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  • Stardust (2007)
  • PG-13
    127 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Stardust (2007)
127 min | Adventure, Family, Fantasy

In a countryside town bordering on a magical land, a young man makes a promise to his beloved that he'll retrieve a fallen star by venturing into the magical realm.
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Jane Goldman (screenplay) | Matthew Vaughn (screenplay) | Neil Gaiman (novel)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Aug 10, 2007 (United States)


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56 cast members
Name Known for
Ian McKellen
Narrator (voice) Narrator (voice)   See fewer
Bimbo Hart
Young Scientist Young Scientist   See fewer
Alastair MacIntosh
Victorian Academic Victorian Academic   See fewer
Ben Barnes
Young Dunstan Thorn Young Dunstan Thorn   See fewer
Kate Magowan
Slave Girl / Una Slave Girl / Una   See fewer
Melanie Hill
Ditchwater Sal Ditchwater Sal   See fewer
Charlie Cox
Tristan Thorn Tristan Thorn   See fewer
Sienna Miller
Victoria Victoria   See fewer
Henry Cavill
Humphrey Humphrey   See fewer
Nathaniel Parker
Dunstan Thorn Dunstan Thorn   See fewer
Darby Hawker
Grumpy Customer Grumpy Customer   See fewer
Frank Ellis
Mr. Monday Mr. Monday   See fewer
Mark Strong
Septimus Septimus   See fewer
Jason Flemyng
Primus Primus   See fewer
Mark Heap
Tertius Tertius   See fewer
Struan Rodger
Bishop Bishop   See fewer
Rupert Everett
Secundus Secundus   See fewer
Adam Buxton
Quintus Quintus   See fewer
Claire Danes
Yvaine Yvaine   See fewer
George Innes
Soothsayer Soothsayer   See fewer
Jake Curran
Bernard Bernard   See fewer
Grant Burgin
Lackey Lackey   See fewer
Olivia Grant
Girl Bernard Girl Bernard   See fewer
Eliot Sumner
Yvaine's Sister (as a different name) Yvaine's Sister (as a different name)   See fewer
Dexter Fletcher
Skinny Pirate Skinny Pirate   See fewer
Robert De Niro
Captain Shakespeare Captain Shakespeare   See fewer
Terry Murphy
Old Pirate Old Pirate   See fewer
Ricky Gervais
Ferdy the Fence Ferdy the Fence   See fewer
Geoff Bell
Receptionist Receptionist   See fewer
Mark Burns
New Bishop New Bishop   See fewer
Rab Affleck
Pirate Pirate   See fewer
Carlos Peres
Pirate (as Carlos Besse Peres) Pirate (as Carlos Besse Peres)   See fewer
Elwin 'Chopper' David
Pirate (as Chopper) Pirate (as Chopper)   See fewer
Adam Fogerty
Pirate Pirate   See fewer
Jordan Long
Pirate Pirate   See fewer
Lasco Atkins
Aristocratic Man (uncredited) Aristocratic Man (uncredited)   See fewer
Julie Eagleton
Aristocratic Woman (uncredited) Aristocratic Woman (uncredited)   See fewer
James Fiddy
Nobleman (uncredited) Nobleman (uncredited)   See fewer
Caroline Garnell
Wedding & Coronation Guest (uncredited) Wedding & Coronation Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Philip Harvey
Bishop's Assistant (uncredited) Bishop's Assistant (uncredited)   See fewer
Phil Mulryne
Primus' Groom (uncredited) Primus' Groom (uncredited)   See fewer
Tom Neill
Wedding Guest (uncredited) Wedding Guest (uncredited)   See fewer
Will Parker
Sailor Sam (uncredited) Sailor Sam (uncredited)   See fewer
Lee Anthony Parnell
Pirate (uncredited) Pirate (uncredited)   See fewer
Caroline Guy Roberta
Stall Owner (uncredited) Stall Owner (uncredited)   See fewer
Fuschia Sumner
Victoria's Friend (uncredited) Victoria's Friend (uncredited)   See fewer
Albert Tang
Night Trader (uncredited) Night Trader (uncredited)   See fewer
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