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  • 13 (2005)
  • Not Rated
    93 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller
13 (2005)
Not Rated
93 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

A man takes over a dead man's task without realizing the horror it entails.
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Arnaud Taillefer (as East)
Casting Director
Production Designer
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Release date
Mar 31, 2006 (United States)


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129 cast members
Name Known for
George Babluani
Sébastien (as Georges Babluani) Sébastien (as Georges Babluani)   See fewer
Pascal Bongard
Le maître de cérémonie Le maître de cérémonie   See fewer
Nicolas Pignon
Le parrain Le parrain   See fewer
Vania Vilers
Mr. Schlondorff Mr. Schlondorff   See fewer
Olga Legrand
Mme Godon Mme Godon   See fewer
Jo Prestia
Pierre Bléreau (as Joé Prestia) Pierre Bléreau (as Joé Prestia)   See fewer
Philippe Passon
Jean-François Godon Jean-François Godon   See fewer
Serge Chambon
L'Organisateur L'Organisateur   See fewer
Nouredine Ameur
Mr. Meyer Mr. Meyer   See fewer
François Rimbau
Un flic Un flic   See fewer
Avtandil Makharadze
Father (as Makharadze Avtandil) Father (as Makharadze Avtandil)   See fewer
François Tissot
le gendarme Guillouet le gendarme Guillouet   See fewer
Hervé Babadi
Patrick Henri Patrick Henri   See fewer
Urbain Cancelier
Le contrôleur SNCF Le contrôleur SNCF   See fewer
Joseph Malerba
Le comptable Le comptable   See fewer
Laurent Bariteau
Florent Florent   See fewer
Robert Beaupré
Alain Qtull Alain Qtull   See fewer
Claude Billois
Martin Ott Martin Ott   See fewer
Karim Bouguerra
Ibrahim Ibrahim   See fewer
Bernard Bouillon
Le chef de bureau Le chef de bureau   See fewer
Cédric Bouvier
Le stagiaire Le stagiaire   See fewer
Mathéo Capelli
Antonio (as Matéo Capelli) Antonio (as Matéo Capelli)   See fewer
Alexandre Cardinalli
L'homme à la veste rouge L'homme à la veste rouge   See fewer
M. Chapion
Actor Actor   See fewer
Didier Champion
Bernard Loublier Bernard Loublier   See fewer
Didier Constant
L'homme à la veste verte L'homme à la veste verte   See fewer
Christelle Coulée
Coralie Dubouvié Coralie Dubouvié   See fewer
Bruno Davézé
Joueur 10 (as Bruno Daveze) Joueur 10 (as Bruno Daveze)   See fewer
Jean-Michel Delaloche
Stéphane Delbesque Stéphane Delbesque   See fewer
Cédric Deprez
Tristan Tristan   See fewer
Jean-Paul Dostone
Pascal Robert Pascal Robert   See fewer
Fred Epaud
Un parieur (as Fred Epaux) Un parieur (as Fred Epaux)   See fewer
Daniel Faure
Mathieu Mathieu   See fewer
Laurent Ficher
Maxime Sohn Maxime Sohn   See fewer
Eric Fouchet
Allan Helbling Allan Helbling   See fewer
Marc-Antoine Frederic
Jonas (as Marc-Antoine Frédéric) Jonas (as Marc-Antoine Frédéric)   See fewer
Jacques Gallo
Quentin Gallienne Quentin Gallienne   See fewer
Rolland Gervet
Actor (as Roland Gervet) Actor (as Roland Gervet)   See fewer
Alain Girardot
Fabrice Fabrice   See fewer
André Huet
Zwuelski Zwuelski   See fewer
Daniel Isoppo
Mr. François de Neuilly Mr. François de Neuilly   See fewer
Claude Johan
Actor (as Claude Johann) Actor (as Claude Johann)   See fewer
Philippe Kieffer
Théodore Vetter Théodore Vetter   See fewer
Jacques Lafolye
Mr. Hypolitte Fussler Mr. Hypolitte Fussler   See fewer
Jean-Paul Lopez
Charles Edouard Charles Edouard   See fewer
M. Marel
Actor Actor   See fewer
Bruno Mary
Gernot Schleu Gernot Schleu   See fewer
Patrick Michaelis
Ulysse (as Patrick Michaëlis) Ulysse (as Patrick Michaëlis)   See fewer
Pascal Oumaklouf
Okaladar Okaladar   See fewer
Jérôme Paquatte
Emeric Pédé Emeric Pédé   See fewer
Franck Pejoux
Robert Robert   See fewer
Olivier Rabourdin
Benjamin Boudier Benjamin Boudier   See fewer
Stéphane Roquet
Nicolas Schillcul Nicolas Schillcul   See fewer
Jacques-Maurice Rousseau
Steeve MacDoom Steeve MacDoom   See fewer
Eric Sebakhi
Allah (as Eric Sebaki) Allah (as Eric Sebaki)   See fewer
Jean-Luc Solal
Mr. le Merdique Mr. le Merdique   See fewer
Grégory Songelin
L'homme à la veste rose L'homme à la veste rose   See fewer
Jean-Pierre Surmonne
Philippe Lazare Philippe Lazare   See fewer
Marie Thomas
Betty Applegate Betty Applegate   See fewer
M. Tipret
Actor Actor   See fewer
M. Visse
Actor Actor   See fewer
Paul Van Den Houten
Vancouvert Vancouvert   See fewer
Didier Bobet
Zachary Zachary   See fewer
Steve Dash
Joey G Joey G   See fewer
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