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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Bodies in Motion (Season 6, Episode 1)
TV Episode | 44 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

CSI team goes back to investigate crime scenes as a team, re-united together after the traumatic experience in season five finale. Nick's kidnap case audio tape arrives at the laboratory.
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Anthony E. Zuiker (created by) | Naren Shankar (teleplay by) (story by) | Carol Mendelsohn (story by)
Production Designer
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Updated Sep 22, 2005

Release date
Sep 22, 2005 (United States)


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36 cast members
Name Known for
William Petersen
CSI Dr. Gilbert 'Gil' Grissom CSI Dr. Gilbert 'Gil' Grissom   See fewer
Marg Helgenberger
CSI Catherine Willows CSI Catherine Willows   See fewer
Gary Dourdan
CSI Warrick Brown CSI Warrick Brown   See fewer
George Eads
CSI Nicholas 'Nick' Stokes CSI Nicholas 'Nick' Stokes   See fewer
Jorja Fox
Sara Sidle Sara Sidle   See fewer
Eric Szmanda
Greg Sanders Greg Sanders   See fewer
Robert David Hall
Chief M.E. Dr. Albert 'Al' Robbins Chief M.E. Dr. Albert 'Al' Robbins   See fewer
Paul Guilfoyle
Captain Jim Brass Captain Jim Brass   See fewer
Louise Lombard
Sofia Curtis Sofia Curtis   See fewer
Wallace Langham
David Hodges David Hodges   See fewer
Alex Carter
Detective Vartann Detective Vartann   See fewer
Roger Aaron Brown
Mr. James Mr. James   See fewer
Elise Neal
Giselle Giselle   See fewer
Chris Gartin
Marcus Corcoran Marcus Corcoran   See fewer
Kara Zediker
Amber Durgee Amber Durgee   See fewer
Archie Kao
Archie Johnson Archie Johnson   See fewer
David Berman
David Phillips David Phillips   See fewer
Gerald McCullouch
Bobby Dawson Bobby Dawson   See fewer
Bob Clendenin
Drive-In Manager (as Robert Clendenin) Drive-In Manager (as Robert Clendenin)   See fewer
Tamara Davies
Brooke Harris Brooke Harris   See fewer
Jamie McShane
Eddie Vonner Eddie Vonner   See fewer
Wayne Wilderson
Paramedic Paramedic   See fewer
Kevin Quigley
Randy Swansiger Randy Swansiger   See fewer
Deborah Offner
Nosy Lady Nosy Lady   See fewer
Matthew Boylan
Darryl Blakeny Darryl Blakeny   See fewer
Rob G. Kahn
Homeless Guy (as Rob Kahn) Homeless Guy (as Rob Kahn)   See fewer
Joseph Patrick Kelly
Officer Joe Metcalf (as Joe Kelly) Officer Joe Metcalf (as Joe Kelly)   See fewer
Christopher Allen Nelson
Officer D.A. Michaels Officer D.A. Michaels   See fewer
Victoria Prescott
Judy Tremont Judy Tremont   See fewer
Shayna Rossin
Nasty Street Hooker Nasty Street Hooker   See fewer
Tom Schmid
Drunk Guy Drunk Guy   See fewer
Dean Mauro
Officer Sewell Officer Sewell   See fewer
Dawn Olivieri
Stripper Stripper   See fewer
JT Alexander
Joey Zacks (credit only) Joey Zacks (credit only)   See fewer
Mark DeLisle
Rowdy CEO (uncredited) Rowdy CEO (uncredited)   See fewer
Tommy Lynch
Parking Attendant (uncredited) Parking Attendant (uncredited)   See fewer
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