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  • Outta Sync (2006)
  • Comedy
Outta Sync (2006)

A "fockumentary" that follows the inexplicable rise and predictable fall of a middle-aged Boy Band.
Ezra Buzzington (story) | John O'Brien (story)
Magdalena Górka (as Magdalena Bachman)
Production Designer
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Updated Dec 31, 2006

Release date
2006 (United States)


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47 cast members
Name Known for
Carolyn Hennesy
Phaedra Lee Phaedra Lee   See fewer
Bill Robens
Adam Blahner (The "Cute" One) Adam Blahner (The "Cute" One)   See fewer
Frank Crim
Brian "Brick" Lode (The "Husky" One) Brian "Brick" Lode (The "Husky" One)   See fewer
Douglas R. Clayton
Renny-Kris (The "Dark" One) Renny-Kris (The "Dark" One)   See fewer
Dan Wingard
Peter Hazelton (The "Sensitive" One) Peter Hazelton (The "Sensitive" One)   See fewer
Robert Toombs
Sergei Sergei   See fewer
Sarah Saviano
Esther Ruth Hazelton (as Sarah Underwood) Esther Ruth Hazelton (as Sarah Underwood)   See fewer
Bennett Schneider
Edward Bunte (The "Fashionista") Edward Bunte (The "Fashionista")   See fewer
Tim Sheridan
Beverly, Just Beverly (The Choreographer) Beverly, Just Beverly (The Choreographer)   See fewer
Camden Toy
Dogsbody Dogsbody   See fewer
Karen Smith
MyoPia MyoPia   See fewer
Andy Hirsch
Gavin Davisson (The Excecutive) Gavin Davisson (The Excecutive)   See fewer
William Salyers
Talking Wind Talking Wind   See fewer
Simon White
Warren DeHougne Warren DeHougne   See fewer
Arvilla Riddick
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
McKerrin Kelly
Vivika Darlington (The Girlfriend) Vivika Darlington (The Girlfriend)   See fewer
Dean Lemont
Hank Williams (No Relation) Hank Williams (No Relation)   See fewer
Martin Moakler
B.J. (The Understudy) B.J. (The Understudy)   See fewer
Patrick Dorn
Billy "Cancer Boy" Cooper Billy "Cancer Boy" Cooper   See fewer
Kiff Scholl
Beaumont X (The Videographer) Beaumont X (The Videographer)   See fewer
Kate Connor
Pauline Nooner Pauline Nooner   See fewer
Chris Roper
Roper (The Recording Engineer) Roper (The Recording Engineer)   See fewer
Ezra Buzzington
Poppy Poppenheimer (The DJ) Poppy Poppenheimer (The DJ)   See fewer
Mark Chaet
The Therapist The Therapist   See fewer
Margaret Scarborough
Honey Lode Honey Lode   See fewer
Ellen Groves
Lonni Hazelton Lonni Hazelton   See fewer
Brad Light
Male EMT Male EMT   See fewer
Heather Witt
Female EMT Female EMT   See fewer
Erica Strauss
Waitress Waitress   See fewer
Maggie Wagner
Rocker Hot Tub Bimbo Rocker Hot Tub Bimbo   See fewer
Kim Barrett
Marilyn Hot Tub Bimbo Marilyn Hot Tub Bimbo   See fewer
Krystalle Amberson
Brick's Number One Fan Brick's Number One Fan   See fewer
Sofie Calderon
Caliente Testimonial Gal Caliente Testimonial Gal   See fewer
Cecelia Specht
NPR Testimonial Gal NPR Testimonial Gal   See fewer
Lisa Clifton
Hippie Testimonial Girl Hippie Testimonial Girl   See fewer
Elizabeth Liang
Uptight Testimonial Gal Uptight Testimonial Gal   See fewer
Julie Fisher
CEO Testimonial Gal CEO Testimonial Gal   See fewer
Alina Phelan
Country Testimonial Gal Country Testimonial Gal   See fewer
Scott McKinley
Male Record Exec Male Record Exec   See fewer
Lisa Hamil
Female Record Exec Female Record Exec   See fewer
Cathy Carlton
Daria Daunting ("Last Wishes" Lady) Daria Daunting ("Last Wishes" Lady)   See fewer
Claudia Choi
Foul Mouthed Testimonial Gal Foul Mouthed Testimonial Gal   See fewer
Peter Gref
Shopping Cart Neighbor / Odd Audience Member Shopping Cart Neighbor / Odd Audience Member   See fewer
Laura Hofrichter
Starlet Starlet   See fewer
John O'Brien
Rabid Gay Fan Rabid Gay Fan   See fewer
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