Whitten   See fewer
Members only
Albert Makhtsier
Sergei Yentakov Sergei Yentakov   See fewer
Members only
Members only
Shari Simpson
Marian Marian   See fewer
Members only
Kristanna Loken
Sonya Dubrow Sonya Dubrow   See fewer
Top 5000
Michelle DeMicco
Anna Fine Anna Fine   See fewer
Members only
Gregory Perrelli
Eric Cochran Eric Cochran   See fewer
Members only
Rich Ramirez
CSU Chaidez CSU Chaidez   See fewer
Members only
Chris Clavelli
CSU Helvering (as Christopher Clavelli) CSU Helvering (as Christopher Clavelli)   See fewer
Members only
Susan Ross
Secretary Secretary   See fewer
Members only
Frank Anello
NYPD Officer (uncredited) NYPD Officer (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
Steven Zirnkilton
Narrator (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited) Narrator (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited)   See fewer
Members only
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