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  • 11:59 (2005)
  • 102 min | Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
11:59 (2005)
102 min | Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

A jaded yet driven news photojournalist wakes up in the middle of nowhere and tries to piece together the events of the last 24 hours
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Updated Jul 20, 2005

Release date
Sep 11, 2005 (United States)


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58 cast members
Name Known for
Raymond Andrew Bailey
Aaron Doherty Aaron Doherty   See fewer
Laura Fuller
Lisa Winders Lisa Winders   See fewer
Christopher Soren Kelly
Thomas Hastings (as Chris Kelly) Thomas Hastings (as Chris Kelly)   See fewer
Jonny Hayz II
Sanders (as Hayz II) Sanders (as Hayz II)   See fewer
Rosa Vasquez
Alicia Vasquez Alicia Vasquez   See fewer
Crista Benavidez
Natalie Vasquez Natalie Vasquez   See fewer
Rafael Hernández
Guillermo Rodriguez Guillermo Rodriguez   See fewer
Steef Sealy
Richard Larson (as Steve Sealy) Richard Larson (as Steve Sealy)   See fewer
Shelley Krause
Aaron's Mother Aaron's Mother   See fewer
Marco Helson
Little Boy Little Boy   See fewer
Daniel S. Ehrlich
Officer Kennedy Officer Kennedy   See fewer
Tanner Howard
Young Aaron Young Aaron   See fewer
Robert Lynn
Edward Fallon Edward Fallon   See fewer
Alan Shackelford
Andrew (News Anchor) Andrew (News Anchor)   See fewer
Gina Scalzi
Paula (News Anchor) Paula (News Anchor)   See fewer
Belinda Hoole
Julia (Reporter) Julia (Reporter)   See fewer
Paul Blomquist
Male Farmer Male Farmer   See fewer
Diane Thiemann
Female Farmer Female Farmer   See fewer
Jen Fiskum
Erica (Club Girl) (as Jennifer Fiskum) Erica (Club Girl) (as Jennifer Fiskum)   See fewer
Gale Grove
Brianne Klausner Brianne Klausner   See fewer
Alton Johnson
Roger (Helicopter Reporter) Roger (Helicopter Reporter)   See fewer
Zoe Wells
Gretchen (Lawyer) Gretchen (Lawyer)   See fewer
Steve Wilkins
Keith (Photojournalist) Keith (Photojournalist)   See fewer
Greg Stone
Homeless Man Homeless Man   See fewer
Scott Ward
KBN News Anchor KBN News Anchor   See fewer
Laurel Harris
15 News Anchor 15 News Anchor   See fewer
Troy Garner
8 News Reporter 8 News Reporter   See fewer
Shae Stuard
KBN News Anchor KBN News Anchor   See fewer
B. Anthony Cohen
Chris (Conference Room) (as Anthony Cohen) Chris (Conference Room) (as Anthony Cohen)   See fewer
Helene Luna
Upset Woman (Molo Woman) Upset Woman (Molo Woman)   See fewer
Mike Campbell
Don Sheldon (Self Help Therapist) Don Sheldon (Self Help Therapist)   See fewer
Daniel Johnson
Director Director   See fewer
Cody Spencer
Political Young Adult 1 Political Young Adult 1   See fewer
Glenn Urieta
Political Young Adult 2 Political Young Adult 2   See fewer
Amy Rome
Political Young Adult 3 Political Young Adult 3   See fewer
Adam Joyce
Hasting's Cousin Hasting's Cousin   See fewer
Adele Sannwald
Colleen (News Anchor) Colleen (News Anchor)   See fewer
Gary Hansbrough
Gene (Conference Room) Gene (Conference Room)   See fewer
Darla Rae
Aaron's Landlord Aaron's Landlord   See fewer
Robin Snover
Rachel (Conference Room) Rachel (Conference Room)   See fewer
Susan Goldwag
Susan (Conference Room) Susan (Conference Room)   See fewer
Charles Fiorella
Ken (Conference Room) Ken (Conference Room)   See fewer
David McClinton
Phil (News Anchor) Phil (News Anchor)   See fewer
Chuck Rahill
Tim the Weatherman Tim the Weatherman   See fewer
David Skeers
Angela's Friend Angela's Friend   See fewer
Reporter (as Mike Jones) Reporter (as Mike Jones)   See fewer
Teresa Cocas
Reporter Reporter   See fewer
Kimalee Kye
Office Personnel Office Personnel   See fewer
Breck Larson
TV Cameraman #1 TV Cameraman #1   See fewer
Elizabeth Novotny
Court Reporter Court Reporter   See fewer
Sue Rock
Gretchen Gretchen   See fewer
Scott Takeda
Newsroom Journalist Newsroom Journalist   See fewer
Joe Sekiya
ER Tech (uncredited) ER Tech (uncredited)   See fewer
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