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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Ready or Not (Season 3, Episode 27)
TV Episode | 48 min | Drama, Family, Western

Dr. Mike and Sully go to Rev Johnson for a honest discussion regarding their upcoming marriage.After originally agreeing they have no conflicts, the couple begin reliving their past difficulties via prior show clips since they first met.
Jerry London (as Jerome R. london)
Timothy O. Johnson (as Timothy Johnson)
Martha Huntley | Heidi Scharfe (as Heidi Scharfe-Blair)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Updated May 13, 1995

Release date
May 13, 1995 (United States)


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32 cast members
Name Known for
Jane Seymour
Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman   See fewer
Joe Lando
Byron Sully Byron Sully   See fewer
Chad Allen
Matthew Cooper (archive footage) Matthew Cooper (archive footage)   See fewer
Jessica Bowman
Colleen Cooper (credit only) Colleen Cooper (credit only)   See fewer
Shawn Toovey
Brian Cooper (archive footage) Brian Cooper (archive footage)   See fewer
Barbara Babcock
Dorothy Jennings (archive footage) Dorothy Jennings (archive footage)   See fewer
William Shockley
Hank Lawson (archive footage) Hank Lawson (archive footage)   See fewer
Geoffrey Lower
Rev. Timothy Johnson Rev. Timothy Johnson   See fewer
Jim Knobeloch
Jake Slicker (archive footage) Jake Slicker (archive footage)   See fewer
Frank Collison
Horace Bing (archive footage) Horace Bing (archive footage)   See fewer
Henry G. Sanders
Robert E. (archive footage) Robert E. (archive footage)   See fewer
Helene Udy
Myra Bing (archive footage) Myra Bing (archive footage)   See fewer
Larry Sellers
Cloud Dancing (archive footage) Cloud Dancing (archive footage)   See fewer
Orson Bean
Loren Bray (archive footage) Loren Bray (archive footage)   See fewer
Edward Albert
Dr. William Burke (archive footage) Dr. William Burke (archive footage)   See fewer
Steve Blackwood
Dandy John O'Malley (archive footage) Dandy John O'Malley (archive footage)   See fewer
Maxwell Caulfield
David Lewis (archive footage) David Lewis (archive footage)   See fewer
Elinor Donahue
Rebecca Quinn (archive footage) Rebecca Quinn (archive footage)   See fewer
Erika Flores
Colleen Cooper (archive footage) Colleen Cooper (archive footage)   See fewer
Georgann Johnson
Elizabeth Quinn (archive footage) Elizabeth Quinn (archive footage)   See fewer
Christopher Kelly
Jon (archive footage) (as Christopher Keene Kelly) Jon (archive footage) (as Christopher Keene Kelly)   See fewer
Diane Ladd
Charlotte Cooper (archive footage) Charlotte Cooper (archive footage)   See fewer
Tony Lorrich
Porter (archive footage) Porter (archive footage)   See fewer
Alley Mills
Marjorie Quinn (archive footage) Marjorie Quinn (archive footage)   See fewer
Nick Ramus
Black Kettle (archive footage) Black Kettle (archive footage)   See fewer
Joseph Sikora
Guard #2 (archive footage) (as Joe Sikkora) Guard #2 (archive footage) (as Joe Sikkora)   See fewer
Adrian Sparks
Colonel Chivington (archive footage) Colonel Chivington (archive footage)   See fewer
David St. James
Butler (archive footage) Butler (archive footage)   See fewer
Gail Strickland
Olive Davis (archive footage) Olive Davis (archive footage)   See fewer
Sabrina Wiener
Little Feather (archive footage) Little Feather (archive footage)   See fewer
Jennifer Youngs
Ingrid (archive footage) Ingrid (archive footage)   See fewer
John Wilkie
townsperson (uncredited) townsperson (uncredited)   See fewer
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