Dracula's Curse (2006)
107 min | Action, Horror

A team of vampire hunters set out to battle an evil vampire clan in the dark underworld.
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Leigh Scott (screenplay) | Bram Stoker (novel)
Production Designer
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Updated Apr 28, 2006

Release date
Apr 25, 2006 (United States)


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49 cast members
Name Known for
Thomas Downey
Rufus King Rufus King   See fewer
Eliza Swenson
Gracie Johannsen Gracie Johannsen   See fewer
Rhett Giles
Jacob Van Helsing Jacob Van Helsing   See fewer
Christina Rosenberg
Countess Ezabet Bathorly Countess Ezabet Bathorly   See fewer
Amanda Barton
Darvulia (as Amanda E. Barton) Darvulia (as Amanda E. Barton)   See fewer
Tom Nagel
Rick Tattinger Rick Tattinger   See fewer
Rebekah Kochan
Trixie McFly Trixie McFly   See fewer
Sarah Hall
Sadie McPherson Sadie McPherson   See fewer
Derek Osedach
Jimmy 'The Kid' D'Amico Jimmy 'The Kid' D'Amico   See fewer
Chriss Anglin
Rich 'Nebraska' Zulkowski Rich 'Nebraska' Zulkowski   See fewer
Sarah Lieving
Alex Deveraux Alex Deveraux   See fewer
Griff Furst
Konstantinos Konstantinos   See fewer
Justin Jones
Vampire (as Justin L. Jones) Vampire (as Justin L. Jones)   See fewer
Marie Westbrook
Anastasia Ravenwood Anastasia Ravenwood   See fewer
Marat Glazer
Ivan Iwazkiewicz Ivan Iwazkiewicz   See fewer
Vaz Andreas
Tsorak Tsorak   See fewer
Vanessa Rooke
Katarina Katarina   See fewer
Noel Thurman
Denise Denise   See fewer
Erica Kessler
Christina Lockheart (as Erica Roby) Christina Lockheart (as Erica Roby)   See fewer
David Shick
Lord Treykahn Lord Treykahn   See fewer
Leigh Scott
The Old One The Old One   See fewer
Mia Moretti
Juditha Juditha   See fewer
Ella Holden
Abigail Johannsen Abigail Johannsen   See fewer
Troy Thomas
Orlock Orlock   See fewer
Kat Ochsner
Magdalena Magdalena   See fewer
Nick Wall
Bouncer Vampire Bouncer Vampire   See fewer
Freddy Bouciegues
Vampire Guard Vampire Guard   See fewer
Emanuel Caban
Vampire Guard Vampire Guard   See fewer
Michael Tower
Crypt Watcher Crypt Watcher   See fewer
Melanie Guzek
Zuzanna Zuzanna   See fewer
Elissa Dowling
Pure Blood (as Elissa Bree) Pure Blood (as Elissa Bree)   See fewer
Steven B. Fish II
Bar Victim Bar Victim   See fewer
Peter Berube
Vampire Vampire   See fewer
Joe Byrd
Vampire Vampire   See fewer
Sandy Jacobson
Vampire Vampire   See fewer
Bruna Rubio
Vampire Vampire   See fewer
Marcus Jordan
Vampire Vampire   See fewer
Steven Linnett
Vampire Vampire   See fewer
Joey Ruggles
Vampire Vampire   See fewer
Neil Santos
Vampire Vampire   See fewer
Curtis (uncredited) Curtis (uncredited)   See fewer
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